How to do Elimination Communication from Birth

I’m over the moon, passionate about Elimination Communication or EC for short, which I’ve practised since my first son Rían was born. Literally fresh out of the womb, I had Rían peeing and pooping into his top hat Potty and we shared a series of videos to show you how it works in reality.

Elimination Communication is a gentle, non-coercive way to respond to a baby’s natural hygiene needs, from as early as birth. Like all mammals, human babies instinctually resist soiling themselves, their sleep space, and their caregivers, and they clearly communicate about it from birth. With EC, we learn baby’s signals and natural rhythms and assist them with this process until they naturally gain independence (usually by 9-18 months of age).

Another way to think about it: What did humans do before diapers? And what do humans do in regions where diapers are not commercially available? – Go Diaper Free

Check out our first EC video How to Potty Train From Birth.

I learned how to practice Elimination Communication while I was pregnant from one of the leading voices Go Diaper Free Andrea Olsen, a Mom who has done EC with all 6 of her babies and knows how to make it work in today’s world.

The first place to start is by reading Andrea’s book Go Diaper Free (0-18 months) to learn how to set yourself up for practicing EC with your newborn.

Use my discount code “Aisling” for 15 % off your order of the book or her mini courses.

Highly recommend starting from birth and make sure to get yourself prepared before baby comes so you’re all set.

Have you practiced EC? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Potty Time,

Aisling xo

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