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The Aisling And Richie podcast

The power of your mindset to achieve what you want

Aisling FitzGibbon

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In today’s episode, I’m joined by special guest Eunice Chan who’s a Success Mindset Coach from Hong Kong for the Moving From Fear to Trust Series.

Eunice shares how in order to move from a place of fear to a place of trust and thriving you have to replace sabotaging thoughts with massive action that help you break out of it.

You spend a lot of time looking for proof that things are going to work out, the more you spend in that place of doubting yourself you stop yourself from spending the time creating your future and proving to yourself that you can do this and push the edge of what you’re capable of.

Eunice’s 6 step Mindset Tool which you can use to move from fear to trust to achieve your dreams.

1) Figure out your desires and have clarity on what it is you’re going for. A feeling and tangible goal so you have a destination to work towards.

2) Know what your comfort zone is.

Find what that extra 2% of putting yourself out there, being bolder and confronting your fears.

3) Work on your questioning skills.

No longer asking questions that are keeping you small or keeping you from taking action. Are you are asking yourself questions to keep yourself safe or keeping yourself from trying new things. Ask yourself is this really serving you? Is this aligned with your goal?

You’ve got to start asking yourself bigger questions. You’ve got to get to a place where you can launch yourself out there and start taking bolder action.

4) Create a new identity for yourself.

This is important for you to change your reality. It all starts from within. Creating new habits, practicing affirmations. The ultimate goal is to create a new set of beliefs that you can reprogramme your mind to have a new baseline of what normal means to you.

If you can have a new identity and know and trust that you’re a bigger person, you’ll have a bigger capacity.

You’ll call in bigger opportunities and see bigger opportunities. This new identity is where the shift really starts to happen.

5) Solidify who this new self is, what is can do for you when you can get into the space to create a new baseline so this becomes your new standard.

A lot of people yo yo between pushing themselves forward and falling back into their old habits. It’s a dynamic you fall into because you don’t have the data or knowledge that you’re in a new place. So you often find excuses to put yourself back into where you were before.

Solidifying your new identity is crucial so you don’t fall back and instead you grow forward.

6) Going back to stage 1 of the process. Identifying new places you want to change and grow, opportunities and be addicted with the process. If you know this works for you, it will keep working for you to expand and accelerate faster and faster.

It really starts with the awareness of where you’re sabotaging, holding yourself back and what BS stories you’re buying into. Once you identify those you get to choose if you want to discard those or continue playing with them.

Now I’d love to hear from you, what was your biggest insight from today’s episode and what action are you inspired to take as a result? Share in the comments below so I can cheer you on.

Aisling xo

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