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The Aisling And Richie podcast

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Claim your value

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak MUA Lydia  Le'Masque Studio

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak MUA Lydia Le'Masque Studio

Today Richie and I discuss learning to claim your value. Richie shares about his journey as a musician, starting off playing open mic gigs to pub gigs that sometimes he didn’t even get paid for. We discuss how surrounding yourself with the wrong people who don’t see your value can stop you in your tracks if you let it.

Your intrinsic knowing that you are valuable spurs you on to create opportunities where you receive your value.

You have to state what you’re worth and take action to show the world - this is what I’m about.

Aisling shares her journey as a activist and doing her work for free. The transition to becoming a business owner has been full of lessons where the outside environment will mirror back to you your own beliefs and programmes.

If you want to claim your value and power you will be initiated by situations that ask you “Are you in your power or have you given your power away?”

This is a practice with yourself to continuously see your value even when the outside world can’t see it yet.

Your relationship to money is all to with your relationship to your power.

Tell us what insights this episode brings up for you and your intentions for claiming your value in 2019?

Want to go deeper with this practice? Doors are open until tomorrow 12th December to enrol in Energy is Your Currency Membership. This month’s theme is focused on getting ready to reach your next level in 2019.

How your Poor Me Trap can keep you stuck

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak 

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak 

Podcast Intro music from Richie's song Strange Mentality. 

On today's episode we discuss part One of the "Poor Me Trap" Series.

Richie shares his story of growing up in childcare from the age of 4 - 14 years old. The poor me trap is your victim story that can keep you trapped in your past experience or current challenges you are navigating. 

How can you identify your poor me trap? Your story from traumatic past experiences or current challenges that keep you stuck from living the life you want to lead. 

Richie always thought he didn't have a chance. His poor me trap made him feel that his future was going to be a disaster. How did Richie turn this around? Richie shares with us how he overcame his poor me trap and the glimpse of light that changed the course of his life. 

Richie shares how you must go with how life is unfolding. There is a certain destiny to your life but you can do specific things to change the course of your life. The power is in your hands. 

Richie calls Aisling out on the poor me trap she keep falling into since Martha passed away in May. Aisling shares exactly what the poor me trap looks like for her and what she does to turn it around. 

Can you identify your poor me trap? We would love to hear from you what does your poor me trap look and feel like and what action step can you do to turn this around? 

Why I set up "Energy Is Your Currency" membership

Aisling FitzGibbon

Change is a journey that requires support, tools and techniques to maintain long term. Will power only last so long, what determines sustainable success is having the space to introduce small steps that lead to profound change. You are literally rewiring your neural pathways and nervous system to accept what is outside of your comfort zone.

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Our Journey To Follow Our Dreams

Aisling FitzGibbon

The Aisling and Richie Podcast.png

Podcast Intro music from Richie's song Strange Mentality. 

In this week's episode we decided to share with you all our own personal journeys that has led us to where we are today!

Key Points Discussed in this Week's Episode 

1. Aisling tells her own personal story that has led her to follow a career in Holistic Nutrition 

2. We discuss how to make change occur in the world 

3. Richie tells his own personal story that has led him to follow a career as a musician

4. The importance of seeking out the right people to help you on your journey 

5. How to deal with failure

"I Hope I Screw This Up"

Aisling FitzGibbon

The Aisling and Richie Podcast.png

The Aisling & Richie Podcast Episode 3

In this weeks episode we discuss a book that I'm currently reading called "I Hope I Screw This Up" by Kyle Cease. It's a real eye opening book that I would highly recommend reading.

Key Points Discussed on this week's Podcast

1. Why we are doing this podcast :)

2. Why its important to just begin with the process

3. The importance of connecting with the right people

4. Learning from your mistakes (Conor McGregor)

5. "I hope I screw this up" what this actually means

6. How does fear close you down inturn restricting your growth


Don't Fear Failure

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Podcast Intro music from Richie's song Strange Mentality. 

We discuss how we have struggled with recording this latest episode 2 of our podcast show. 

Taking the first steps with anything you do in life are always the hardest. This is because you are entering into the unknown. This will bring up a lot of fears and uncertainty as well as doubt and excuses as to why you shouldn't do it. In this episode we discuss why you should feel that fear and just do it anyway.

Key Points Discussed on this week's Podcast

1. How failure teaches us valuable lessons

2. Accepting failure as a natural process of learning

3. The value to sharing your journey with others

4. Aisling attending the Pendulum Summit in Dublin

5. Living in the moment and how this will shape your future 

6.How to take the first steps and Stop procrastinating.