Elimination Communication Demonstration with Newborn

The best way to learn EC is to watch it in practice. Here I am practicing with 2 week old baby Rían.

Hope you get lots of inspiration from how easy and natural practicing EC is with your baby from birth. I’m absolutely loved the experience and want to shout from the rooftops how amazing EC is for strengthening your bond with your baby, fine tuning your Mama instincts and saving tonnes of money on nappies and washing.

It’s way easier when it comes to potty training as you’ve provided the opportunity for your baby to start learning the skills of using the potty before they hit the toddler I want to do it my way window.

We used cloth nappies and the only way I kept going with cloth nappies is because of elimination communication. I caught the vast majority of Rían’s poos which was a major incentive to practice EC as I saw all the other babies having poo blow outs in their nappies and up their backs and I thought surely there’s a better way and turns out the EC is the solution and was around before the disposable nappies became the norm.

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Let me know if you have any questions below.

Happy pottunity,

Aisling xo

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