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The Aisling And Richie podcast

Embody your message

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak

Today’s special guest is the lovely Mara of Celtic Heart Healing. Who kept popping up on my newsfeed on Facebook and I love what she’s expressing through her work and life. Mara had mentioned that her own Dad had past away and she deeply understands the journey I’m on with my Mum. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did in creating it with Mara.

Mara Elaine O’Grady

Mara Elaine O’Grady

Mara shares about the start of her awakening back in 2006 living in London on the way to work in her corporate career she just missed the bombings. The chaos and fear of what could have happened catalysed Mara into asking the questions about what her life purpose was and the dominos started to fall.

Led back to come home to Ireland, Mara started doing a Shamanic training with Paul O’Halloran and opened to the exploration of energy. Initiating into Reiki also helped her clear a lot of fear and density. Past lives, suppression, ancestral line. Mara uncovered the veils of her true nature.

So many things like the synchronistic meeting of people showing her she’s not alone and being lead to a book that catalyses a new action has helped Mara move from fear to trust.

Mara recommends to listen and look at what’s around you. What’s showing up in your life right now? Follow that golden thread and take the next little step.

What’s also helped move from fear to trust is changing her diet and getting into nature to lead her into magical places.

No matter how far you’ve progressed on your journey you need to be reminded of the fundamental steps. Unpack all that you have learned and meet it with humility and innocence.

Mara has travelled the world working with sacred sites in the US and back home in Ireland. At the moment she’s settling back into the Irish Collective energy. Focusing on working with the earth, horticulture and living life in a sustainable way with nature based connection.

Mara facilitates heart and soul healing 1:1 online globally and groups using cacao medicine and sound healing.

Her vision is to create a land space with a retreat temple with elements of the earth’s plants, crystals and simple healing technologies and new stuff to access your true higher self and elemental nature.

The magic is to be able to surrender and not get into fear based programme “I have to everything all fixed now, I have to have a definitive pathway to follow”.

Mara’s message for you is to have the faith that able to manifest the bigger vision, that anything is possible and believe the magic and your own gifts are coming to you.

Practices that help get into trust?

Meditation first thing in the morning and before bed keeps the line open to the sacred side of life.

Nature, nature, nature. Get out everyday in nature.

Working with water and visit sacred wells.

Dropping in somatically to move, dance, sound tone to move the excess energy and do this spontaneously and free.

Experiment with food, moving out of denser ways of eating with meat and fish to transition into plant based.

Working with the water, blessing the water and consciously ingesting it.

Listen in the moment, what do I need to feel nourished?

Mara’s works consciously with the water. You can recode any body of water, oceans, rivers and lakes.

Intend and pray for water to purify we’re co-creating our future. Planting the seeds of possibility for a new tomorrow.

It’s all about frequency. When the old part of yourself is ready to let go you drop a frequency signature.

No matter what you’re called to do it’s important to release your attachment to the outcome. Letting go of your agenda lets the magic happen.

You can’t box yourself into an old reality. You have to totally deconstructure who you thought you were to move into a new configuration.

The ingredients you need are faith, connection with nature, the little things that bring magic, innocence and wonder helps you move into believing and trusting.

Everything has its own timing. Incubating a body of work, Mara started her book 6 years ago in Ireland. She’s living what’s she is writing and meeting the page everyday to share the magic she’s lived through the lands she’s walked.

Your message has be to embodied, a living embodiment of your own experience. That’s where the potency is.

It was such a joy to connect with Mara and I look forward to following her journey and getting my hands on her book as soon as it’s ready.

I hope you’re inspired to embody your message from this conversation. Let me know your key takeaway in the comments below.

Love & trust

Aisling xo

Connect with Mara: Celtic Heart Healing

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