The crossroads

We’re at a real crossroads in humanity with what’s unfolding. I first became aware when my own health broke down and I started to see through the system. How separate everything is and how the understanding of the interconnection of everything in the Universe has been severed in our consciousness and way of life.

To echo the words of Zach Bush MD, the only hope we have now is metamorphosis. To return the feminine philosophy and wisdom to our reality and that starts with our health and ripples out from there. 

For eons we’ve been living in separation consciousness and it’s all been part of evolution of strengthening our individual expression. However we’ve collectively veered too far from nature and many predict we only have 80 -100 years before we become extinct on the current trajectory. 

I know from my own body that this is truth as I’d inherited lots of toxicity that predisposed me to chronic illness that lead me to collapse with adrenal fatigue at the young age of 19. At the time, swallowing back these synthetic bright coloured antidepressant pills to “function”, I had a mantra in my head that said “You’re going through this for a reason”. That kept me going through the darkest times as I descended into my own personal hell. 

Making the commitment a few years later to come off medication and to heal my body naturally was so scary yet I knew I had to find the way. I was leaving the “safety” of the known and leaping off into the unknown where I had no idea of the outcome. Would I ever heal? Would I be stuck needing these drugs forever? 

I didn’t ask my Doctor could I come off medication, I decided myself as my own sovereign authority and I took my initiation with the loving support and guidance of my Nutritionist and Mum. It was me that did this and for that I’m eternally grateful to my courage and dedication to heal myself. 

My whole body and consciousness awakened to a whole new world and my vision of my life’s work came in which terrified me as it meant that I was to leave the predictable and stable career as an Occupational Therapist. It took me a while to find the confidence in myself as learning to self accept and self validate is a whole process of unravelling from the power coming from the outside world onto you to having your power and connection come from within and from Source. 

Whatever that may look like for you in terms of your own health journey, deciding to come off medications you were told were life long and self heal a chronic, mystery or autoimmune disease, decline a surgery you were told is the only option and choose to heal your own body, conceiving a child, birthing a new project, leaving a job that was stifling your whole being and setting up your own business, choosing to homeschool your children.

What one woman does, all women can do.

We cannot fight this current system, we can only birth the new through our being.

My call to you is to become your sovereign authority, as the more of us that do this the more we make it possible for others to follow and take their own journey.

As we do, we co-create a new paradigm where we honour the interconnectedness of life and place our collective health and wellbeing at the centre of everything. 

A return to the original template of life.

To your health and energy,

Aisling xo 

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