You’re going through this for a reason was the golden thread that kept Aisling going, when she plummeted into chronic illness with depression, anxiety, adrenal fatigue and infertility that was medicated with antidepressants. This ignited Aisling to blaze her own trail beyond the allopathic medical model where she found no answers to heal.

During this time Aisling trained as an Occupational Therapist, where she learnt first hand the limits of outsourcing your health to the medical model.

Came off anti-depressant medication and healed the root cause of symptoms

The divine call to reclaim Aisling’s health was so strong that it opened up a pathway to discover the power of nutrition to cleanse, remineralise and regenerate her body that allowed Aisling to heal the countless symptoms, come off medication and restore her fertility, energy and vital life force.

This initiation was the beginning of Aisling’s awakening to her true power and creativity for living the vision of bringing holistic health to other women, mothers and children, co-creating the New Paradigm of Health in your power.

How working with Aisling is life changing for your health

Aisling is devoted to embodying conscious leadership and self mastery and guiding you to source your health from within and restore vibrant health naturally.

Aisling’s visionary capacity holds your highest health potential in her field and activates your awakening journey where the interconnection of your body, organs, emotions and environment become crystal clear and the pathway for your healing is laid out for you to walk. This journey initiates you into moving from fear to trust where you open to the unknown so all new potential can flow into your life.

Aisling supports the inner work of the psyche including the inner child with clients, as the biggest challenge at this time is individuating from the tribe, to courageously create the New Paradigm of health.

Your body is a self healing and regenerating vehicle for you to live a happy and healthy life embodying what you love

Aisling views nourishing your body and soul with healing medicinal foods as the ultimate act of self love and self trust that opens infinite possibility for your whole life to thrive. Health is the foundation of everything and is your greatest wealth.

In Aisling’s practice she serves both plant based eaters and those who prefer to include animal protein, the focus is on creating a healing regenerative plan that works for you and is specifically designed to heal your symptoms/conditions and create vital health. There is no one size fits all and it depends on your unique situation.

Aisling’s Professional Training

Almost 15 years of personal experience of healing and working with clients from all around the world, initiated Aisling into a Modern Medicine Woman, Holistic Nutrition Coach and Women’s Health Leader.

With a background as an Occupational Therapist, Aisling choose to leap into the unknown and create her calling of healing the body at a root cause level using food as medicine and the natural laws of health and holistic healing, she now leads other women and mothers to become their own Self Healer and stewards of their children’s health.

Aisling is a certified Nutrition Coach from the College of Natural Nutrition, Energy Practitioner with Integrated Energy Therapy, Grand Master of Belvaspata “Healing of the Heart”, Grand Master of the Runes, Medical Medium practitioner and is on a mission to bring this life changing healing wisdom to you.

Aisling published Moving From Fear To Trust in 2023, her debut memoir and roadmap for facing your biggest fears of the unknown and discovering trust in living your highest vision.

Aisling teaches the 5 pillars of Moving From to Trust inside her upcoming Moving From Fear To Trust Portal, a live group programme coming in September 2024.

Aisling is the founder of Aisling Health School with 1:1 Mentorship Programmes including Purify the Preconception, Fertility and Pregnancy Programme, Membership, Masterclasses and Courses all designed to reclaim your whole health.

Aisling Health School’s mission is to support your transition into the New Paradigm of health, where you support your body to regenerate addressing the root cause behind symptoms.

Upcoming courses in Aisling Health School in 2024 are the Moving From Fear To Trust Portal and Thrive Mother and Child Health Programme.

Aisling’s greatest role and honour is being a Mother to her beautiful son Rían who she freebirthed at home with her fiancé Richie by her side. Aisling adores creating a wholesome legacy for her family and the next generation to live in full health and energy.

Want support?

Explore working 1:1 with Aisling for personalised support to reclaim and regenerate your health