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The Aisling And Richie podcast

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The secret to long term success

Aisling FitzGibbon

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On today’s episode I’m joined by special guest Mike Mannix, owner of Kikoh Reiki and Iconic Underground Magazine.

I connected with Mike during The Girl Against Fluoride campaign and always have a great affinity with him. Mike is a diverse and multi passionate guy who always inspires me to think long term when it comes to setting my goals.

Fluoride free photo shoot at Kikoh Reiki, Dublin Wellness Centre in September 2012

Fluoride free photo shoot at Kikoh Reiki, Dublin Wellness Centre in September 2012

I wanted to share his unique perspective and gems of insight with you in today’s episode.

Mike runs a thriving Traditional Japanese Reiki Practice is Dublin Wellness Centre on South William Street. It was there I had a few retreats from the busy campaign and recharged with Mike’s guidance.

The other passion of Mike is electronic and house music and he owns the Iconic Underground magazine which is published bi-monthly.

The self empowerment tool of Kikoh Reiki has allowed Mike to stand on his own two feet and carve out his path on his own terms.

He shares that we’re all born with the latent ability to move and rebalance your energy. It’s as natural as walking and talking but the conditioning around an outside authority governing your health can block you from accessing this natural gift.

I asked Mike what was the biggest resistance to taking this journey of self empowerment and he said “it’s working through your shadow and conditioning”. He also believes that all the bells and whistles that are typically associated with energy healing can turn people off. This is why Mike refuses to morph into the stereotype of a Reiki teacher and instead embodies his diverse individuality. To me this is refreshing and inclusive for those who enjoy multiple passions that aren’t related to spirituality directly.

Mike’s secret to long term success is the 3 Ps.

Patience, perseverance and persistence. These need to be applied to any goal worth pursuing.

The biggest goal is to try to overcome yourself as it takes a great deal of strength to take a journey of self discovery. Our society isn’t set up to support this yet but luckily this is changing now as parents like Mike are influencing the next generation. Also meditation is now being taught in schools across the UK and in some Irish schools.

Mike’s son Leon who’s 3 years old is being brought up with this understanding of rebalancing energy and I’m sure during his upbringing will learn many valuable lessons on how to be self sovereign. Which means relying on your own self to direct your life.

Mike’s key message from this conversation is to stick to your guns, distance yourself from the naysayers. Success is a long fought road. The attitude of gratitude is essential. Gratitude brings more of what you focus on. Be grateful to pursue your goal with the intention that it gets a bit easier with time.

Now I’d love to hear from you, what is the number one insight you’re taking away from this episode. Leave your comment below!


Aisling xo

Connect with Mike:

Kikoh Reiki

Iconic Underground Magazine

How to train your mind to be positive

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Affirmations open the way, the beginning point of change. - Louise Hay

In today’s episode of The Aisling and Richie Podcast we discuss our practice of using affirmations. I was introduced to affirmations by my Mum who taught me to “make part of everyday a mini holiday” and a buddhist chant we always used to get a parking space. Your brain is primed to look for the negative so it’s important to train yourself to be positive.

To keep our ancestors alive, our brain evolved a ‘negativity bias’, which lets positive experiences flow through it like water through a sieve. - Rick Hanson

The morning is the most vulnerable and sensitive time which is why a morning routine is essential to set the tone for your day.

Everyday you have the choice to enter the day intentionally. To move from fear to trust. What you look for you’ll experience. It’s your perception of your life that determines how you feel.

Richie loves listening to the change your thinking, change your life meditation by Louise Hay in the morning.

Even if you’re in a negative headspace, you have the power to train yourself out of that. It’s not an overnight process, it’s a practice.

Share with others who are open and will reaffirm your practice back to you.

Affirmations serve you when you practice them when life is going well and when life is challenging.

They are an anchor and point of focus for your behaviour.

Practice for 30 days and evolve your practice as you evolve so it feels good to you.

Movement is really great to combine with your affirmations. I love to bounce on my rebounder and say my affirmations to hard wire them into my nervous system.

The future is a continuation of this moment so what you choose to practice in this moment will create your future reality. You have the power to choose each day. Even on those days where you feel overwhelmed by daily challenges you can change your perception to change your experience.

Now we’d love to hear from you, what affirmation practice do you do that supports you? Share in the comments below!


Aisling and Richie xo

Intro song to the podcast from Strange Mentality by Richie Ros.


Resilient: 12 Tools for transforming everyday experiences into lasting happiness by Rick Hanson

Change your thinking, change your life. Morning Meditation by Louise Hay

Rebounder for bouncing your affirmations into your nervous system