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Weight Loss that Lasts

Would you love support to align your health goals in 2019?

In Weight Loss that Lasts you'll learn the mindset, nutrition and healthy habits that helps you lose weight that lasts.

This isn’t a quick fix or diet that doesn't go beyond a few weeks. This is a lifestyle where each day you'll do one small thing to make healthier choices.

In this 6 week course you'll learn a mixture of cutting edge nutrition theory and food demonstration of meal plans that can easily be made at home.

Week 1 - Mindset for change. Food demo of vegetable juicing.

Week 2 - 10 Best Foods plant based for health and weight loss. Food demo of breakfast smoothie.

Week 3 -7 Top Supplements for health and how you use them. Food demo of lunch.

Week 4 - 3 Self Care Practices for raising energy and balancing hormones. Food demo of energy balls.

Week 5 - How to include plant based meals. Meal plans and food demo of dinner.

Week 6 - Creating your wellness intentions for 2019. Food demo of healthy dessert.


Aisling xo

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