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Energy is Your Currency Monthly Membership

 Photo credit: Pawel Nowak 

Photo credit: Pawel Nowak 

Calling the dreamers, the visionaries, the high achievers, the energy sensitives and the entrepreneurs who have a massive purpose and seek the support and community to be held while you emerge into your fullest expression.

Let's face it, it is challenging to navigate this journey on our own which is why I've created Energy is Your Currency Membership as the space to support you on your evolutionary journey. It's a space I would have loved to have when I was starting off on my journey 10 years ago and it's a space I need as I navigate the next phase of my journey. 

I'm Aisling an evolutionary Nutritionist combining Nutrition, Occupational Therapy Skills and Metaphysical tools to midwife your potential so you can share your unique gifts with the world. 

My intention with Energy is Your Currency Membership is that it provides the support to guide you home to yourself, your true place of power. 

Each month you will receive:

A monthly masterclass group call. 

A How To video to practice the theme of the month. 

A Live Q & A to answer your questions from the month. 

Weekly Inspiration to catalyse your self mastery. 

Nutrition for igniting your body and balancing your biochemistry.

Runes and Belvaspata for evolving your mind, body, soul and spirit. 

Private Facebook Group to provide ongoing support and connection with the Energy Tribe. 


I love being a member of Aisling's group membership, Energy is your currency. I really enjoy our weekly videos, chats and the recipes Aisling shares with us. Since joining this group I am more focused and trusting of the path I am on. Whenever I feel I've gone off focus I can pop onto the group and there is always inspiration there to re focus or I know I can chat to Aisling. Aisling has an amazing way with words and I really enjoy listening to her inspire us all. Thank you Aisling, you've created a beautiful space within the membership.
Niamh Mahon The Kildare Doula

Membership of this group keeps me focused and grounded in looking after my energy. You’re a constant source of inspiration Aisling as are the other members of the group.Thank you! - Alison Murphy Choosing Joy

Aisling Fitzgibbon is a woman who truly practises what she preaches – that is, she demonstrates daily the strength that comes from sharing our own human experiences. Over the last three months, during her beloved mother’s illness and untimely death, she spoke about her own pain, hope and subsequent grief in deeply moving posts on her online health forum, Energy is Your Currency. That forum is an inspiring place; one that offers strength and hope in a safe environment. It’s a privilege to be a part of it.
Clodagh F

For 65 Euro per month you will receive my best content, support and ongoing inspiration for a low cost investment. 

Doors are open to sign up at the link below: