The New Paradigm of Health

Coming from the medical model where you go for 10 minute appointment and typically leave with a prescription for a medication I had no idea how to start practicing as a Holistic Nutritionist when I started out, so I began taking clients for one off sessions.

Having taken a detailed case history and spent time making out a nutritional plan, off went my clients with the healing plan of diet and supplements.

Job done, or so I thought, until I realised that unless my clients returned I had absolutely no idea if they implemented the plan or not.

All these nutritional plans were flying through cyberspace and I was unaware of the final outcome.

No feedback made me feel like I wasn’t doing my job right. What I learned very quickly in my practice is that there was a big difference in giving someone healing information, expecting them to figure it out for themselves and in supporting them as they learned how to implement it.  

Welcome to the New Paradigm of Health

From experience practicing with clients for over 7 years is that I know that holistic health coaching works.

In the same way that nobody can expect to get a six pack from one visit to the gym, it’s difficult to expect change from a one- off session with a Holistic Nutritionist.

Yes, there can be some benefit from a single session but long term sustainable change takes at least three months to achieve and in some cases needs more time which is why I created Aisling Health School that offers 1:1 Mentorship, Membership, Masterclasses and Courses to provide the comprehensive support that clients need on their healing path.

Change takes time

Change is a multifaceted process. For example, some people need emotional support before they can even begin to implement a new diet. Others like to dive in and do the supplement protocols first and then find they have the energy and motivation to clear stuck emotions and outdated beliefs.

There are clients who like to delve deeper beyond the physical and emotional to discover their soul’s path before they become energised, happy and fulfilled.

Everyone is unique at and different places on their journey.

As a Modern Medicine Woman and Holistic Nutritionist my role is to hold the space for you to allow you to approach your healing from where you are at while acting as a bridge taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

Eventually my clients are taught to become their own expert, their own healer, their own authority by learning to implement the knowledge that I share in our coaching sessions and health classes in Aisling Health School.

It takes education and time to make the shift away from the current medical paradigm into the new Health Care Model that requires self -responsibility, self leadership, understanding of one’s own energetic system and learning about what works for you.

For too long we have given our authority away to the medical system. We have expected others to heal us from our symptoms, not realising that symptoms are our body’s messengers, telling us when something’s wrong.

The New Health Care Model sees your whole being as interconnected- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

Looking at symptoms you address the root cause and support the body to heal and regenerate using food as medicine, creating an ecosystem of health in your home and lifestyle.

When a client signs up to work together, it’s a commitment to themselves and to their long term health. We work together over 3 months in my 1:1 mentorship programme.

On the Initial Consult I take a detailed health history that gives me valuable insights that I use to inform my treatment plans.

Over the 12 weeks, I use the time to review where clients are at and what has emerged for them since they started making changes to their diet.

I monitor how they are responding to the nutrition and supplement protocols and make adjustments where necessary. 

I use my invaluable Occupational Therapy skills to help break down goals into manageable and actionable steps.

The smallest achievable steps done consistently is what creates the best results.

This helps to greatly reduce overwhelm all of us can experience when lots of changes are needed to be taken.

Slow and steady wins the race, as it takes time to practice new habits and create the neural pathways to embody new information and a new identity.

Most attempts at change don’t work, not because people don’t make progress but because they are unable to keep that progress going.

The vision of WHY has to become an unstoppable magnetising force

It’s my job to inspire my client’s to become accountable and motivated to stay on track with their goals and vision for their health and ultimately connect you to your own vision that becomes your North Star for life.

Sometimes people resist change as it makes them feel afraid and uncomfortable.

Some people want to change but can unknowingly sabotage their efforts just when they are ready to make a leap forward (for example I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money) so we explore what exactly is holding them back from achieving their goals. 

Usually fear is the biggest obstacle as the ego fears the unknown

Also investing in your health with coaching, healing foods and supplements can be a big leap for many especially when you view health in the short term and compare it to the medical model where you seem to pay little upfront but really that’s a trap as you’ll be a customer for life (from the cradle to the grave).

The medical system is great for emergency care and is not the place for reclaiming your health from chronic, mystery or autoimmune conditions.

It’s important to stretch your vision to see the long term picture of your health and what will really help you live a long and healthy life. Instead of viewing the cost you in the here and now, reframe it to see that it’s an investment to take care of your health and creating life long health to support your whole life to thrive.

Health is your greatest wealth of all in this life.

Connecting to your North Star of why you are doing this is vital and keeps you anchored when you hit doubts, obstacles or have a bad day and want to hand in the towel and give up everything.

Change is rarely a single event as it happens over time- likewise it may not happen linearly as clients can move back and forth until the change becomes fully established.  

There is no point in just addressing our physical energy with the best nutrition, if it’s leaking out to other people when we don’t establish and maintain healthy boundaries.

Self mastery is a huge part in the reclaiming your health journey which is why I support clients on all levels of their being to come into wholeness and sovereignty over their body and health.

Love, Trust and Joy are the cornerstone of my healing approach.

When you have chronic symptoms, a health condition/diagnosis that makes you feel down, as if this is it, it’s so important to infuse love, trust and joy into your journey.

Self love and self trust are the propellers on this path to say Yes to all that nourishes your health. They uplift your soul and spirit to find the fire inside to make the healing protocols work in your life.

When we learn anything from a place of joy we seek from a place of fullness and this changes the game.

By connecting to the vibration of love, trust and joy our attitudes transform and pave the way to creative solutions, that are most aligned with your true nature.

Working in my 1:1 mentorship programmes with clients has made the world of a difference to my professional work as I can experience the successes of people on their healing journey, share eureka moments where they start connecting the dots and game changing energetic shifts.

I see first hand how powerful the healing protocols using fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, herbs and wild foods are in reversing chronic illness, mystery and autoimmune conditions and creating vibrant health.

Guiding clients how to implement their healing protocols has revolutionised my practice and enabled me to deliver a more efficient and worthwhile life changing service.

I’ve guided clients to heal infertility and go on to have healthy babies, reverse type 2 diabetes, heal endometriosis, reverse arthritis, heal thyroid conditions include Hashimoto’s, Hyper and Hypothyroid, heal ovarian cysts, heal psoriasis and eczema, IBS and digestive conditions, heal ADHD symptoms, come off blood pressure medication, come off thyroid medication, come off antidepressants, transition through menopause, increase energy levels and heal adrenal fatigue and radically change their diet and have the courage to change careers to follow their hearts calling and so much more.

The new Health Care Model is multidimensional in all aspects and requires time, education and support to fully embrace it.

When I start each new journey with a client I have no idea where it will take us.

I’m always amazed what lies beneath the societal layers, the familial conditioning and the presenting health picture.

Underneath it all is utter perfection that reveals itself as we walk together.

I’m forever humbled by my work and I am delighted to be able to support the transformation of each new client as they learn to embrace their vibrant health and expanded consciousness around what their body needs to heal and thrive. Together we ignite trust and unwavering commitment to the highest timeline both individually and collectively.

Welcome to the New Paradigm of Health. I’m here to support your path. Are you ready?

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