How to Heal Infertility

Infertility is impacting so many women and men today. 

Infertility is a sign of our times. Women and men alike are up against so much in our current era, from stress to pollutants to pathogens.

I had my own experience with infertility when I had no menstrual periods for over 4 years in my early 20s and was terrified I wouldn’t be able to have children which has always been a life long dream. Until I came off antidepressant medication, detoxed and healed my body did my menstrual cycle return with a triumphant red fertile blood.

I’ve since then dedicated myself to a path of healing and regeneration of my body and supporting clients all around the world to reclaim their health.

When I got pregnant in my early 30s it was the biggest blessing as I knew how healthy and fertile my body had become with all the support I’ve given it. Birthing my son awakened my knowing that I’m here to support many women to restore their fertility and experience the euphoric initiation into pregnancy and Motherhood.

Women and men with infertility issues experience them for varied reasons. 

It could be one of the over 60 varieties of Epstein-Barr affecting the reproductive system and causing mystery infertility. 

EBV in the reproductive system causing cysts, fibroids

Inconsistent menstrual periods

Fallopian tube obstruction



And/or hidden and undetectable inflammation of the uterus can interfere with a healthy conception and pregnancy. EBV’s more active, aggressive presence also means that a woman may have more difficulty trying to carry a baby to term with later pregnancies.

Toxic heavy metals, DDT and other pesticides, and radiation are also causes of mystery infertility. 

Zinc deficiency also plays a role in mystery male infertility. 

A high-fat/high-protein diet worsens mystery infertility.

Another major contributing factor to many women’s fertility issues is a low reproductive system “battery.” This can occur on its own, with no viral activity in the body, or it can occur as a result of EBV draining the reproductive system of its energy and resources. 

When EBV goes to a woman’s reproductive organs, it can lead to fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and pregnancy complications….when EBV moves through the body, it may select the ovaries as a nesting place. There, the virus may prompt the creation of cysts as the immune system attempts to block off the growth of the virus, and the virus continues to live and grow inside them. As these cysts develop, they put a strain on the immune system, allowing EBV to move more quickly to Stage Three, infection and disruption of the thyroid. That’s why PCOS and thyroid issues occur side by side so often. -Anthony William

Medical communities are now in the habit of blaming pregnancy issues on the thyroid, but we have to know and remember this truth: there is another underlying issue affecting the health of pregnant women, and it’s not their thyroid. The Epstein-Barr virus is often what is keeping women from getting pregnant.

Many women who weren’t able to get pregnant but after working with the healing protocols to lower their Epstein-Barr viral load, were soon able to become pregnant. 

There is so much misinformation around thyroid health today that is leading women to believe their thyroid can prevent them from becoming pregnant. This just isn’t true and this new trend isn’t helping women to truly understand their bodies or even their thyroid. 

If you have under or overactive thyroid, Hashimoto’s, Graves Disease or a Goiter this is caused by the Epstein Barr Virus and it can be healed with nutrition, supplements cleansing your thyroid and liver and cleaning up your environment. 

A woman’s reproductive system has a soul of its own, with its own specific set of needs. 

In addition to avoiding certain anti-fertility factors in your diet and environment, 

Bringing in a variety of life-giving, fertility-enhancing foods, and tapping into spiritual techniques, a critical piece of how to send your body the message that you’re ready to have a baby is to learn how to consciously rewire so you’re ready to form a new life. 

You can Heal and Reclaim your Fertility which is your birthright

Fruits and vegetables are your go to foods, known as the Holy four: Fruits, vegetables, herbs and wild foods are here to restore and create vibrant health in today’s world.

Sweet potatoes are an excellent fertility-boosting food, help reduce fibroids and cysts throughout the body caused by EBV, including the ovarian cysts that result in PCOS.

Also highly recommended is raspberry leaf as it supports both women’s and men’s reproductive health +nettle leaf is “the ultimate reproductive herb of all time” and “anti-inflammatory for those organs infected with EBV.” AW

Also removing foods that feed pathogens including eggs, dairy, gluten and adrenalised foods such as chicken, turkey. Lamb or other types of meat and fish is super important for the healing of your reproductive organs and preparing for a healthy pregnancy as for some women adrenalised foods can be an issue for getting pregnant. 

I applied all of these healing protocols to my body before I conceived and during my 9 1/2 month pregnancy and had a wonderful healthy pregnancy and free birth of my son Rían, a vibrant energetic little boy, who is the light of our life and made me a Mama, the greatest gift on Earth.

For personalized help with your reproductive health care, supplementation, or supporting a healthy pregnancy I have space open in my 1:1 Mentorship.

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