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I’m joined by my dear sister, Lena Buehler to talk about the journey of moving from fear to trust and co-creating the new paradigm on Earth.

We can’t create with old systems, we need the space to create the new. Go with what inspires you and that can change and evolve.

A lot of us can be afraid to be seen, which is an essential step in creation, putting yourself forward as a creator.

The fear of the unknown is connected to the feminine. We have to surrender and release control, letting life to flow through us.

We now have started to see ourselves we can see in others and more than ever resonant beings are being brought together.

Practices that Lena loves:

  • Vision boards
  • Go with what inspires you
  • Allow yourself to evolve
  • Places to go for stillness
  • Fill your eyes with beauty and nature
  • Living in a natural rhythm
  • Come back to the knowing that you’re carried by life

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