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The Aisling And Richie podcast

How trust can change your life

Aisling FitzGibbon


In this week’s episode I had the pleasure of sitting down online with Virginia Salas Kastilio the founder of the I Trust You movement and all round rockstar entrepreneur. Virginia has been named by Inc. magazine as 1 of 26 women to change the world.

I’ve been following Virginia for a while now and have always been inspired by her dedication to share her truth and making the world a better place. She was delighted to come on the podcast to help shift the paradigm from fear to love and trust.

After working in Corporate IT for 5 years, Virginia awakened to the the fact that she could do anything she wanted. She left her corporate job to travel around the world for a year researching happiness.

She started doing social experiments like stripping down to her underwear and allowing strangers to draw love hearts on her body in Unions Square on her to the I trust you experiments of having strangers hug her.

Walking through New York, Virginia thought how can we make the world a better place by this one simple idea “I Trust You”. She noticed we’ve stopped talking to each other, we have a fear of other humans on a bus or on the subway we avoid eye contact. But we want to be seen.

Virginia created a t-shirt with the logo “I trust you” on it to give you permission to hug and connect when she’s wearing it.

Since launching I trust you movement 3 years ago it has had such a positive impact, saving lives, marriages and saving people from abuse. People from all over the world are now wearing this t-shirt.

This simple idea channelled through her to create a movement of bringing entrepreneurs together from around the world who can trust each other. This lead to the setting up I trust you University which is new age education bringing ancient wisdom for futuristic thinking.

There are plans on building a bottled water brand where they give water back to the Earth every time they’re taking it.

Creating one of the most impactful, conscious companies in the world solely dedicated to giving back to humanity and the earth is the mission.

Virginia believes that the future of industry and entrepreneurship lies within regeneration, sustainability and us truly caring about human beings. There are alot of companies that are just taking from the earth. She hopes to inspire a trend in other companies and entrepreneurs.

As Elizabeth Gilbert said in Big Magic “Ideas are their own entities”. The I trust you movement is it’s own entity that chose to be channeled through Virginia who’s perfectly equipped to share this most needed message with the world.

She recently announced that I Trust University is launching soon. Virginia believes that conventional education is outdated and isn’t designed to sustain people and their families.

The I Trust University is for all ages. It’s curiosity led and exploratory learning in a community.

There’s even a programme called Unstoppable Kids led by 12 year old fashion designer Hanalei Swan who started her own eco brand at 9 years old and it’s now a 6 figure business.

She’s bringing together Professors from all around the world who are practitioners working in the field so it’s the most up to date.

It’s happening effortlessly, bringing together a high calibre in the transformation coaching space. This is a simple approach as it’s not sustainable to work yourself into the ground trying to save the world.

What are your top self care practices?

Being in nature, long walks by a body of water, swimming is healing and clearing.

Being on phones all the time creates a sense of urgency. On the other hand being in nature brings you into clarity and peace.

Massages in bali, finding practices that put you into your flow state.

Being in silence.

Ice baths, saunas, wellness care is super sacred.

What tips do you have to help move from fear to trust?

The fear isn’t yours. Your entire life people have been around you saying it’s too difficult, these are silly dreams, putting into question what it is you desire.

The reason they’re doing this is not because they’re bad people or they want to cause you any harm. They don’t realise the effect their words have on you.

Words are like magical spells, they cast spells on you and they really cling tight to your psyche. It’s important to realise that they’re doing it out of caution. Their parents, grandparents and friends told them that it was hard and they should be careful. That they should go the safe way.

You can’t predict what’s safe and not safe. All the predictions that people are trying to do is coming from fear and anxiety. You just have to clear it and you have to give yourself permission to say this doesn’t affect me.

Write down all the opinions your parents have taught you. Virginia’s Dad “You only get one chance in life and if you miss it your screwed” “money is hard to come by and you need to save”.

Virginia is now on her 3rd company and has learned that you get millions of chances. The Universe is constantly creating and giving in a cycle of creation.

Write down all the these beliefs that are inside of you that are not yours. Acknowledge them and say wow I have all this fear that’s not mine. In that moment you have a decision, are you going to keep believing that fear that has been inherited or do you want to start an entire new life and new thought process. Where money is abundant and easy to come by, where love is everywhere that you look and new friends are in any cafe or restaurant that you go.

Come into this space of realising at all times that life is happening for you and never to you.

Think of a time when you missed a bus or flight or an event got cancelled and instead something else unfolded. Look at those miracles and map out that magic where you first thought a situation was bad and it turned out to be so amazing. The more you can do that the more when you’re in a situation where something bad is happening, you can take a break and you can stop and say wow what a gift it is that I missed this plane, that my husband left me, that my Mother passed away because now it’s giving me this whole different perspective on life, our infinity and allowing me to communicate with her beyond what I’ve been taught.

You have the choice to believe what you want to believe and create a whole new set of ideas and beliefs.

Have courage to truly take on that mantle and responsibility because it’s more easy to just go “I can’t” when people tell you and it’s more simple to stay in the fear because it feels more comfortable in the moment. But in order to go into love and trust, what you need is courage to live a more extraordinary life and to question your parents beliefs and fears.

Step into joy, trust and love. Have courage to live the life of your dreams.

Now we’d love to hear from you. What one action step are you inspired to take after listening to this episode? Share in the comments below so we can cheer you on.


Aisling xo

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