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The Aisling And Richie podcast

Pioneer your purpose

Aisling FitzGibbon

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On today’s episode of The Aisling and Richie Podcast I’m joined by special guest Tricia O’Connor to talk about what it means to pioneer your purpose.

Pioneering your purpose means to create a life’s work, moving towards mastery and not caring what others think of you.

This journey is constantly opening up. You have to be a jedi as it’s the path of mastery.

If you’re resonating with this message it’s because you’re evolving.

You’re called to move beyond your belief systems and the collective belief systems.

You’re moving into a new terrain of accumulating wealth and growing bigger in your expression as you build your kingdom.

Irish women have been really beaten down. Becoming your greatest self is an act of devotion to the women who have come before you and the women who will come after you.

It’s a social responsibility to pass this on to others who are ready to evolve.

Pioneer your purpose retreat is a space holding for you to emerge into your greatest self. We’ll provide the tools, training and support for you to pioneer your purpose with confidence, ease and grace.

Will you move through your resistance to join us at this life changing retreat?

Last spots are being filled up and deadline to sign up is 15th March. Click here to sign up


Aisling and Tricia xo