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How a Letter to The Future Me Holds The Space For My Intentions

Aisling FitzGibbon

A Letter to the Future Me

In the final hours of 2017, Richie, my fiancé, and I reviewed the past year, reflecting on our mutual celebrations, challenges and lessons we’d learned. We were at home, wearing our Christmas slippers and in a reflective mood. The exercise really helped as it focused attention on our achievements, obstacles and progress made during 2017. We did this exercise separately and then shared the results with one another. This exercise was a letter to our future selves that we plan to open on 31st December 2018. The letter also contained intentions for the year (also written into my 2018 diary) and actions I need to take to make them a reality.  

To keep ourselves on track and to share our journey with people, we decided to do a podcast together called The Aisling and Richie Show. This podcast will document our experiences in 2018 as we endeavour to make Trust our default setting on our journey into the unknown. I will also be accountable to my future self on the 31st December. 

Last year one of my greatest challenges was to move from fear to trust- to have faith in the way life was unfolding, rather than contracting in fear when things were not going according to plan. For example, I was happy working with clients in one to one programmes but the opportunity arose for me to run a group programme. I knew this was my next step but the limited me wanted to wait for a few more months until I knew more, was more skilled, was more comfortable with the idea of running a group. You know what? I realised that before I go into any major expansive growth period in my life, I would contract and dream up a hundred reasons why I shouldn’t go ahead. Fear talking. Once I took that first step towards advertising my group programme, the fear began to dissolve. I taught a course Moving from Fear to Trust as this was the lesson I had to learn for myself.  

Another challenge for me is to not attach to outcomes. This is an ongoing lesson for me as I can tend to jump into the, as yet, unlived future and obsess with the end result. A sure recipe for stress, frustration, and blocking progress. I had to learn to take one step, one decision at a time and to trust that I was on the right path. I had to learn the true meaning of valuing the process instead of focusing on the outcome. This shift in consciousness has led me to be more open to what the Universe intends for me. This feels so much better than when I was in a place of continual striving.

A huge achievement for me was to acknowledge how I’d evolved since my former years as an active outer campaigner. I learned that during the early stages of awakening it is common for many people to protest against injustice. In my case it was to protest against the water fluoridation issue. However as with any stage in our life, we also evolve our own awareness and understanding. I could not remain in warrior mode and moved towards a more sustainable inner activism- where we create the changes within that we want to see in the outside world.  We focus on what we want to create rather than giving our attention and energy to what we don’t. This is an indirect way of creating change in our outer reality.   

One of my greatest celebrations of 2017 was in experiencing first- hand the power of community while on a journey of growth and development. It was an honour to hold the space for some amazing people in my group programme. Opportunities were provided for them to learn from one another, to feel comfortable enough to shed their old story, to develop their new story and to be heard for who they really are. This experience prompted me to move again beyond my comfort zone, to developing a monthly membership programme – to provide people with a community that supports their transformation in a gradual, gentle and guided approach as they work on their self- mastery. I am launching Energy is Your Currency monthly membership on the 31st January.  

Before I closed the door on last year, I acknowledged what made me happy, what challenged me, what I had learned and how I overcame obstacles. This exercise was instrumental in me feeling more buoyant, grateful and positive beginning the New Year. If you want to do something similar, you could, if you feel inspired, answer the following questions and let me know in the comments below if it helps.  

1) What were your celebrations and challenges in 2017?

2) What was the number one lesson you learned in 2017?

3) What are your intentions in 2018 and what actions will you take to bring them into form?   

I wish you all the best for 2018. Health. Happiness. Adventures. Opportunities. Lessons. Love. Peace and Trust.

P.S And a surprise

Please share your biggest takeaway in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you. 

Aisling xo

Is the Pull of The Past Holding You Back?

Aisling FitzGibbon

Fear passed down through the generations.png


We don’t just inherit our ancestral genes. We inherit ingrained attitudes, beliefs, memories and the unresolved emotional baggage that previous generations may have left behind. This is how the past seeps into the present and can prevent us from manifesting the reality that we want. 

According to new insights in behavioural epigenetics traumatic experiences in our past and in our recent ancestral past leave molecular scars adhering to our DNA. The experiences of those who have gone before us become part of us. The DNA remains the same but psychological and behavioural tendencies are inherited. Some psychologists like Carl Jung believed that we were born with the memories and experiences of our ancestors imprinted on our DNA. If trauma was severe it could impact on the genetic material, disturbing our energetic pathways.

How we inherit memories and feelings was demonstrated by scientists at Emory University. They showed how fear can travel quickly through generations of mice DNA. It was found that the experiences of a parent influence both the structure and function in the nervous system of future generations, showing the intergenerational transmission of risk for phobias, anxiety and post-traumatic disorder. Mice were trained to fear a specific odour through the application of electric shocks when exposed to the smell of cherry blossoms. When those mice bred, both their children and grandchildren demonstrated a fear of cherry blossoms the first time they smelt them.

Although I initially worked on improving my physical health, I knew that I had to clear my emotional body to feel fully clear of unprocessed emotions. My grandmother on my father’s side had a disappointing life. She, who had wanted to become a nurse or a Home Economic teacher was prevented from doing so as her parents wanted her to get married and married women were not allowed to work.  She subsequently married my grandfather, a Catholic without the approval of her Protestant parents. It was an unhappy marriage that caused her to be very frustrated and joyless. Although she loved her children, they were not immune to the emotional fallout that blighted their later adult lives with addiction, broken marriages and unhappiness. This cycle I decided would have to end with me.

I was determined to rid my ancestral issues from my tissues and when I made this declaration to the universe, my life took me on a journey that included EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Integrated Energy Therapy. However, it wasn’t until I was introduced to the oils of Fragrance Alchemy that I finally discovered how to remove my own emotional blockages and also those I had inherited.

Specific fragrance alchemy oils are used on points on the meridian pathways to clear the blocking emotions. The oils work by dissolve the matrices of belief systems and the emotional baggage from the past. Neroli oil is used to remove grief and intolerance from the lung meridian and replaces it with deep comfort and optimism. Sandalwood helps to release the hold of the past and instils hope.

I had to clear insecurity that had been passed onto me from my grandmother who had never felt financially secure with her husband. I had to clear frustration, disappointment and grief that was blocking my energy pathways. This required working with and engaging with the Fragrance Alchemy Oil protocols. As I shed the distorted emotions, the matrices that were preventing me from moving forward in my life began to dissolve. I was finally able to create the building blocks of my new reality free from the baggage of the past.

We cannot create the building blocks of a new reality with the blocks of the past. If we do we are energetically creating more of the same and no matter what we intend we invariably slide back into past habits and ways of doing things.

I am currently enrolling for my Trust is My Default Setting Programme until Monday 13th November. I have only 3 spaces left. If you are interested, please fill in the clarity call application.