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Why I set up "Energy Is Your Currency" membership

The Aisling And Richie podcast

Why I set up "Energy Is Your Currency" membership

Aisling FitzGibbon

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak 

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak 

Podcast Intro music from Richie's song Strange Mentality. 

The 3 Main points discussed in today's podcast 

1) Change is a journey that requires support, tools and techniques to maintain long term. Will power only last so long, what determines sustainable success is having the space to introduce small steps that lead to profound change. You are literally rewiring your neural pathways and nervous system to accept what is outside of your comfort zone. For this to be sustainable it must be small steps, otherwise you shock your nervous system and will return to your default setting for a feeling of safety. 

2) Energy is Your Currency Membership is designed each month to support the members on their unique journey of change including how to master their energy, how to focus their intentions and measure their breakthroughs, inspiration and insight for the next step in life - changing direction with career, making change in their health, becoming a leader in their home and community. 

3) Aligning their doing (actions), their being (thoughts, feelings) with who they want to become (their highest vision)

Energy is Your Currency Membership includes 

  1. A Monthly Masterclass on a theme of the month
  2. A How To Video with an exercise to include the theme of the month into your life
  3. A Live Q&A to cover your questions that come up each month

Bonus Material each month to support your change. - the spotlight on The Energy is Your Currency Rockstar - if you can see it you can become it in your own life. 

Energy is Your Currency Membership is set up for you to change your life, health and energy. It is the space I desperately wanted as I embarked on my journey outside of my comfort zone 8 years ago. 

Sign up today for 15.99 Euro per month to Energy is Your Currency Membership Doors close for enrollment Wednesday 7th February at 10 pm (Irish GMT).