Birth Trauma Alchemy

Alchemise birth trauma to heal and reclaim your health and power

Women are awakening to the true nature of birth

My own Mum told me I couldn’t have a home birth because birth is a blood bath as her birth of me ended in induction which lead to a cascade of interventions, including epidural which is a power opiate drug that interferes with the hormonal blueprint of birth. She ended up haemorraging as a result of these interventions and the medical staff performed a DNT and accidentally punctured her womb and then gave an IV of antibiotics which led my Mum’s health to go rapidly downhill and resulted in her developing chronic fatigue when I was a baby. Despite all of this intervention, she told me she insisted that they remove all knifes from the room she was birthing in as she wouldn’t let them cut her open so the midwife attending her commented that she could have given birth in the wild.

That comment “You could have given birth in the wild” set a seed in my soul and before I consciously conceived, I set out to learn about the true nature of physiological birth from the World’s leading teachers of the Sovereign Birth Movement that is growing by the day.

I understood that the safest way to protect physiological birth is at home in the privacy and intimacy of my sanctuary with my fiance Richie by my side.

I had a glorious wild pregnancy and freebirth of my son Rían into my hands in a birthing pool in my living room, supported by Richie in the most escastic peak experience of my life. Since then I’ve been sharing my birth story and it’s rippled out into my community showing women that birthing at home in your power is absolutely possible and is your God given birthright.

After speaking to many women about the traumatic births they experienced in hospital where the art of midwifery has been co-opted by a medical system drenched in fear and medical management of birth that is traumatic for both Mothers and baby’s.

I’m inspired to hold Birth Trauma Alchemy Sessions to hold sacred space for you to unpack your birth story, be heard and validated in your experience and alchemise the fear held in your body with a range of healing protocols including healing nutrition, restoring your trust in your body and meridian clearing of the imprint left from birth to reclaim your health and power.

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Aisling FitzGibbon is a Modern Medicine Woman and Holistic Nutritionist passionate about supporting women and children on the whole health journey using food as medicine to reclaim health and energy and thrive in today’s world.

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