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What my clients are saying

Basically I went to see Aisling for a nutritional consultation, because I felt I had a very stressful lifestyle and my diet wasn't sufficient to maintain such a lifestyle without my body feeling the effects. I was beginning to feel under pressure in different situations and come home from work exhausted including getting up exhausted in the morning. When I visited Aisling, we sat down and figured out a plan for me to lead a healthier life, by changing my diet, introducing supplements, incorporating more sleep and and exercise. It took 2 or 3 weeks for me to settle into it and I also went through withdrawal symptoms to junk food I had been eating. I would find myself craving junk food, but I basically have the hang of the recipes now and I don't know how I got by with my old lifestyle. For instance, this morning I made fresh soup in 10 minutes, by the time I had showered the soup was done, whereas before I would have gone and just had a bowl of cereal. I suppose the key for me was changing my habits of what I eat to better ones, but I needed help to do that comprehensively, because you can read about a lot of fads out there but addressing the issues as part of a big picture is important. I would definitely recommend Aisling to anyone.  

David,33 years old, Dublin

Thank you for all your terrific help Aisling. Your dedication and commitment to helping heal our family has been nothing short of amazing. Your passion to help us was obvious right from our very first phone call and meeting and for this, we cannot thank you enough. It is truly inspiring and contagious! You have gone above and beyond for our family and have been more than generous with your time and patience. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your excellent, life changing advice and guidance - we would not be as healed and healthy today without all your help. We wish you all the best now and always. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Lorraine O'Neill, an extremely grateful Mom to wonderful 3  year old and 1 year old daughters, Cork.

Before beginning treatment with Aisling FitzGibbon I suffered severely from what is known as Chronic Fatigue. My Chronic Fatigue began five years ago when I was beginning my senior cycle of secondary school. 

The symptoms were as follows, I suffered from:

    ·    extreme exhaustion, 

    ·    joint & muscle pain,

    ·    poor concentration,

    ·    poor memory,

    ·    loss of energy, 

    ·    extreme low moods,

    ·    feelings of weakness & hyper-sensitivity

I lost all concentration which affected every single aspect of my life. I fell asleep during class and was unable to complete my homework which forced me to repeat my Leaving Cert. I felt depressed and lacked all enthusiasm, energy and general ability to do anything.

It was during my repeat Leaving Cert that I began working with Aisling. Aisling was great to work with she gave me lots of helpful tips that really boosted my energy as well aided in detoxing my body. She also provided me with a detailed nutritional plan to follow which was simple and straight-forward. She was very accommodating and flexible which made it easy for me to meet with her. Also, she had first-hand experience in what I was going through which allowed me to feel understood and that I was in good hands. She holds a wealth of knowledge in this area.

Aisling also encouraged a follow up throughout the whole process and which allowed her to adjust the plan personally to me according to how my body reacted. I would highly recommend Aisling FitzGibbon to anyone suffering from any kind of illness, the work she does is life changing because if it weren’t for Aisling and the work she does, I would probably still be bed bound.  I found her to be far more understanding and helpful than any specialist, GP, Consultant or Professor that I have met with. In my experience Aisling has proved to be far more experienced and educated in Chronic Fatigue then some of the doctors I have met with over the years. I have and will continue to recommend Aisling FitzGibbon to anyone looking to improve their health in anyway. My energy levels are fantastic, I can go to college, work and exercise again. I continue to use her tips and plans in my everyday life.

Briege Devaney, 20 years old, Dublin