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Preconception, Fertility and Pregnancy Health Programme

Are you dreaming of becoming pregnant and want to enjoy pregnancy with amazing energy and vibrant health?

Want to support your health for a sacred undisturbed physiological home birth?

Set yourself up for a blissful and restorative post partum?

Make your dream of Motherhood your reality?

Purify is for you

In Purify the preconception, fertility and pregnancy health programme, you’ll prepare your body, mind and soul for a sovereign healthy pregnancy and sacred birth in trust and surrender to your initiation into Motherhood.

Whether you’re currently experiencing chronic symptoms or conditions you feel are holding you back from becoming pregnant or you want to take your health to the next level to ensure your body and womb is in the best condition to conceive and gestate your baby, Purify is designed for you.

You want to unhook from the fears of birth so you can completely surrender to your primal instincts as a woman and Mother to birth your baby blissfully at home, catch your baby with your own hands, bring him or her to your breasts to start suckling in the most europhic moment of your life, centre as the authority of your family in birth as you decide when you’re ready to cut the cord, birth your placenta and tuck into bed with your partner and baby, Purify is for you.

Based on the purification journey I walked to prepare my body to conceive my first child, Purify will lead you through:

Visualising and connecting with your spirit baby, preparing your mind, body, soul, spirit and energy field to receive your baby.

Purifying your meridians of fears and imprint around birth being scary and hard to return to the original template of birth as a divine portal that’s designed to be an ecsastic blissful peak moment of your life as woman, ushering you into your Motherly Power.

Optimising your immune system so you have the strongest immune system for pregnancy as 80 % of your immune system goes to baby while pregnant.

Nourish your brain, adrenals, nervous system so you are in your best health prior to conceiving using Medical Medium protocols.

Design your prenatal care on what resonates with you.

Nutrition, to make sure your meals are nutrient dense and full of healing life and fertility giving foods.

Dialling in your supplement and herb protocol for conceiving and for your healthiest pregnancy.

Dissolving your fears of pregnancy and childbirth so you can enter your pregnancy feeling safe and supported to allow spontanious physiological birth to unfold.

Learn how to use natural medicine with foods, supplements and pregnancy safe herbs to support the common health concerns and avoid complications in pregnancy including anemia, gestational diabetes, Group B Strep (GBS), pre-eclampsia.

Desire a pregnancy taking full responsibility of your health.

Understand common pregnancy tests and discern what’s really necessary.

Work with your partner to optimise his health by focusing on foods and supplements for male fertility.

Creating a healing sanctuary in your home by purifying your environment for pregnancy and Motherhood.

Preparing your whole being for sacred sovereign home birth including strengthening your adrenals for birth

Postpartum planning, setting up your support system for the most nourishing postpartum cocoon.

Watch Aisling’s birth documentary of the first birth of her baby boy Rían to witness an undisturbed freebirth and activate your trust in sovereign birth, exclusively available for Purify.

A healthy Pregnancy and Birth is Your Birthright

Purify is for conscious women who are devoted to a path of reclaiming their health on all levels.

You want to prepare and purify your body and your partners body before you conceive to have the healthiest pregnancy and create the optimal condition for your baby to thrive.

Purify supports you to enter your pregnancy in trust and surrender to this life changing initiation and prepare your body and whole being for a blissful home birth in your power.

I spent 9 months prior to pregnancy learning all the myths about pregnancy and child birth so I could enter this sacred portal with full awareness and knowledge on how to best support my health for conceiving, pregnancy and birth and I want to share this with you as one sister to another in deep reverence for you.

Purify includes:

Our journey begins which begins with a 1 hour initial consultation with you on your own or with your partner.

Personalised nutrition, including meal plans, recipes and supplement protocols for you and your man to optimise health for conceiving.

Personalised nutrition, including meal plans, recipes and supplements for pregnancy and birth.

8 X follow up sessions.

There is the option to do a 3 month, 6 month or 9 month package.

Sessions can be used when trying to conceive, during pregnancy, support preparing for your birth and during the postpartum period to consult for both mother and newborn.

Belvaspata “Healing of the Heart” healing sessions to support your health for preconception, pregnancy and birth.

A private 1:1 telegram channel to ask Aisling questions in between sessions

A library of preconception, pregnancy and postpartum health classes to watch at your own pace with lifetime access.


Full feature birth documentary of Aisling’s first undisturbed free birth to witness the joy and power of physiological birth and understand how to best support your own birth, exclusively available to Purify.

A Live Q&A with Richie my fiance and your partner to ask questions around supporting sovereign home birth as a partner and living a healing lifestyle with our son.

If this calls you sister, I invite you to apply in the application form below and Aisling will reach out for a free 20 minute clarity call to answer any questions, make sure we’re the right fit and secure your place in the programme. I’m so excited to connect with you.

A Happy Healthy Pregnancy after Pregnancy Loss and PCOS

After experiencing a miscarriage and having difficulties with PCOS I came to Aisling to work on optimising my health. After cleaning up my diet with the cleansing protocols the cysts healed and I went on to have a healthy pregnancy and life transforming homebirth of my baby boy. I’m forever grateful for your support and cataylsing my awakening in how to best support health for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Reclaiming my reproductive health was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

– Monica

Optimised my health for conception after experiencing fertility challenges for years

After experiencing burn out and an autoimmune condition I tried to get pregnant for over 3 years with nothing happening. I came to Aisling to optimise my overall health, fertility and my partners fertility as I understood the impact that stress had on my body, and a history of restrictive diets to lose weight and an autoimmune conditon I developed in my 20s. I wanted to learn to nourish myself with fertility boosting nutrition but didn’t know where to start. Within a year I conceived and gave birth to a healthy baby boy in a sovereign homebirth.

Thank you Aisling for all your loving support and belief in my body’s ability to regenerate and conceive. We’re over the moon with our family and new found understanding on how to support our health to thrive naturally.

– Ashley

Course Information

Aisling Aisling Author

About the instructor

Aisling FitzGibbon is a Modern Medicine Woman and Holistic Nutritionist passionate about supporting women and children on the whole health journey using food as medicine to reclaim health and energy and thrive in today’s world.

Early Bird discount of 105 off Purify Programme valid until 30th September 2024: full price is 500 per month.

3 Month Package

per month for 3 total payments
  1. One hour initial Consultation 
  2. 8 X follow up sessions 
  3. Sessions can be used in pregnancy, for birth preparation and postpartum for Mama and newborn 
  4. Library of bite size preconception, pregnancy and birth classes with life time access 
  5. Private Telegram 1:1 channel for support in between sessions 
  6. Exclusive access to the full birth documentary of Aisling’s first free birth of her son Rían to witness an undisturbed physiological birth to build your trust in birth

6 Month Package

per month for 6 total payments
  1. One hour initial Consultation 
  2. 2 X 1 Hour follow up sessions twice per month for 6 months
  3. Sessions can be used in preconception, pregnancy, birth preparation and postpartum for Mama and newborn 
  4. Library of bite size preconception, pregnancy and birth classes with life time access 
  5. Private Telegram 1:1 channel for support in between sessions 
  6. Exclusive access to the full birth documentary of Aisling’s first free birth of her son Rían to witness an undisturbed physiological birth to build your trust in birth
  7. Live Q&A with my partner Riche for your partner 
  8. 3 months free pass for Aisling Health School Monthly Membership 

Agreement of terms:

  • Exchange is non-refundable.
  • Message support is provided in our private telegram channel, email support is not provided.