What our clients say

Healed my thyroid (hyper/hypothyroidism)

My thyroid was swinging from under to over active. With Aisling’s guidance on healing foods, cleanses and supplement protocols I was able to heal and balance my thyroid naturally. I just knew on the day it had balanced as I felt it in my body, blood work confirmed I had reversed my thyroid (hyper/hypo) condition. My endocrinologist was so amazed he asked to write up my healing story for a medical journal. I couldn’t have done this without Aisling’s support and guidance.

~ Rachel Worthington

Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis

Since working with Aisling, I’ve come off the Rheumatoid Arthritis injection, have reversed the inflammation markers, my blood pressure has significantly reduced and my sleep, mood and energy are feeling better. Working with Aisling has the power to change your life on your healing journey in a caring and nurturing way. Her knowledge on using foods, herbs and supplements has changed my lifestyle and mindset. Working with Aisling has been amazing with all her knowledge and support for coming off the RA medication, which I was told was a life long medication. Now I know the truth about autoimmune conditions that they can be healed with the right support. ~ Fiona 1:1 Aisling Health School Graduate

Healed Burnout, Adrenal Fatigue and living in cycle of Stress

The biggest change from working with Aisling is the new sense of self empowerment, absolute trust in my body and the knowledge that I have and can heal symptoms and moved completely from a life of fear to a life of trust. I love the 1:1 support and the guidance on how to do the cleanses and have it broken down step by step. Aisling provides a complete holistic approach to changing and upgrading your life not just your health. She gently and patiently helps create understanding about how everything in the body is connected and gives supportive plans to empower you to make changes at the rate that is appropriate to you. Aisling is a non judgemental coach and she provides information that’s groundbreaking and teaches it in a way that makes it accessible and simplifies to amplify your learning. Aisling is a unique and authentic coach who will help you step into health and healing in a gentle way and wise way. She’s truly inspiring and special. Thank you Aisling. ~ Michelle 1:1 Aisling Health School Graduate

Healed Hashimoto’s

I came to Aisling with a hashimotos diagnosis and no clear path ahead, I felt burn out, overwhelmed and out of control in my body. I learned that my body is not a failure and working against me as I was told by doctors. Aisling is caring and non judgmental which allowed me to take the baby steps I needed as my life is very full as a Mother of two young children. I received a clear healing plan step by step that has helped me understand and love my body and reversed the root cause of my thyroid condition. I love how you cover all aspects, holistic, nutritional, and spiritual and support my whole being. I now feel better than ever and have a deep understanding of how to best support my body going into the future. Working with Aisling is life changing as her level of knowledge is incredible for how to heal the body and how it works together in harmony. ~ Sarah 1:1 Aisling Health School Graduate