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The Aisling And Richie podcast

Build your resilience to bounce back

Aisling FitzGibbon

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In today’s episode I’m joined with Caitlin Donovan who’s an expert in Chinese Medicine, a Burnout Coach, and the host of the podcast: FRIED: The Burnout Podcast. All of her projects are ruled by one thing: End Burnout Culture as soon as possible. She truly believes that stress management is the true medicine of the future and is relentless in her goal to teach as many people as possible to be more resilient, have more energy, and more fun.

Even though Caitlin is a burn out expert she has to be on top of her own burn out all the time. This makes her a brilliant teacher and role model for the highly sensitive high achievers who tend to push themselves into burnout over and over again.

Caitlin discovered she had burnout after building 2 successful acupuncture businesses in 2 foreign countries, married to the man she loves, having their beautiful dog and the time and money to the things she wanted. She didn’t feel good on a day to day basis and it wasn’t what she was teaching my patients to accept. This is when she discovered burnout was a thing. A big red flag for her was resenting that her patients needed her.

A big driver of burnout is trauma and that your self worth is tied into your outer success.

Moving away from fear I’m unlovable and trusting I’m lovable because I exist.

Recognise that you created this system in your brain and body at some point as a child because you thought it would protect you. Know that you’ve been living this way for many many years and that it’s going to take a while of untangling, gives you a space for grace.

Liberate yourself from perfectionism

In the Talent code by Daniel Coyle shares that talent isn’t mostly inherent and as a general rule 10% talent and 90% deep practice.

You’re not going to figure this out tomorrow. You continue to try and you’re going to fail sometimes and that’s ok. You continue to try more and trust in that process.

The emotion of moving from fear to trust requires practice and is what the practice of meditation is for. When you learn to sit quietly with yourself on a regular basis you have more space.

You don’t just choose to move from fear to trust, it’s a consistent practice. There’s no crazy system, you just have to keep trying.

Major life events will test you and this is why you practice all the time.

Caitlin’s top tips for moving from fear to trust

Number 1 is breathing.

Number 2 musical based meditations, mantras, binaural beats, healing frequencies with breathing to focus.

Check out Youtube and Insight timer.

Being in alignment with your highest calling and surrendering to who you are. When you’re out of alignment this causes a huge amount of stress.

The World Health Organisation recently said within the next 30 years more than 30% of all disease processes will be caused by stress. We need to figure this out now.

Luckily for the world Caitlin is a Burn out coach and offers 30 minute acupuncture treatments in her office in New York and online coaching for extra support. She’s a brilliant role model and share’s her authentic journey on her social media channels. I love following her Instagram account and recommend you check her out.

Caitlin’s final words to you:

The first thing you need to trust and the most difficult thing to trust is your inner voice and most of the time we create a lot of busyness in our lives in order to avoid listening because when it’s hard to hear the inner voice it’s easier to ignore it.

Eliminate the noise through life pruning of all the unimportant extraneous bits that are preventing you from further proper growth and then do not fill that space until you can hear yourself again. Let that space be empty and that’s not an easy task but it’s the most valuable because you cannot gain trust if you don’t hear your inner voice.

Now I’d love to hear from you what was your biggest insight from this episode and what are you now inspired to do or do less of? Share in the comments below.

Love & trust,

Aisling xo

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