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The Aisling And Richie podcast

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Understanding is the new healing

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

In today’s episode, I’m joined by special guest Dr Mary Helen Hensley. Mary Helen is an author, chiropractor, metaphysical healer, international motivational speaker and is my book mentor.

Today we’re talking about her brand new book Understanding is the New Healing that’s available now which shares miraculous stories of recoveries from physical and emotional trauma.

Mary Helen has previously written a trilogy of books Promised, Circles of light and A Land beyond the river which were later published as the one book with her personal story by Simon & Schuster.

Understanding is the new healing is a collection of stories from Mary Helen’s clients and her personal journey.

It was going to be called Understanding is the new forgiveness but Mary Helen found that forgiveness is one of the misunderstood words out the. The key point in anyone’s healing journey is understanding the WHY. When you focus on forgiveness, you still buy into the illusion that something or someone can harm who you really are.

The understanding that really hurt me or that was horrible to go through but I actually understand why it happened in my story as it led me to this, it introduced this new person into my life and now I understand -puts you into a place of empowerment.

Understanding is the new healing shows you a broad spectrum of examples how people have been affected by disease processes to emotional states like depression, suicide and extraterrestrials.

You can find even one story that shows a piece of yourself and how it works in your life to start your healing.

The entire first half of the book explores how past lives impact people’s present life.

Mary Helen got this understanding after her near death experience at the age of 21 when she was involved in a fatal car accident. An idea presented to her at her time of death meant when she came back to life she had to completely reinvent her paradigm.

The signs and clues are around us all the time which Mary Helen covers in depth in this book.

One particular chapter is about a client called Alex who was suffering from panic attacks that were related to a past life experience. Mary Helen challenged her to write a new script with her new understanding and toolbox.

Healing doesn’t mean that trials and tribulations aren’t going to come knocking on your door. Healing means you’ve found a way to deal with the adversity when it presents itself. That’s why understanding is the new healing because if you have this expectation that you’ve put everything aside and just cause you got through one challenge that it’s never going to show it’s face again.

It’s about knowing what to do and building this fabulous toolbox where when it does come calling you can go oh I know exactly what to do to deal with that.

Everything that happens is for your growth and evolution even the really hard stuff. There’s a reason and plan behind everything.

Mary Helen has been a massive help to me with understanding the death of my Mum which presented me with every opportunity to give up and do nothing. Instead I looked for a way to find confirmation in what I knew in my heart and soul, that she wasn’t really gone. She’d changed form like water and steam look different but are the same thing.

We can still work together. We’re writing our book Moving From Fear To Trust together and I strike out on something that’s my greatest life’s challenge, having the faith and understanding that my Mum’s right there with me by my side.

That’s why she had to go when she went cause there was no way I could have grasped this concept if it was someone who I wasn’t that close to. It had to be her.

Mary Helen’s Dad’s death was monumental in her growth and development. She feels him and he’s there to converse with. She had to lose such a major player so she could come to the understanding what she was capable of without his physical presence.

In Understanding is the New Healing there’s a story of a guy who comes to Mary Helen after a failed suicide attempt. When he released the truth about what happens when you commit suicide and what happens when you die he choose to be his best self and not to use his mental health condition as an excuse for a behaviour he could recondition and change. When he realised what he had to offer he stopped trying to hurt himself.

With all the wonderful and moving stories contained in this book, Mary Helen has clearly affirmed that life is orchestrated for your learning, growth and evolution. Everything is happening for a reason and for you to develop an understanding of how the big picture works.

I’d love to hear from you what was your number one takeaway from this episode. Share in the comments below!


Aisling xo

Competition Time:

I have three signed copies of Mary Helen’s books to giveaway.

  1. Promised by Heaven

  2. Bringing Death to Life co-authored with Patricia Scanlon, Aidan Storey and Pamela Young.

  3. Understanding is the new healing

Competition Rules:

  1. Listen to the podcast episode and enjoy with a cup of your favourite tea.

  2. Take a screenshot of the screen where you’re listening to the podcast.

  3. Share that image on Instagram Stories or regular feed on Instagram or Facebook

    1. Tag @aislingfitzgibbon

    2. Use the hashtag #understandingisthenewhealing

Winners will be selected on Monday 8th July 2019 at 5 pm GMT.

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Connect with Mary Helen Hensley

Mary Helen is launching Understanding is the New Healing on Friday 5th July at 7 pm in the Athlone Springs Hotel. Call to get special room rate when you’re with the book launch. Hosted by Ireland’s favourite author Patricia Scanlon with a BBQ and DJ to celebrate in style.

Grab a copy of Understanding is the New Healing now.

Start where you are

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

In today’s episode I catch up with Richie who’s on tour in Europe. So far Richie’s played gigs in over 5 countries since early April, including Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.

Sometimes Richie wonders will anything come of it but he reminds himself it’s about reaching one person at a time.

Richie’s been selected to feature at a Singer Songwriter Festival in Copenhagen on 31st August, this and many more opportunities have come in since Richie set out on tour early April.

The key lesson is that the more you focus on the process, the more you’ll see it unfold. When you fixate on the outcome you miss out on being present to the process.

This lesson applies to all the things you’re trying to achieve and create in your life.

Be prepared to build from the ground up. Start small and keep growing.

Richie’s inspired by musician Tommy Emmanuel who carved out his own music career into a thriving lifelong career. Also Gary V the CEO of Vayner Media is a great model of following your long term game.

You have to be willing to go through a period of discomfort and uncertainty as you establish you’ve goals in your life. If you don’t get out of your comfort zone you’ll never push yourself beyond your current reality.

Moving From Fear to Trust Book update: After a great meeting with my book Midwife and Mentor Dr Mary Helen Hensley my goal is to have my 60,000 word manuscript completed by end of July.

I’ve so far written 7,000 words so only another 53,000 words to go. I’ve broken this down to approx 611 words per day over the next 90 days. Somedays I write more when I’ve more energy and space and other days I write what I can. The key is to stay with the momentum of getting it done.

With this book I have no idea of the outcome so instead of draining my energy projecting out into the future, I’m drawing all of focus into the present time on actually writing the book to the best level I can. I’m confident that when I’m at the stage of publishing the book I’ll be guided to take the right action I need to bring this book out into the world and to the people who most need to read it.

Our key message from this podcast episode is to start where you are and enjoy the process. The outcome will take care of itself from you fully showing up to the process.

Now we’d love to hear from you, what area of your life do you need to shift your focus from the outcome to the process? Let us know in the comments below!

Aisling & Richie xo

Intro music by Richie Ros.

Year in Review 2018

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo Credit: Pawel Nowak MUA Le’Masque Studio

Photo Credit: Pawel Nowak MUA Le’Masque Studio

What a year it has been. In today’s episode of the Aisling and Richie Podcast we discuss our Year in Review practice that we started last year. It’s so helpful to digest the year, see the insights, lessons and patterns you have experienced so you can kick off 2019 with clarity, intention and focus on bringing your vision to life in a way that feels good to you.

We share our biggest lesson, most significant celebration and Number One limiting story we are leaving behind in 2018.

I’d love to invite you to join me in this practice and ask yourself the following questions. Write down your answers in a beautiful notepad you can return to next year.

1) What was the biggest lesson in 2018?

2) What was the most significant celebration in 2018?

3) What is the Number One limiting story you are going to leave behind in 2018?

This week is the run up to the Winter Solstice on Friday 21st December. This is a special time to turn inward and to discover your gems of insights so you can feel nourished and replenished. I recommend creating a ritual to honour this time. You’ll feel so much better and ready to celebrate the return of the light when you face your own depth and darkness.

Let me know how you get on with your Year In Review practice in the comments below.

Happy Winter Solstice and Holidays,



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