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Friday Q & A

Aisling FitzGibbon

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Q:How can I learn to trust the Universe?

This week's question came from a lady who wanted to know how we can develop a trust in the universe which can be challenging when life isn't going in the way we had planned. Many people are so used to being in the driving seat of their lives that when ill health or a traumatic event happens, it can feel for a time that life is spiralling out of control. When this happens and someone casually says that you need to develop a trust in the universe, this can feel like the wrong response ,when all you want is to get back into your old life that was safe, secure and known. 

I know what this feels like as it happened to me when I had to develop a trust in the universe at a young age. I was on holidays from University and working two Summer jobs, partly to fund my life for the coming term and partly to pay for a holiday with my friends. Due to many reasons, some explained in a previous blog. I became ill and absolutely exhausted. With little lifeforce energy, life began to rapidly unravel and although I tried to patch things up with medication I limped along, knowing that this wasn't a long term solution.  I recall thinking that all I wanted was to have my old life back but the universe had other plans for me.

Once I began my healing journey I had to learn to let go. This wasn’t easy as I was used to setting goals, working towards them and making new ones. I remember even writing down the month I thought I would get better and crossed off each new achievement as I was recovering. I kept a journal of how I felt at each stage, how I wanted to feel and had marked out a date when I would be full of energy and happiness. When it didn’t happen in the time zone I had anticipated I felt that I had let myself down and that the universe sucked big time. I remember crying to my mum and she told me that there are times in life when it is best not to attach too much to outcome. The ego part of me recoiled at such a suggestion as I had put so much time and energy into getting well but I was willing to try. It was my turning point as once I let go and stopped focusing on getting well my energy gradually returned.

My recipe for learning to trust in the universe.

1)    I learned that if we try to control the outcome we are overtly focusing on the problem. There is a universal law that we strengthen that which we oppose. I was opposing myself, sending myself messages that I wasn’t right. I had to learn to love and accept myself where I was at that point in time. Yes I had the intention of getting my energy back but instead of focusing on that intention I let it go. If we attach too much to outcome we tend to block the flow of life. Society tends to judge us on what we do and focuses on our monetary value. I had to learn that I was enough just the way I was. 

2)    I realised that there was little point in waiting to be happy in a future setting so I decided to find happiness on a daily basis. I tapped into my vision daily. I learned to cultivate joy in nature, go for gentle walks, appreciate the beauty of where I lived. I was eating a super healthy diet and made beautiful meals full of energy, colour and taste. I was sending messages of life and love to my body and to my soul.

3)    Being outside in nature helped me to align with the universal energy. Nature is part of who we are and being outside, walking or gardening helped me to tune into the earth upon which we all live. Nature is a powerful ally and being in it reduces inflammation, sends a calming message to the nervous system and feeds the senses. I learned to love the trees in the local forest, appreciate their majesty and sense their life giving force. I enjoyed how I felt being outside walking even in the Irish rain. 

4)    We got rid of our TV as it was sprouting negative news and creating a world vision that wasn't mine. In doing this I spent lots of time in silence and really learned to tune into my own thoughts and feelings. This helped me to develop and refine my own intuition. I became able to discern how I felt in certain situations and how I felt around people. I felt I was really learning to listen to my inner guidance. I know that this concept of trust can be a challenging one for some people, especially when they are reminded on on a continuous news loop that the world isn't  a safe place. I can't stress enough how important it is to extricate oneself from the fear grid and choose what you read and what you watch.

5)    I fed my soul with inspiring books and quotes. I watched comedies and laughed. This helped me to stay upbeat and as my energy and awareness rose I started to attract into my life the people and experiences that would lead me to the next step in my life. We attract where we are at on an energy level so it’s important to work on increasing our energy and vibration.

6)    As my energy increased through food, supplements and daily practices I felt a confidence in my  body that I didn’t have before. I began to trust in my body and in its ability to create energy. From being able to trust myself I began also  to trust in a universe that had provided me with the support structure I needed for my recovery. I became grateful for what the universe had provided and instead of berating myself, I began to acknowledge myself for having undertaken a journey that would eventually bring me into a place of health, happiness and lots of love.

7)    I learned to trust in the unknown elements of life and not to future trip which only triggered fear and anxiety. The unknown becomes the known on a daily basis and all we really have is now. I began to become more present and more at peace in the now.

8)    I cleared any limiting thoughts and beliefs I had about myself and also cleared my ancestral karma, by cellular and emotional clearing. I was simply making room for the new detoxed me. I discovered that we can block what we need when we become enmeshed in our stories. The past is the past and the real power and potential is in the moment. We can work on creating a newer happier story. 

There were times of course when life wasn’t all plain sailing. Anytime I decided to control the outcome my energy would drop and I would have to go back to the drawing board and learn to release again and again. I learned to simply state my intentions and let go. When energy increases, one’s vibration increases and this is what allowed me to be open to the many miracles and surprises that the universe had and still has to offer. Trust in the universe starts with you and the further you are on your healing journey the easier it becomes. One step at a time illuminates the next one, guiding us on our continued evolution.

If you feel inspired to work with me please fill in my clarity call application form. I use a combination of diet, supplements and energy work to restore your energy so you can live the life you want to live.