Women’s Health Series – Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a disease in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus. It can cause severe pain in the pelvis and make it harder to get pregnant. 

According to the medical model the cause is unknown so all they offer is pain killers and birth control to suppress symptoms and surgery (which has to be repeated as doesn’t address the root cause of why the abnormal tissue is growing in the first place) and finally when all else fails they offer you a hysterectomy which immediately places you into menopause and can be a life threatening surgery removing one of your vital organs.

HRT is given after hysterectomy

After hysterectomy women are offered HRT to deal with the onset of menopause overnight, shocking the body into what should be a natural transition.

The 2002 Women’s Health Initiative which ran for over a decade and involved more than 160,000 postmenopausal women, caught onto the havoc that HRT has been wreaking and concluded that HRT substantially increased the risks breast cancer, heart attacks and strokes*. That is, hormone replacement therapy rapidly sped up the ageing process.

When these findings came to light HRT should have been banned.

Women there is a better way, and the first step is to understand the root cause behind this challenging condition and taking the action to heal this.

Learn the root cause so you can finally heal and reclaim your health.

Vaginal conditions such as endometriosis are caused by pathogens feeding on toxic hormones that enter the body from outside sources as well as toxic heavy metals.

Viruses and toxins work together, as a virus in the body consumes toxins and then releases more destructive chemical compounds that denature and injure healthy cells.

The most common troublemaker pathogens affecting a women’s reproductive cycle are one or more of the 60 varieties of the Epstein Barr Virus and one or more of the over 30 varieties of Streptococcus Bacteria.

The cause of Women’s Reproductive Health Issues is Known

What’s really causing the explosion in women’s reproductive symptoms and conditions are viruses, bacteria, toxic heavy metals, toxic hormones, industrial chemicals and other poisons.

The reproductive system collects a tremendous amount of these toxins, which have become prolific since the Industrial Revolution. These pathogens and toxins are passed down through our bloodlines and we also contract them and are exposed to them in our day-to-day lives. 

The byproduct that these pathogens produce in and around the female reproductive system activates and prompts abnormal tissue growth in order to trap and encase this toxic byproduct. This tissue has the tendency to spread faster when on a high fat/high protein diet including eggs, milk, cheese and butter because these are troublemaker foods that feed the pathogens leading to production of viral and bacteria by product.

Toxic heavy metal exposure can also exacerbate endometriosis. 

Endometriosis is a cry for help from your body to get to the root cause of why this is showing up in your precious womb, the portal of creation. 

Healing Solution

Remove the foods that feed pathogens including eggs, dairy, gluten, soy, corn, MSG, artificial sweeteners, natural flavours etc.

Focus on the Holy Four: Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and Wild Foods.

Celery Juice 16-32 oz on an empty stomach. 

Reducing toxin exposure in your environment and removing metals through the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie.

A full healing diet that detoxifies your uterus, liver and whole body is absolutely essential to heal the root cause of endometriosis and to finally heal and reclaim your reproductive health.

Healing your reproductive health is possible and it’s your birthright to be healthy, happy and balanced in your body. 

If you’re struggling with endometriosis, please have faith in your body as I have seen complete reversal of this condition with Medical Medium information in my clients. 

*Source: Writing Group for the Women’s Health Initiatives Investigators , “Risks and Benefits of Estrogen plus Progestin in Healthy PostMenopausal Women: Principal Results from the Women’s Health Initiative Randomised Control Trial”, Journal of the American Medical Association 288, no 3 (2002):321-333. doing:10.1001/jama.288.3.321

Support to Heal and Reclaim Your Reproductive Health

It takes time and dedication to make these changes which is why I offer support in Purify Preconception, Fertility and Pregnancy Programme.

Join the Purify Free 3 Part Workshop Series to learn the blueprint for getting your body ready for pregnancy, optimising your fertility naturally by healing the root cause of endometriosis and supporting healthy pregnancy and birth. 

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