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Support, Education and Community to Reclaim Your Health

Unleash Vibrant Health and Energy

Aisling Health School’s mission is to support you to reclaim your health by addressing the root cause behind symptoms, chronic, mystery and autoimmune conditions, unleashing vibrant health and energy.

What you’ll receive as a member of Aisling Health School:

  • Monthly Health Class on the Theme of the Month.
  • Monthly Live Wellness Circle to receive guidance for your health journey.
  • Private Community Forum to ask questions and receive inspiration from others on a holistic health path.
  • Engage in health challenges throughout the year to build discipline, consistency and momentum.
  • Learn how to shift into the new paradigm of health, where you address the root cause behind symptoms.
  • Support your body to heal and thrive using food as medicine.
  • Sisterhood and community with others who are initiating into health in their power and sovereignty.
  • Library of classes and resources to support your health.
Aisling in the sanctuary kitchen

Join us and uplift onto the highest path of taking care of your health.

What members are saying:

Thanks to Aisling’s support I was able to heal my thyroid (that was swinging from under to over active) and completely reverse my thyroid condition without needing any medication. Using food as medicine and supplements I balanced my thyroid. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your support Aisling thank you.

– Rachel Worthington
Thanks to Aisling Health School I regained my energy levels naturally after experiencing burn out and adrenal fatigue. I’ve learned life long practices to support my health to thrive. Thanks for always being so kind and compassionate so I came home to myself and went at my natural pace.
What I gained most from Aisling Health School was how much freedom you receive from discipline. Aisling inspires you to take care of your health with real sustainable changes and to do so in the most loving way. The cleanses have changed my life and ripple out to those in my community.

About your guide Aisling

Aisling is Modern Medicine Woman Holistic Nutritionist, author of Moving From Fear To Trust, founder of Aisling Health School and a leading lighthouse for healing your body and reclaiming your health. 

Aisling healed her body from debilitating fatigue, depression, anxiety and infertility igniting her to trailblaze her path outside the allopathic medical model.

After qualifying as an Occupational Therapist, her own healing journey became the priority and she came off antidepressants and supported her body to heal the root cause behind symptoms. Aisling’s energy returned, her mood, vitality and period came back in full force. With that unleashing of vibrant life force, Aisling’s vision opened of bringing natural medicine to the world, supporting others to self heal and return to wisdom of Mother Nature for health.

Largely known as her role of The Girl Against Fluoride, Aisling evolved from fighting against the system, to become a conscious leader of the New Paradigm of health and sourcing your power and approval from within. 

Almost 15 years of personal experience and working with clients from all around the world, initiated Aisling into becoming a Modern Medicine Woman, Holistic Nutritionist and Women’s Health Leader. 

Aisling’s Approach as a Modern Medicine Woman and Holistic Nutritionist 

With a background in Occupational Therapy (OT), Aisling understands the quantum leap it takes to move from depending on the medical model which outsources your health and suppresses symptoms to taking full responsibility for your own body using nutrition and a regenerative lifestyle to heal your symptoms/condition(s) at a root cause level and create vital life long health. 

Aisling combines her background in Occupational Therapy, Nutrition, Inner Family Healing, Energetic Modalities including Belvaspata “Healing of the Heart” and Mindset Mastery to ignite you to become your own Self Healer and sovereign leader of your health. 

Aisling Health School’s mission is to support you in the new paradigm of health, where you support your body’s power of regeneration using food as medicine.

Aisling Health School supports:

  • Hormonal health
  • Women’s health (PCOS, cysts, endometriosis, fibroids)
  • Thyroid health
  • Skin health
  • Digestive health
  • Liver Health
  • Heal Autoimmune conditions (thyroid disorders, coeliac, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, lupus, MS)
  • Adrenal and nervous system health
  • Raising energy levels naturally
  • Brain and neurological health
  • Optimise weight
  • Optimise blood pressure
  • Restorative sleep
  • Cleansing and detox
  • Nourishing and remineralising diet
  • Cleaning your environment to support health
  • Self mastery and leadership

Your energy is your greatest currency

April’s Theme Adrenal Reset for Hormonal Balance,Restoring Fatigue and Reclaiming Your Energy

Your adrenal glands produce important hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which are essential for mounting an effective response to stress.

However, these responses are predicated on the notion that the stress response is a short-lived reaction to immediate threats that resolve quickly.

When you experiences ongoing stress, however, such as financial trouble, a demanding job, or chronic illness, the adrenal glands get overextended, and can end up having the equivalent of a nervous breakdown and behave erratically.

The notion that “burned out” adrenals simply stop producing the full amount of hormones needed is inaccurate.

What really happens is that exhausted adrenals produce either too little or too much hormone. In both cases, the negative health effects are profound.

For example, excess adrenaline can deplete your brain of important neurochemicals, leaving you feeling depressed.

Excess cortisol can put extreme burden on your liver, central nervous system and brain.

Too little cortisol can wreak its own havoc, and negatively affect thyroid function.

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

  • “Crashing” early on and/or throughout your day
  • You’re tired all day at work, but feel energetic in the evening
  • You’re exhausted at night but have trouble falling asleep
  • Feeling unrested after a full night’s sleep
  • Sweating excessively when performing light tasks (due to your endocrine system working overtime to compensate for lack of adrenaline)
  • Feeling thirsty and can’t seem to quench your thirst, you have dry mouth, or crave salt
  • Blurry vision or difficulty focusing (cortisol can dehydrate the body, including the eyes)
  • Craving stimulants. If you’re reaching for cigarettes, caffeine, and/or sugary snacks to keep you going, you may be instinctively substituting your diminishing adrenal hormones.

Signs of Adrenal Fatigue

  • Symptoms of adrenal fatigue may include weakness, lack of energy, trouble concentrating, becoming easily confused, forgetfulness, trouble completing basic tasks, poor digestion, depression, and insomnia.

Join the Adrenal Reset in Aisling Health School Membership to learn how to use foods and supplements to heal the root cause of adrenal fatigue and reclaim your energy.

Doors open 15th April 2024.

It’s my greatest honour and joy to gather with you at this time, to set the foundations of the new paradigm of health in your life, return to the regenerative power of your body and understand symptoms as the ultimate guide to show you how to truly support your health and whole being to thrive.

I look forward to supporting your health and energy,

Monthly Membership

per month
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Monthly Live Women’s Wellness Circle 
  • Monthly Health Theme 
  • Library of health classes to empower your health journey
  • Can cancel any time before the start of your next subscription month

Annual Membership

per year
  • 12 month membership with 2 months free
  • Monthly Health Theme
  • Monthly Wellness Circle
  • Private Community Forum 
  • Resource library of Health Classes and Workshops

Please note: email support is not included in the membership, bring your questions to our private community forum (answered during office hour Monday-Thursday) and our monthly Q&A.

Healed seizures
I highly recommend Aisling Health School, it’s a unique experience of holistic nutrition to understanding what’s best for you and how to gain more energy and feel better naturally. I learnt the root cause of why I was had epilepsy and have been able to heal the seizure using healing foods, supplements and a holistic lifestyle.


Nurturing space to heal and grow

I would highly recommend membership to like minded individuals, who under Aisling’s guidance, will develop and grow – becoming more confident and authentic beings. I look forward to our group calls, to Aisling’s coaching and nutritional updates.
Fiona Beresford

Healed relationship with body and food
The journey I’ve been on with Aisling has been so supportive on many levels, but particularly in helping me to have a healthier and gentler relationship with my body.
I’ve never had a healthy relationship with food and what I put in to my body in general.
Working with Aisling helped me work on the root causes behind choices, mindsets and triggers which didn’t honour my body and ease myself in to being able to sustain a kinder approach that nourishes consistently without the emotional baggage of feeling like a failure which is common when you depend on will power for these things in my experience.
I’ve managed to completely overhaul my whole approach, I’ve become more accustomed to thinking differently, understanding differently, and honouring my body and myself.
It’s been a great honour to work with Aisling and she made me laugh too, evolution with fun.