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The Aisling And Richie podcast

Revealing your authentic self

Aisling FitzGibbon

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Fiona Marie O’Neill on Ballyheigue Beach, County Kerry, Ireland.

Fiona Marie O’Neill on Ballyheigue Beach, County Kerry, Ireland.

You know when you deeply connect with someone because there’s a recognition that you’re on the same path and you just get each other. Well this week’s special guest on The Aisling and Richie Podcast is one of these special people in my life.

Fiona Marie O’Neill is a multi passionate woman. She’s a singer of heart songs with her two sisters at The O’Neill Sisters. Last year they had a viral hit with Red is the Rose and sang for the Pope in Phoenix Park, their music career is thriving.

Fiona is also a teacher of Feminine Embodiment, yoga and the author of Radiant Woman Revealed ™, where she shares her journey of revealing her inner radiance.

At the start of 2019 Fiona made a New Years Resolution to reveal her authentic self to the world. She asked herself the question who am I and am I being my authentic self?. Kicking off the year with a retreat in Las Vegas, Fiona returned with the commitment to do everything that sang to her heart rather than her head.

Bringing together singing and yoga for feminine embodiment, Fiona discovered by going into her inner world and digging deep to reveal her authentic self she sees the value in the work she’s already doing.

Fiona and I have share the same love from the Medical Medium. In the music and entertainment industry there’s a pressure to stay fit and healthy. In California Fiona explored all the diets including veganism, raw veganism, vegetarianism and all sorts of work outs.

As a few of her family members have Hashimotos (autoimmune condition affecting the thyroid) Fiona followed the Thyroid cleanse by the Medical Medium. She’s being enjoying celery juice in the morning for a year and has noticed huge benefits in her face, skin, body and overall energy. Fiona likes the non-judgemental style of Antony Williams (Medical Medium) and finds she can integrate his teachings into her lifestyle in a relaxed approach.

Isn’t this the reason we’re all doing self help, to feel acceptance, peace and non-judgement? - Fiona Marie

The practices are you currently doing?

Currently doing the 21 day mirror work by Louise Hay along side her other practices of singing, dancing and yoga.

Fiona realised that stress is fear and through moving from her head to her heart and body through dance, self care and taking the time to breath she can trust.

Having the awareness of how you feel in any given moment and instead of coming from your head go with how your feeling regardless of the consequences, such as saying no to someone.

Life aligns when you move from your feelings and body.

Move from existing to truly thriving by dropping down into your body. When you don’t listen to the whisperings of your heart and body you manifest dis-ease.

What helps you move from fear to trust?

Committing to yourself, believing in yourself. Get educated, follow the longing to go on a course that’s calling you. It’s baby steps to follow your heart and body and as you take those little steps the path reveals itself to you.

Get a support system of like minds around you that understands and that you can talk to. You could get lost as you’re going to face dark times to bring them to the light. Going to events and having the support helps you navigate any difficulties in revealing yourself.

Follow the little whispers that say read that, take that course, email that person, call that person, even if it doesn’t make sense and you don’t know where it will lead. Always trust that you are being led.

Train yourself to be open and release your addiction to fear, tension, doubting and protectiveness. You have to train yourself to come out of this way of living.

The arts are the key to living a brilliant life. Tuning into the inside and dancing. Singing to make sounds and let the body flow. This frees you up across all areas of your life.

To get your creative energy flowing turn on music and dance, paint, sing without judgment or worrying about the outcome.

There’s beauty and medicine in Feminine Embodiment. Moving from within and doing it for yourself you find the healing in it.

Until recently the healing arts have not been revered and valued. Now it’s time to bring the feminine and the masculine together as both are equally valuable to life.

Fiona’s son has dyslexia and is a right brained learner so is the perfect teacher for bringing the feminine way to approaching life.

The vision for Radiant Woman Revealed?

Fiona’s sharing her journey of revealing her authentic self and intends to inspire others to be their brave, bold, authentic self. Fiona believes there’s a diamond inside us and it’s a matter of dusting away the old stories and blocks slowly with practices such as dancing, attending courses and surrounding yourself with like minds and hearts to reveal the light and beauty inside.

Final words…

Be brave, write to us, there’s always support for you and with that said your biggest guru is yourself, it’s you that can give you the answers you need.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. I’d love to hear from you what was your biggest insight you’ll take away? Share in the comments below.

Connect with Fiona Marie O’Neill at Radiant Woman Revealed


Aisling xo