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The Aisling And Richie podcast

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Make friends with fear

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

As I’m writing my book Moving From Fear To Trust, I’m fascinated by others who are taking bold moves in the direction of their dreams. What you focus on grows so by focusing on others who are moving from fear to trust it helps you do the same.

Back in February I connected with this lovely lady called Leigha May and I had a inner knowing that I had to reach out and find out about her.


Last week I had the privilege of sitting down virtually with Leigha for this week’s episode of The Aisling and Richie Podcast. Leigha May is a certified Coach for your life, spirit, and career based in Los Angeles, California. She works globally alongside women and men who are ready to create the lives that they love and crave. Through coaching and mentorship, she blends spiritual principles with pragmatic action.

Leigha recently left her corporate career as a HR and Recruiting Executive. I asked her how her journey as a life coach began and she shared that it was an intentional step to break out of those four walls and take the things she loved and knew deep in her soul and really amplify them on a much broader level and make much more impact outside of the 9-5.

I asked Leigha how she has moved from fear to trust to follow her path into the unknown. She said it’s about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. When you feel discomfort lean into it and take it as a sign you’re on the right path. As you leave the security of what you know dig into your inner knowing and trust it. It takes time to build that trust.

Leigha went travelling for a few months this year called her world wide wander to lean into the discomfort of the unfamiliar to get a dose of her own medicine. She journeyed through the lower part of the States, Ecuador, the Amazon jungle and New Zealand.

I asked Leigha what advice would she give her 18 year old self?

Just do it and go for it. The desires and dreams you have don’t come out of nowhere, they’re planted in you and most of the time many years before they come into fruition. Trust that inner knowing, if you have a pull or nudge, there’s something to it. When someone says I had a gut feeling, that’s something very meaningful and the sooner you can trust that the more freely you can live and really create a life you're proud of.

About moving from fear to trust?

Your brain is hardwired to two things, safety and comfort.When you know this you can quickly move beyond fear and say that’s ok it’s my fear speaking but it doesn’t have to be in the driver’s seat of your life.

The goal isn’t to remove fear it’s to make friends with it. I see you and I hear you, you’re just not in charge today.

Leigha is now a full time life coach with a 1:1 practice as well as a Mastermind for people building their businesses. It can be a very lonely path which is why Leigha is passionate about creating a community for others on their journey of evolving. It can be a hard path to carve on your own but when you have the right support it opens up a whole new world.

The simple spiritual practice that helps the most?

Leigha recommends connecting with nature. Being in nature and meditating outside. Noticing the cycle of the seasons, plants, flowers and animals and connecting this to your own being. Nature teaches you such rich lessons if you’re willing to stop and see.

Vision for the Future?

Community building of large circles of men and woman back to the basic human principles before we had corporate building and false lighting. A place to feel supported and be mentored, give mentoring and share your stories.

Leigha’s word for 2019 is rewilding which is a call back to your natural self. It’s so freeing to not have to go through the motions any longer, it’s really powerful work.

Now we’d love to hear from you. What is the number one takeaway from this episode? Share your comment below.


Aisling xo

Connect with Leigha May at

Podcast music by Richie Ros.

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak 

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak 

Podcast intro music from Richie Ros's song Strange Mentality. 

On today's episode we discuss how we cultivate a growth mindset. The top 3 principles include:

1) Accepting where you are with clarity and gratitude. This is a tricky one for high achievers as we always want to be further ahead than where we are now. We must understand that in order to get to the place where you want to get to, you have to accept where you are now. You must master the level you are on before you can reach the next level. Life is similiar to a computer game like Super Mario (remember him and his cool gold coins?).

In order to reach the next level in your life you have to learn and master your lessons through practice and failure. "Master the moment" is a daily mantra that really helps to embed this understanding. 

2) Exercise, as a healthy body is a healthy mind. Richie and Aisling share their current exercise practice. We both agree that movement is essential for cultivating our growth mindset. Stagnant energy in your body can lead to very low vibe thinking and decision making. It's either the upward cycle of positive energy and empowerment or the downward spiral into low energy and disempowerment 

3) A daily practice that promotes a growth mindset is a morning routine and scheduling your top 3 priorities in your calendar. A 20 minute meditation in the morning to start the day and either night before or the morning schedule your top 3 priorities for the day. Focus your time, energy and commitment on getting your top 3 priorities done instead of trying to cram in everything and respond to all the urgent tasks that are never ending. You must access what is important so you can focus on the things that will move your life forward as opposed to spinning in all directions and not really getting the results that you want. 

Richie and I have committed to 30 days of daily meditation and scheduling top 3 priorities daily. We will report back next week on how this is going and what we learn from this challenge. 

We'd love to hear from you, what is your biggest insight from this week's episode? Share in the comments below.