Purify for Preconception

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Women it’s time to purify your body and whole being before you conceive so you can enter into pregnancy, birth, postpartum and Motherhood in trust, love and vibrant health.

Immune System

Eighty percent of a woman’s immune system is going into her reproductive cycle every month. And when you’re pregnant, you’re using that 80% almost all the time.

It’s important to is build up your immune system reserves before you get pregnant. Your immune system should be as strong as possible so that you can be in good health for your baby when you conceive. 

Liver and Lymphatic

Your liver stores glucose and glycogen so that when you need energy it can release sugar into your blood stream. This is why your diet needs to be rich in fruits, raw honey and clean carbohydrates like potatoes, sweet potatoes and winter squashes so your liver and reproductive system has the energy to get pregnant.

You need sufficient glucose in your liver and your reproductive system charged up enough to conceive and birth your baby. 

The health of your liver and lymphatic system has a direct impact on the health of your baby so cleansing your liver and lymphatic system before getting pregnant will massively help you and your baby to thrive together in pregnancy and in life.

Reducing your viral and toxic load prior to conception is essential in today’s world.

Adrenals +nervous system

The energy it takes to get pregnant is the energy it takes to birth. The health of your adrenals is the foundation to being able to get pregnant, gestate and birth your baby. This is why in Purify a massive focus inside the programme is on nourishing your adrenals as 95 % of us experience adrenal fatigue throughout our lives.

Bringing in daily practices to regulate and soothe your nervous system out of symphathetic fight or flight to parasymphathetic rest and digest is what will bring you into a calm and energetically charged place to get pregnant.

Brain and mind

Consciously choosing to enter into Motherhood requires that you’re in top shape, especially in your brain and mind. Nourishing your neurotransmitters with minerals salts is essential in celery juice, raw spinach, leafy greens, sea vegetables so you feel stable and happy in yourself.

Working through fears of pregnancy, child birth and Motherhood will help to set you up for success for this life changing initiation into becoming the steward of a soul that chose you as his or her Mama.

Optimise nutrition for you and your partner

Optimising your diet to include fertility enhancing foods especially fruits and removing antifertility foods and drinks will give your body the support it needs to conceive your baby.

For men, it’s important to nourish and optimise sperm quality through the fertility boosting foods, detoxfying heavy metals from the body and addressing any mineral deficiencies.

Cleaning your environment

Filtering your water to remove chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals from the drinking water.

Choosing eco-laundry powder/detergent with no added perfumes and opting for eco cleaning products.

Switching out any scented candles for diffusing essential oils.

Reducing toxicity exposure in your environment is really important for the health of the whole family.

Emotional and Spiritual connection

For most of us we’ve been shutting off our reproductive systems for years with either contraceptives or avoiding getting pregnant to focus on our careers, travelling and becoming who we are in the world.

Make space for connecting emotionally and spiritually to your reproductive system is needed to bring the creative energy to your womb, ovaries and vulva so you can be an open portal for your spirit baby to make their journey into your womb.

Sacred Rites of Passage

Preconception, pregnancy and birth are sacred rites of passage and initiations into your divine power as a woman and creator of your reality.

It’s my highest calling to serve you to optimise your health so you can call in your spirit baby, enjoy a healthy pregnancy, blissful birth and postpartum.

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