Top 3 Lessons From 6 Months in a Campervan

We’re almost at the end of our European tour and I’m reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned from being on the road in our campervan since February 2023 – July 2023. 

The top 3 lessons from 6 months touring Europe: 

1) Trust has to be tested to be real 

Your vision of what you want to bring to life has to be tested in order for you to embody the full capacity you need to hold your vision. Challenges come into your life for you to grow and strengthen in self trust. 

Self trust is like a muscle and the more you are able to navigate life challenges with trust and follow the calling of your heart and signs in your environment the stronger you become. We’ve had many challenges unfold on this tour from the van break downs to the intensity of living as a family in such a small space. What kept me going through this all was my trust in the North Star of my vision. I know this is all part of the bigger picture so stay committed to what we’re building. 

2) The unknown is the place of new potential 

The mind absolutely loves the known, what feels safe and familiar and the soul calls us into the unknown where all new potential can emerge. Aligning your mind, body (especially your nervous system) and soul in trust that your vision has been given to you by God and that you can relax into the process of entering the unknown and stretching your edges because you’re always held. 

For example; When we were in Switzerland we broke down just as we arrived in the home town of my dearest friend Lena. It was such an unknown situation and we didn’t know if our van would be able to be repaired. 

The support of the Universe came to us in that we were able to stay in Lena’s family holiday home and Richie got the opportunity to play a concert for Lena’s Dad’s surprise birthday party. 

Richie then made a video vlog about our van breakdown situation for Youtube and posted on Instagram. A few days later an Irish lady called Carol contacted Richie and invited us to come to her home in the nearby town. We visited and had the most wonderful time with Carol and her husband Steve and they invited us back for the Easter dinner and hike a few days later. This was such a nourishing encounter and revealed to me how much love and support is there when you fully show up to life. 

3) Letting go of attachment to outcome 

The more that my mind has searched for how things will all work out in a linear plan the more tormented I’ve become and spiral into the fear of not knowing. The mind cannot perceive the magic and majesty of your life path as all it can see is the past and the present moment. 

Letting go of the attachment to the outcome is a lesson that I’ve journeyed through over and over. The more you can surrender to the great mystery of the unknown with full commitment to what you’re called to live, the more the magic of the mystery can enter your life. To feel the arms of the Infinite Mother all around you in the ground, the sea, the wind, the sky, the water you drink, the nourishing foods you eat. 

Know that you’re always held, always loved and that life wants you to be in your fullest happiest expression because as you do, you illuminate the world and send a ripple of remembrance to others. 

The deeper you trust, the more you can let go of attachment to the outcome and let life pour through you. 

Trust unlocks your power to create your calling. 

When the heart is unclouded by needs and surrendered in the trust that life is benevolent, the surge of the river of life moving through us will always guide us into the highest choice.


What stirs in you from these lessons? Share in the comments below!


Aisling xo

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