My free birth story of Rían

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My birth sensations started building up gradually on the weeks leading up to my birth. At 42 weeks pregnant on the 17th April at 12 noon I lost my mucus plug and started to gently feel surges of power building in my womb.

I trusted my baby and body to choose the perfect timing for birth and discovered the variation in gestation times so I fully surrendered to spontaneous physiological birth

Myself and Richie headed to the beach to do our final photoshoot of the bump and were extremely excited as this day was my Mum’s birthday, what would have been her 60th birthday if she was still in her physical form. It felt magical that my body and baby was entering the birthing portal on this date, weaving my closeness to my Mother as I stood on the precipice of birth.

Richie prepared the birthing pool when we got home and by 11 pm my birthing surges stopped so we went to bed and I slept deeply until I woken at 5.30 am with an intense surge that got me out and bed and down into our living room where I stayed as I entered my birthing portal.

I sat on my birthing ball rocking as each sensation built up in womb bringing me closer into the depths of my inner space.

I enjoyed a morning smoothie in the garden with my face in the sun and my barefeet on the grass, the whole environment was serene with just myself and Richie journeying into the Infinite mystery together as a couple.

Richie was an incredible birth support and made sure I stayed hydrated and nourished through the day, night and early hours of the morning. He was my anchor of support as I dove into the great mystery of birth.

My Birthing Sanctuary

My birthing sanctuary was my safety nest with my birthing pool, my birthing affirmations and all of the comforts I needed to surrender to my birth of my first child.

What I most loved was how free and intimate my birthing sanctuary was, I could follow all of my natural primal instincts as a woman and relaxed into the safety of the unknown as I had done the birth preparation work in preconception and during my pregnancy so I understood how to best support physiological birth.

Entering the unknown in trust, guided by the Mothers before me who have paved the path in sovereign birth.

Birth is encoded in my D.N.A, my primal instincts knows how to move, how to vocalise and how to surrender to the power of nature moving through me to bring my baby earthside

As the time approached around 4.30 pm on the 18th April, my surges were building up in intensity and getting only a few minutes apart. The pause between each surge was such a rest and allowed my body to maintain energy through out. I was so glad I spent so much focus on restoring my adrenals before birth and during my pregnancy as adrenals are the engine behind the surges of the uterus and ensure a successful physiological birth as is designed exquistely by nature.

Sovereign Birth Changes The World

I was in peak health for this birth on all levels and the month before a group of my close sisters gathered for my Mother blessing to open up the space for my birth portal.

One woman who attended commented how holy she felt the space was when she entered and we all felt the Power of the One move through us all as I bravely pioneered free birth in my community.

Your adrenal glands are the primary engine of birth – you do not want them weakened during pregnancy. You want them strong when it’s time for birth!

As I approached transition in birth, when baby is getting ready to descent into the birth canal, I started crying saying I couldn’t do this and Richie stood there strong and affirmed back to me that I was doing it and my body was opening like a flower.

I was in the birth pool from around 6 pm onwards and stayed there as birth opened me up.

At 3.30 am, my waters broke into the waters of the pool, with sweet relief from the pressure that had been building in my pelvis and as I reached inside baby’s head was there ready to be born.

Less than an hour later baby’s head was crowning as my body surrendered to the fetal ejection reflex which is a fascinating sensation where your yoni is literally ejecting your baby without you having to push.

Once Rían’s head was fully emerged, my body rested for over 4 minutes with no sensations until the next surge powerfully brought baby’s body fully out in one bearing down sensation at 4.25 am that felt so good. In that moment I felt “I can do anything, I’m so much more than I’ve ever realised”.

On the 19th April 2022 at 4.25 am Rían Michael O’Shaughnessy was born.

Motherbaby Golden 40 Days Began

I scooped baby into my arms and locked eyes with my son in the most divine escastic moment of my life, where all time and space stood still as all of reality reaaranged to reconfigure me into a Mother and Rían as my son, our bond imprinted in Mothers love and trust.

Rían gave a cry to tell us he’s here and immediately started suckling at my breast for his first milk.

In that moment I initiated into Motherhood and as a birthkeeper and voice for the true nature of birth that’s designed to be a europhric peak moment that opens you to your divinity and authority as the Mother of your child. Richie was also born into a Father as he held the space as a warrior protecting me and the birth space free from any interference and upholding the holy sanctity of birth.

After falling in love with baby Rían in the pool, I requested to get out to continue breastfeeding on the sofa as I was getting ready to start birthing the placenta which is called the first Mother.

Richie cut the cord, burned the end of Rían’s cord as we had initially planned a cord burning ceremony but I requested he cut the cord instead as was keen to get back to bed.

Richie held baby Rían as I went to the bathroom to birth the placenta about 1 hour 1/2 after Rían was born. Squatting over a bowl in the bathtub, with one surge I beared down and out popped Rían’s first Mother, the organ grown by him to sustain him for 9 and 1/2 months of gestation in my womb.

We all tucked into bed on an absolute high and floating on cloud 9 with the flowing oxytocin the love hormone that peaks in undisturbed blissful homebirth.

Since then I’ve been gestating my creative sacred work Purify that’s my highest calling to offer the world, to walk with women to prepare the temple of their body for pregnancy and to initiate into trust in pregnancy and sacred birth.

The only reason I was so confident to birth on my own with my partner Richie for my first child was because I spent 9 months preparing before I consciously conceived to deprogramme from all the pregancy and birth myths out there and within me and I prepared my body on all levels to be in the best health possible and ensured my adrenals were strong and restored for birth.

I want to guide you through this Purify roadmap so you can have the pregnancy and birth of your dreams.

You’re invited to the Free Purify 3 Part Workshop Series to support you in preparing your body for pregnancy, boosting fertility naturally and supporting healthy pregnancy and sacred birth.

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