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Energy is Your Currency Membership

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Energy is Your Currency Philosophy

The New Energy Source that is Now available

Minerals and Vitamins for Energy

Group Call 4th July 2018

Group Call 18th July 2018

Group Call 14th August 2018

Fragrance Alchemy Introduction

August Health Q&A

Group Call 5th September 2018

September Health Q&A

Root Into Your Power Training Call September 2018

Money Mastery Group Call 10th October 2018

Master Your Money Masterclass with Julie Owens

Monthly Health Q&A October 2018

Monthly Group Coaching Call 7th November 2018

Liver Rescue 3 day plan November 2018

Liver Rescue Day 4-6 November 2018

Liver Rescue 7,8 and 9 November 2018

Liver Rescue Meal Inspiration December 2018

Liver Rescue Sweet Treats December 2018

Liver Rescue Supplements December 2018

Liver Rescue Review Group Coaching Call 4th December 2018

Year In Review and New Year Intentions Training Session December 2018

Year In Review and New Year Intentions PDF December 2018

Holiday Treats

Winter Solstice Ritual December 2018

Winter Solstice Video to Support Powerful Manifestation

Embody Hygge to Move from Fear to Trust January 2019

Masterclass with Dr Mary Helen Hensley January 2019

Resources from Masterclass with Dr Mary Helen Hensley:

Supplements for your health

Liver Rescue Shopping List Days 1 -3

Liver Rescue Shopping List Days 4-6

Liver Rescue Dinner Recipes Day 1-3

Masterclass with Muneeza February 2019

Liver Rescue Shopping List Days 7-9

Group Coaching February 2019

28 Day Cleanse Medical Medium 2019

Shopping List for First 7 days of 28 Day Cleanse

Week 2 of 28 Day Cleanse 2019 (Guidelines for remainder of the cleanse)

Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry Recipe

Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry Video Demo

Masterclass with Ciara Young March 2019

Group Coaching Call 20th March 2019

Nori and Cauliflower Wrap Video March 2019

Nori Cauli Wrap Recipe

Do Less Audio Training

Group Coaching Call April 2019

Masterclass with Willemijn Maas

Doing Less by Cyclical Living PDF April 2019

Cyclical Living Audio Training

Vegan Tomato Pasta Dish

Vegan Tomato Pasta Dish Recipe PDF

Creating spaciousness audio training

Creating spaciousness Masterclass with Tricia O’Connor

Menstrual/Lunar Cycle PDF

Group coaching call May 2019

Summer Solstice Ceremony 21st June 2019

Group coaching call 27th June 2019

Raw Summer Salad and Dressing July 2019

Raw plant based shopping list July 2019

Full Moon Ritual Questions July 2019

Masterclass with Shane Sterling July 2019

3 ways you’re draining your energy and how to fit it August 2019

Group coaching call August 2019

Masterclass with Treacy O’Connor August 2019