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Healing your body and reclaiming your health is  one of the most important pursuits you can take in life as when you have your full energy and vitality you can live your full potential. 

What started out for me as my own healing journey 14 years ago has now blossomed into a life long practice of supporting others to heal and regenerate their body using nutrition, supplement, herbs, detox protocols and lifestyle changes. 

I started working with Yvonne Skelly in my 1:1 Mentorship in 2021. 

Yvonne initially came to me with digestive disturbances she was suffering from with IBS that was making life increasingly uncomfortable.

During our time working together Yvonne has completely transformed her relationship with food and it’s been a game changer for her whole health. 

The benefits she’s experienced include:

  • Increased energy levels without needing the use of stimulants like caffeine 
  • Improved clarity and focus
  • Improved digestive system 
  • Healed IBS symptoms
  • Deepened connection to source energy 
  • Yvonne is now aware of what nourishes her body in a way that feels easy and her body is continuing to heal and regenerate. 

All of us need to detox as we live in an environment where we’re exposed to pathogens, viruses and heavy metals and toxins constantly that over time make us develop chronic symptoms and diseases. 

To enjoy your full health you need to detox properly.

This also helps you to embody source energy and fulfil your role on Earth at this time of great destructuring of the old and creation of the new paradigm.. 

Yvonne’s favourite part of the programme was the reeducation around foods and exploring new foods and practices. A lot of the information out there is inverted so there’s lots of unlearning to be done. 

It’s a whole new way of being and for the times that we’re in, to birth this New Earth it starts with yourself and embracing your full health potential. 

To heal your body and reclaim your health and energy, Aisling Health School 1:1 Mentorship Programme is here to support you. 

To your health and energy,

Aisling xo 

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