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The Aisling And Richie podcast

Finding a better way starts now

Aisling FitzGibbon

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Today’s special guest is Manasi Kakade. Manasi is a speaker and mentor for Bridgewalkers. Bridgewalkers are analytical, critical thinkers fascinated by spirituality or woo-woo stuff. This term isn't well known so Manasi is on a mission to change that because there are more Bridgewalkers among us than we think. Her ways of teaching apply the ancient Indian wisdom such as the concepts of Chakra and Dharma, to solve the problems of modern day solo-preneurship & business strategy. Through her flagship product, "Bridgewalker Visionaries' Academy", Manasi teaches Bridgewalker leaders and changemakers how to create a business that expresses their Dharma (aka their unique way of being), spread their message with confidence, and use their business as a healing tool to bring a positive change in the world. Today, Manasi will give us a glimpse into her journey from being an engineer, to a marketer, to an entrepreneur, to a leader for Bridgewalkers.

I deeply resonate with Manasi’s journey of grief when her precious Aunt passed away 6 years ago. The shocking passing of her healthy 58 year old Aunt, Sushama who was like a second Mother to her, triggered her own fear of dying. Later that fear turned into inspiration of asking herself what if I died tomorrow what impact have I made? That inspiration led to her awakening and discovering who she is and the different sides of her and how to combine them all. This journey of 6 years has led her to where she is now which is inspiring bridgewalkers to accept their work in the world and create a business that spreads the message.

You don’t need a big event like a death to get you to bring your work into the world. Make a decision to stop living in fear, that’s the most simple action to take.

Taking simple action brings your vision to life. Clarity comes from action and the next step reveals the next.

Self care is hugely important on this journey as so many of us burn ourselves out taking action. Sometimes the action you need to take is inaction and schedule in time for rest and holidays.

Overdoing it brings you into fear. Data shows that high cortisol levels and high stress stops you from thinking creatively, so you’re not going to solve problems as well. You’re not going to think of imaginative ways of solving the issues that are right in front of you. As an entrepreneur and human being you’re always facing issues to be solved.

You have to keep you imagination and creativity at a high level and not go into the fear mode in order to get the best solutions.

Light workers and bridgewalkers are creating new systems that allow us to create the life that we want with an abundance mindset. Without thinking we have to leave someone behind in order to get ahead, without worrying about competition in business. There’s enough for everyone and those are the systems and new ways of creating abundance that we’re creating on the planet.

We have to move from fear to trust as lightworkers and bridgewalkers as we are the new leaders. We have to take action to bring it into our life first so we can create the proof for people that this is possible. When we create the proof the majority of people will follow suit in moving from fear to trust.

Trust consciousness is a new concept we’re introducing to the planet right now. Most people are living in fear, thinking I’m different than you and I’m different for source, divine, the power that runs through us all.

Lightworkers are innovators who show us what’s possible. They bring the woo woo stuff and say listen there’s a better way of living. It’s not their job to create the proof.

The next early adopters are bridgewalkers, one foot in the spiritual and one foot in the material world. They show how using spiritual concepts creates a better life and better business. They’re thinking practically and creating evidence that spirituality is useful. When they create the evidence, the majority will follow.

Until you step into that trust consciousness as a bridgewalker you’re not doing your work.

Your purpose is to accept that side of you and create the evidence because you believe in the vision that lightworkers have shown us.

Whether you’re a lightworker or bridgewalker you have a specific thing to do here. Step into that trust and do it and just see you changing the world.

Ask yourself what is the next step I feel like taking today?

Embrace it, share it, say it and there’s a lot of people that will follow suit.

When you’re in a place of fear at times it feels impossible to get out of it, keep telling yourself there’s a better way even if you don’t believe it. Tell yourself that there is a better way and see how it changes you to then one day actually start believing it. When you start believing in it, that’s when you’ve moved from fear to trust.

Now, Manasi and I would love to hear from you. Share in the comments below the action you feel like taking today to show that you trust in what it is you’re here to do?

Love Aisling xo

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