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Build your resilience to bounce back

Aisling FitzGibbon

Blackandwhiteheadshot - Caitlin Donovan.jpg

In today’s episode I’m joined with Caitlin Donovan who’s an expert in Chinese Medicine, a Burnout Coach, and the host of the podcast: FRIED: The Burnout Podcast. All of her projects are ruled by one thing: End Burnout Culture as soon as possible. She truly believes that stress management is the true medicine of the future and is relentless in her goal to teach as many people as possible to be more resilient, have more energy, and more fun.

Even though Caitlin is a burn out expert she has to be on top of her own burn out all the time. This makes her a brilliant teacher and role model for the highly sensitive high achievers who tend to push themselves into burnout over and over again.

Caitlin discovered she had burnout after building 2 successful acupuncture businesses in 2 foreign countries, married to the man she loves, having their beautiful dog and the time and money to the things she wanted. She didn’t feel good on a day to day basis and it wasn’t what she was teaching my patients to accept. This is when she discovered burnout was a thing. A big red flag for her was resenting that her patients needed her.

A big driver of burnout is trauma and that your self worth is tied into your outer success.

Moving away from fear I’m unlovable and trusting I’m lovable because I exist.

Recognise that you created this system in your brain and body at some point as a child because you thought it would protect you. Know that you’ve been living this way for many many years and that it’s going to take a while of untangling, gives you a space for grace.

Liberate yourself from perfectionism

In the Talent code by Daniel Coyle shares that talent isn’t mostly inherent and as a general rule 10% talent and 90% deep practice.

You’re not going to figure this out tomorrow. You continue to try and you’re going to fail sometimes and that’s ok. You continue to try more and trust in that process.

The emotion of moving from fear to trust requires practice and is what the practice of meditation is for. When you learn to sit quietly with yourself on a regular basis you have more space.

You don’t just choose to move from fear to trust, it’s a consistent practice. There’s no crazy system, you just have to keep trying.

Major life events will test you and this is why you practice all the time.

Caitlin’s top tips for moving from fear to trust

Number 1 is breathing.

Number 2 musical based meditations, mantras, binaural beats, healing frequencies with breathing to focus.

Check out Youtube and Insight timer.

Being in alignment with your highest calling and surrendering to who you are. When you’re out of alignment this causes a huge amount of stress.

The World Health Organisation recently said within the next 30 years more than 30% of all disease processes will be caused by stress. We need to figure this out now.

Luckily for the world Caitlin is a Burn out coach and offers 30 minute acupuncture treatments in her office in New York and online coaching for extra support. She’s a brilliant role model and share’s her authentic journey on her social media channels. I love following her Instagram account and recommend you check her out.

Caitlin’s final words to you:

The first thing you need to trust and the most difficult thing to trust is your inner voice and most of the time we create a lot of busyness in our lives in order to avoid listening because when it’s hard to hear the inner voice it’s easier to ignore it.

Eliminate the noise through life pruning of all the unimportant extraneous bits that are preventing you from further proper growth and then do not fill that space until you can hear yourself again. Let that space be empty and that’s not an easy task but it’s the most valuable because you cannot gain trust if you don’t hear your inner voice.

Now I’d love to hear from you what was your biggest insight from this episode and what are you now inspired to do or do less of? Share in the comments below.

Love & trust,

Aisling xo

Connect with Caitlin:

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Finding a better way starts now

Aisling FitzGibbon

Manasi Headshot-0133 - Manasi Kakade.jpg

Today’s special guest is Manasi Kakade. Manasi is a speaker and mentor for Bridgewalkers. Bridgewalkers are analytical, critical thinkers fascinated by spirituality or woo-woo stuff. This term isn't well known so Manasi is on a mission to change that because there are more Bridgewalkers among us than we think. Her ways of teaching apply the ancient Indian wisdom such as the concepts of Chakra and Dharma, to solve the problems of modern day solo-preneurship & business strategy. Through her flagship product, "Bridgewalker Visionaries' Academy", Manasi teaches Bridgewalker leaders and changemakers how to create a business that expresses their Dharma (aka their unique way of being), spread their message with confidence, and use their business as a healing tool to bring a positive change in the world. Today, Manasi will give us a glimpse into her journey from being an engineer, to a marketer, to an entrepreneur, to a leader for Bridgewalkers.

I deeply resonate with Manasi’s journey of grief when her precious Aunt passed away 6 years ago. The shocking passing of her healthy 58 year old Aunt, Sushama who was like a second Mother to her, triggered her own fear of dying. Later that fear turned into inspiration of asking herself what if I died tomorrow what impact have I made? That inspiration led to her awakening and discovering who she is and the different sides of her and how to combine them all. This journey of 6 years has led her to where she is now which is inspiring bridgewalkers to accept their work in the world and create a business that spreads the message.

You don’t need a big event like a death to get you to bring your work into the world. Make a decision to stop living in fear, that’s the most simple action to take.

Taking simple action brings your vision to life. Clarity comes from action and the next step reveals the next.

Self care is hugely important on this journey as so many of us burn ourselves out taking action. Sometimes the action you need to take is inaction and schedule in time for rest and holidays.

Overdoing it brings you into fear. Data shows that high cortisol levels and high stress stops you from thinking creatively, so you’re not going to solve problems as well. You’re not going to think of imaginative ways of solving the issues that are right in front of you. As an entrepreneur and human being you’re always facing issues to be solved.

You have to keep you imagination and creativity at a high level and not go into the fear mode in order to get the best solutions.

Light workers and bridgewalkers are creating new systems that allow us to create the life that we want with an abundance mindset. Without thinking we have to leave someone behind in order to get ahead, without worrying about competition in business. There’s enough for everyone and those are the systems and new ways of creating abundance that we’re creating on the planet.

We have to move from fear to trust as lightworkers and bridgewalkers as we are the new leaders. We have to take action to bring it into our life first so we can create the proof for people that this is possible. When we create the proof the majority of people will follow suit in moving from fear to trust.

Trust consciousness is a new concept we’re introducing to the planet right now. Most people are living in fear, thinking I’m different than you and I’m different for source, divine, the power that runs through us all.

Lightworkers are innovators who show us what’s possible. They bring the woo woo stuff and say listen there’s a better way of living. It’s not their job to create the proof.

The next early adopters are bridgewalkers, one foot in the spiritual and one foot in the material world. They show how using spiritual concepts creates a better life and better business. They’re thinking practically and creating evidence that spirituality is useful. When they create the evidence, the majority will follow.

Until you step into that trust consciousness as a bridgewalker you’re not doing your work.

Your purpose is to accept that side of you and create the evidence because you believe in the vision that lightworkers have shown us.

Whether you’re a lightworker or bridgewalker you have a specific thing to do here. Step into that trust and do it and just see you changing the world.

Ask yourself what is the next step I feel like taking today?

Embrace it, share it, say it and there’s a lot of people that will follow suit.

When you’re in a place of fear at times it feels impossible to get out of it, keep telling yourself there’s a better way even if you don’t believe it. Tell yourself that there is a better way and see how it changes you to then one day actually start believing it. When you start believing in it, that’s when you’ve moved from fear to trust.

Now, Manasi and I would love to hear from you. Share in the comments below the action you feel like taking today to show that you trust in what it is you’re here to do?

Love Aisling xo

1. "7 Chakra and Business Challenge" that JUST started on September 23, and you can still join -
2. Join the Facebook group for Bridgewalkers:

3. Quiz "Which stage of a Bridgewalkers journey are you at?" -

How trust can change your life

Aisling FitzGibbon


In this week’s episode I had the pleasure of sitting down online with Virginia Salas Kastilio the founder of the I Trust You movement and all round rockstar entrepreneur. Virginia has been named by Inc. magazine as 1 of 26 women to change the world.

I’ve been following Virginia for a while now and have always been inspired by her dedication to share her truth and making the world a better place. She was delighted to come on the podcast to help shift the paradigm from fear to love and trust.

After working in Corporate IT for 5 years, Virginia awakened to the the fact that she could do anything she wanted. She left her corporate job to travel around the world for a year researching happiness.

She started doing social experiments like stripping down to her underwear and allowing strangers to draw love hearts on her body in Unions Square on her to the I trust you experiments of having strangers hug her.

Walking through New York, Virginia thought how can we make the world a better place by this one simple idea “I Trust You”. She noticed we’ve stopped talking to each other, we have a fear of other humans on a bus or on the subway we avoid eye contact. But we want to be seen.

Virginia created a t-shirt with the logo “I trust you” on it to give you permission to hug and connect when she’s wearing it.

Since launching I trust you movement 3 years ago it has had such a positive impact, saving lives, marriages and saving people from abuse. People from all over the world are now wearing this t-shirt.

This simple idea channelled through her to create a movement of bringing entrepreneurs together from around the world who can trust each other. This lead to the setting up I trust you University which is new age education bringing ancient wisdom for futuristic thinking.

There are plans on building a bottled water brand where they give water back to the Earth every time they’re taking it.

Creating one of the most impactful, conscious companies in the world solely dedicated to giving back to humanity and the earth is the mission.

Virginia believes that the future of industry and entrepreneurship lies within regeneration, sustainability and us truly caring about human beings. There are alot of companies that are just taking from the earth. She hopes to inspire a trend in other companies and entrepreneurs.

As Elizabeth Gilbert said in Big Magic “Ideas are their own entities”. The I trust you movement is it’s own entity that chose to be channeled through Virginia who’s perfectly equipped to share this most needed message with the world.

She recently announced that I Trust University is launching soon. Virginia believes that conventional education is outdated and isn’t designed to sustain people and their families.

The I Trust University is for all ages. It’s curiosity led and exploratory learning in a community.

There’s even a programme called Unstoppable Kids led by 12 year old fashion designer Hanalei Swan who started her own eco brand at 9 years old and it’s now a 6 figure business.

She’s bringing together Professors from all around the world who are practitioners working in the field so it’s the most up to date.

It’s happening effortlessly, bringing together a high calibre in the transformation coaching space. This is a simple approach as it’s not sustainable to work yourself into the ground trying to save the world.

What are your top self care practices?

Being in nature, long walks by a body of water, swimming is healing and clearing.

Being on phones all the time creates a sense of urgency. On the other hand being in nature brings you into clarity and peace.

Massages in bali, finding practices that put you into your flow state.

Being in silence.

Ice baths, saunas, wellness care is super sacred.

What tips do you have to help move from fear to trust?

The fear isn’t yours. Your entire life people have been around you saying it’s too difficult, these are silly dreams, putting into question what it is you desire.

The reason they’re doing this is not because they’re bad people or they want to cause you any harm. They don’t realise the effect their words have on you.

Words are like magical spells, they cast spells on you and they really cling tight to your psyche. It’s important to realise that they’re doing it out of caution. Their parents, grandparents and friends told them that it was hard and they should be careful. That they should go the safe way.

You can’t predict what’s safe and not safe. All the predictions that people are trying to do is coming from fear and anxiety. You just have to clear it and you have to give yourself permission to say this doesn’t affect me.

Write down all the opinions your parents have taught you. Virginia’s Dad “You only get one chance in life and if you miss it your screwed” “money is hard to come by and you need to save”.

Virginia is now on her 3rd company and has learned that you get millions of chances. The Universe is constantly creating and giving in a cycle of creation.

Write down all the these beliefs that are inside of you that are not yours. Acknowledge them and say wow I have all this fear that’s not mine. In that moment you have a decision, are you going to keep believing that fear that has been inherited or do you want to start an entire new life and new thought process. Where money is abundant and easy to come by, where love is everywhere that you look and new friends are in any cafe or restaurant that you go.

Come into this space of realising at all times that life is happening for you and never to you.

Think of a time when you missed a bus or flight or an event got cancelled and instead something else unfolded. Look at those miracles and map out that magic where you first thought a situation was bad and it turned out to be so amazing. The more you can do that the more when you’re in a situation where something bad is happening, you can take a break and you can stop and say wow what a gift it is that I missed this plane, that my husband left me, that my Mother passed away because now it’s giving me this whole different perspective on life, our infinity and allowing me to communicate with her beyond what I’ve been taught.

You have the choice to believe what you want to believe and create a whole new set of ideas and beliefs.

Have courage to truly take on that mantle and responsibility because it’s more easy to just go “I can’t” when people tell you and it’s more simple to stay in the fear because it feels more comfortable in the moment. But in order to go into love and trust, what you need is courage to live a more extraordinary life and to question your parents beliefs and fears.

Step into joy, trust and love. Have courage to live the life of your dreams.

Now we’d love to hear from you. What one action step are you inspired to take after listening to this episode? Share in the comments below so we can cheer you on.


Aisling xo

Connect with Virginia:

Get in the arena

Aisling FitzGibbon

Today’s special guest is Carly Clark Zimmer. Carly shares how receiving the gift of a massage opened up a whole new world to her. After completing Art School she ended up going to Massage School which blended perfectly working with her hands and making an impact.


Carly recommends paying attention to what shows up for you.

Working in a high end 5 star spa in New York for 6 years with celebrities, athletes and dignitaries from around the world she honed in her capacity as a listener as everyone has the same sets of fears, problems and pains.

This job came to an end when Carly experienced burnout from working 12-14 hour days working with 5-6 clients per day. After a panic attack she got the wake up call that something needed to change. Her body was like “you’re done with this place, you must leave”.

This was hard as it was a union job with paid holidays, health benefits and really good money.

She left and set up her own massage practice yet she ended up building the same type of model she just left, still working nights, every weekend she was again approaching burn out.

Stumbling across a training for holistic practitioners and massage therapists to start to incorporate coaching into your practice. This was something she was already doing, spending time before and after the session talking about what was really going on beneath the surface level of the aches and pains. A natural progression was to add coaching into her practice.

What helped Carly move from fear to trust to let go of the safety of the known into the unknown?

Developing that conversation and language with the messages your body is telling you.

Your body is communicating with you constantly. You don’t just get a shoulder pain out of nowhere, something happens. It’s about being a detective, to give yourself the time and space to listen to what your body may be trying to tell you.

If you’re constantly getting headaches, what’s going on in your life that causing headaches?

For Carly it was putting those pieces together, when she tuned in and started to trust her body, even though all the fear was there. Fear of no security, fear of not having a steady pay check, where are all my clients going to come from, who’s going to pay for coaching. Hearing all the things fear says, yet cultivating that practice of trusting when your body leans in and says yes, this is the thing I’m here to do, this is how I can serve at my highest capacity.

Cultivating that trust is a practice of getting into your body, meditation, walking, running, yoga, any way you can start to move the energy down into your body and listen to what your body is saying.

Anytime Carly’s made a decision based on that, even though all the facts doesn’t line up, it doesn’t look pretty and it’s kind of messy, things have worked out in a way that blows her mind.

Last year her husband got an opportunity to work in Ireland and Carly had been coaching for 3 years at that point. She knew she had to close down her massage practice and was so scared.

Carly didn’t have a tonne of coaching clients and her massage was her bread and butter and she had to let that go.

Moving to Ireland gave her the kick and when she made the decision, 2 days later the woman she had trained with asked her to go work with her. She was hired to come on and help other coach other therapists.

Trusting the gut and the instinct instead of the fear, she was supported.

When you’re just holding onto something because it’s known, the job, the relationship, even if it doesn’t feel really good. If you desire something else, we stick with it because we know it, we know the flavour of uncomfortableness and we know what’s going to happen.

Your brain can’t comprehend what will happen when you trust yourself. It’s physical, you haven’t yet created the neural pathways.

You’ve created all the fear neural pathways. You haven’t yet made the neural pathways of the new opportunities and new chapter of your life. So that’s where cultivating trust comes in, getting into your body daily is going to help create the new neural pathways.

It comes down to your physiology. We’re a paradox of wanting to serve as spiritual beings yet we’re still stuck in caveman times of being so scared of stepping out of the door. It’s really learning to get out of your own way and step up to what you’re called to do.

Once you understand your physiology, that’s always scanning for danger and wanting to keep you safe, you can learn techniques.

Get in the arena

You’re about to step out of your comfort zone to do this thing. Putting yourself out there can be vulnerable and scary but you know it’s actually a safe thing once you understand that it helps you get out of your own way. You feel nervousness, your heart is beating but you know that you’re actually going to be ok.

Exercise for trust - create a evidence list

Write down all the things you’ve trusted yourself with and it’s actually gone right. What’s the evidence that you can do what you want to do.

It could be books, retreats, education. You’ve done so much in your life already.

Use this evidence list to help you move from fear to trust.

Love the fear, it’s really just trying to protect you. You can flip it around “I hear you fear, I know you’re just trying to keep me safe and I love that. I’m going to do this thing anyway”. It softens the fighting of conquering the fear.

Cultivate self compassion and allows it to be messy, imperfect, just give it a try. If you don’t have that capacity of being gentle it can led into more self doubt and beating yourself up.

Show up in the arena, acknowledge and appreciate yourself for the courage it takes to trust what you’re here to do and not know exactly how that will unfold.

Use your evidence practice to demonstrate to yourself what you’ve done and know you can build on that.

When you’re just swirling around by yourself, you’re not getting any real information, you’re just swirling in the negative, critical thoughts. Instead go out there and see what resonates and if you tweak your language or approach it with a different energy you can find what works.

Getting in the arena gives you so much more information than trying to figure it out up in your head because you’re getting into your body and into action.

Get your voice out there and refine as you go. Feedback is so essential from the arena and you wire yourself for it. It takes exploration for your message to be revealed.

Carly’s vision is ever evolving. She is committed to serving at the highest level and to continue getting out of her own way. She’s here to help women who have been swirling. They have something inside of them and she loves to teach them how to access that connection and cultivate trust so they can put their world out into the world.

Put yourself out there and you never know who you’re going to meet to support you on your journey.

I’m sure glad I did as I ended up connecting with Carly and sharing this soul nourishing conversation that I now get to share with you.

I’d love to hear from you, what’s your biggest insight from this episode? Share in the comments below!


Aisling xo

Connect with Carly:

Facebook: Simple Sacred Life

Instagram: Carly Clary Zimmer

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Navigating a long distance relationship

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Richie’s been on his European tour since April and up until recently it’s been relatively easy navigating our long distance relationship. With Richie away it gives me plenty of time to focus on my work and writing my book Moving From Fear To Trust.

But then on the 2nd June I fell on my trampoline and ended up fracturing two bones in my right foot and got a cast and crutches to get around. This really made the distance between Richie and I really difficult when I was sitting in A&E and having to face the place where my Mum was last conscious.

I’ve settled into my new routine of getting around with one leg and wanted to sit down with Richie on this week’s podcast to discuss navigating a long distance relationship.

Building your vision takes sacrifice and pushing outside of your comfort zone. Richie reminded me that it’s your perception of the situation that matters and that we are creating our life’s work so that we will be able to spend more time together. In the meantime I’m focusing on the positive of the situation.

This is a time to build my trust in myself and life without having to lean physically on Richie. I have chosen a path of building a business that’s unfamiliar and the future outcomes are unknown. This is the perfect condition to cultivate deep trust in my own being and to take risks. So far it’s working and I’m confident as I keep going with all the small steps and big leaps.

I have the space to write my book, Moving From Fear To Trust and for me to fully embody my message the Universe has provided the perfect conditions for me to do so.

Within any challenge you may be navigating right now ask yourself “What is this asking me to learn” and “What’s the opportunity within my situation”. These questions help to reframe your mind and focus on the deeper meaning behind the events of your life. You’ll also find you focus more on the solution rather on the problem.

I share with you this Rune card “Childlike Enthusiasm - Lighthearted dancing with the unknowable by releasing the need to know”.

I’d love to hear from you. What situation do you need to reframe so you can see what you’re meant to learn?


Aisling xo

Rune card via

Rune card via

Make friends with fear

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

As I’m writing my book Moving From Fear To Trust, I’m fascinated by others who are taking bold moves in the direction of their dreams. What you focus on grows so by focusing on others who are moving from fear to trust it helps you do the same.

Back in February I connected with this lovely lady called Leigha May and I had a inner knowing that I had to reach out and find out about her.


Last week I had the privilege of sitting down virtually with Leigha for this week’s episode of The Aisling and Richie Podcast. Leigha May is a certified Coach for your life, spirit, and career based in Los Angeles, California. She works globally alongside women and men who are ready to create the lives that they love and crave. Through coaching and mentorship, she blends spiritual principles with pragmatic action.

Leigha recently left her corporate career as a HR and Recruiting Executive. I asked her how her journey as a life coach began and she shared that it was an intentional step to break out of those four walls and take the things she loved and knew deep in her soul and really amplify them on a much broader level and make much more impact outside of the 9-5.

I asked Leigha how she has moved from fear to trust to follow her path into the unknown. She said it’s about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. When you feel discomfort lean into it and take it as a sign you’re on the right path. As you leave the security of what you know dig into your inner knowing and trust it. It takes time to build that trust.

Leigha went travelling for a few months this year called her world wide wander to lean into the discomfort of the unfamiliar to get a dose of her own medicine. She journeyed through the lower part of the States, Ecuador, the Amazon jungle and New Zealand.

I asked Leigha what advice would she give her 18 year old self?

Just do it and go for it. The desires and dreams you have don’t come out of nowhere, they’re planted in you and most of the time many years before they come into fruition. Trust that inner knowing, if you have a pull or nudge, there’s something to it. When someone says I had a gut feeling, that’s something very meaningful and the sooner you can trust that the more freely you can live and really create a life you're proud of.

About moving from fear to trust?

Your brain is hardwired to two things, safety and comfort.When you know this you can quickly move beyond fear and say that’s ok it’s my fear speaking but it doesn’t have to be in the driver’s seat of your life.

The goal isn’t to remove fear it’s to make friends with it. I see you and I hear you, you’re just not in charge today.

Leigha is now a full time life coach with a 1:1 practice as well as a Mastermind for people building their businesses. It can be a very lonely path which is why Leigha is passionate about creating a community for others on their journey of evolving. It can be a hard path to carve on your own but when you have the right support it opens up a whole new world.

The simple spiritual practice that helps the most?

Leigha recommends connecting with nature. Being in nature and meditating outside. Noticing the cycle of the seasons, plants, flowers and animals and connecting this to your own being. Nature teaches you such rich lessons if you’re willing to stop and see.

Vision for the Future?

Community building of large circles of men and woman back to the basic human principles before we had corporate building and false lighting. A place to feel supported and be mentored, give mentoring and share your stories.

Leigha’s word for 2019 is rewilding which is a call back to your natural self. It’s so freeing to not have to go through the motions any longer, it’s really powerful work.

Now we’d love to hear from you. What is the number one takeaway from this episode? Share your comment below.


Aisling xo

Connect with Leigha May at

Podcast music by Richie Ros.

Start where you are

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

In today’s episode I catch up with Richie who’s on tour in Europe. So far Richie’s played gigs in over 5 countries since early April, including Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.

Sometimes Richie wonders will anything come of it but he reminds himself it’s about reaching one person at a time.

Richie’s been selected to feature at a Singer Songwriter Festival in Copenhagen on 31st August, this and many more opportunities have come in since Richie set out on tour early April.

The key lesson is that the more you focus on the process, the more you’ll see it unfold. When you fixate on the outcome you miss out on being present to the process.

This lesson applies to all the things you’re trying to achieve and create in your life.

Be prepared to build from the ground up. Start small and keep growing.

Richie’s inspired by musician Tommy Emmanuel who carved out his own music career into a thriving lifelong career. Also Gary V the CEO of Vayner Media is a great model of following your long term game.

You have to be willing to go through a period of discomfort and uncertainty as you establish you’ve goals in your life. If you don’t get out of your comfort zone you’ll never push yourself beyond your current reality.

Moving From Fear to Trust Book update: After a great meeting with my book Midwife and Mentor Dr Mary Helen Hensley my goal is to have my 60,000 word manuscript completed by end of July.

I’ve so far written 7,000 words so only another 53,000 words to go. I’ve broken this down to approx 611 words per day over the next 90 days. Somedays I write more when I’ve more energy and space and other days I write what I can. The key is to stay with the momentum of getting it done.

With this book I have no idea of the outcome so instead of draining my energy projecting out into the future, I’m drawing all of focus into the present time on actually writing the book to the best level I can. I’m confident that when I’m at the stage of publishing the book I’ll be guided to take the right action I need to bring this book out into the world and to the people who most need to read it.

Our key message from this podcast episode is to start where you are and enjoy the process. The outcome will take care of itself from you fully showing up to the process.

Now we’d love to hear from you, what area of your life do you need to shift your focus from the outcome to the process? Let us know in the comments below!

Aisling & Richie xo

Intro music by Richie Ros.

The Ebb and Flow of life

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

On today’s episode I invited Maeve Ferris of Ebb and Flow Yoga Ireland to join me. I’ve been going to Maeve’s yoga classes since my Mum passed away last year. Not only has Maeve helped me release grief and build confidence in myself once again, she embodies moving from fear to trust.

Maeve’s corporate background gave her the perfect skill set to leverage on for building her thriving yoga practice. As she shares, she only started teaching a class of 2-3 and in some cases 1 student but she was determined to give her students a great experience and as a result her practice has grown exponentially over the past 2 years.

Maeve shares some serious fear moments she has faced along her path, including the very familiar “imposter syndrome” we can all secretly suffer when we’re on a steep learning curve.

A key message Maeve shares with us is “You have to believe in yourself or it won’t work”. This to me is a lesson I’m learning time and time again.

Once you’ve listened to the episode, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



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The pull of the tribal mindset

Aisling FitzGibbon

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Last week I accidentally sent out the wrong article on my mailing list. As there is never such thing as a coincidence, Richie ended up reading the article that was published last January and told me to check it out as it’s relevant to what I’m going through at the moment.

This article was exactly what I needed to hear and I decided to record a spoken word of the article in today’s episode of The Aisling and Richie Podcast.

I invite you to listen in and if you want to read the newly updated article click here.

Let us know are you facing any issues detaching yourself from the pull of the tribal mindset in the comments below.


Aisling and Richie

Intro music from Strange Mentality by Richie Ros.

Talk Your Vision into Life

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo Credit:  Pawel Nowak  MUA Lydia Kirdyashkina  Le'Masque Studio

Photo Credit: Pawel Nowak MUA Lydia Kirdyashkina Le'Masque Studio

Main points discussed in today’s episode of Talk Your Vision into Life:

What we’ve been up to since September.

Plant based holiday in Portugal: Richie feeling really energised.

How my skin has improved from the Medical Medium Liver Rescue Cleanse.

Talking your vision into reality.

Richie’s European Tour 2019.

Aisling’s Retreat in Portugal Summer 2020.

Call out your vision of what you want to do. Take the easiest first step to get this going.

Recently met Dr Mary Helen Hensley best selling author of Bringing Life to Death at the Open Minds Conference Ireland in Waterford. Mary has inspired me to start writing my first book which I have just started. Hurrah.

When you set out on your vision, the doubts and fears creep in. Can you really do this?

Reframe your situation to empower yourself. Your perception creates your reality.

Trust in the unfolding and go with how life is moving you. Embrace your next step.

Surround yourself with people who will bring your vision to life.

Over to you, what vision do you want to bring to life and what is the first easiest step you can take? Share in the comments below.

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Aisling's Biggest Fear

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Podcast Intro music from Richie's song Strange Mentality. 

In this episode Aisling and Richie discuss Aisling Mum's health challenge that has landed her in Intensive care the past 7 weeks. 

Aisling talks about what the health challenge is and steps she is taking to be empowered in this journey of navigating her biggest fear. 

Aisling is very determined to continue doing the work that her Mum has helped her with over the years and continue on building the foundation that has taken 7 years to create. 

If you would like support with your health journey, there are spaces available in Aisling's 1:1 Holistic Nutrition Coaching Programme. To find out if this is the right fit apply for a Clarity Call.