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Friday Q & A

Aisling FitzGibbon

Q. Hi Aisling I’ve been reading  about the importance of magnesium in our diet and how many of us are deficient in it today. I would like to know why you would recommend it, what is the best kind of magnesium to take and how much would you recommend?  I sometimes find it difficult to fall asleep, especially if I’ve had a busy day.

A. Hi Laura, thanks for your question this week. Many people are deficient in magnesium due to post -industrial practices that have made the soil deficient. Vegetables that grow on deficient soil are very low in magnesium, a mineral that we need for our vitality and our ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Magnesium really is nature’s chill pill. Without this mineral people find it difficult to relax. I always know when I am getting deficient as I become a jitter bug. I tend to worry about everything, from my impending driving test to buying my ideal home. Worry thoughts jostle for pole position in my brain and I feel myself rapidly going into fight and flight while being somewhere innocuous such as sitting on a chair! To counteract this I reach out for my magnesium capsules and begin to replete.

The first difference is my mind seems to slow down, my worry thoughts vanish and I feel calm. Although I don’t take magnesium everyday I take it whenever I need it for a few days. I feel that the body absorbs what it needs from the capsules and I feel happy and contented. The driving test is still looming but hey it’s not the end of the world and next time I’m taking the test in an automatic electric car that drives like a dream. Magnesium is one of the first minerals we lose when we are stressed so this could be why you find it hard to sleep when you’ve had a busy day. What happens is we become too tired and too wired to sleep. I’ve never had a problem sleeping but magnesium deficiency affects people in different ways and some people find it difficult to either fall asleep or they tend to wake up during the night and are unable to fall asleep until it's time to get up. 

The magnesium that I take is magnesium citrate along with B vitamins, zinc, selenium and manganese.  I find this formula is very soothing to my nervous system.I also use magnesium oil as this oil is readily absorbed transdermally. I often use this after a shower as a barometer and find that if my magnesium levels are getting low it tends to slightly sting my skin. I tend to alternate between these two types of magnesium.

From my experience I have found that many of my clients sleep well with magnesium in its citrate form but others swear by magnesium glycinate. They swear it lets them sleep like a baby. 

Without knowing your case history I am unable to prescribe exact dosages as there can be contraindications when taking magnesium such as if you have kidney problems or if you are taking blood pressure medication.  Magnesium naturally lowers blood pressure so medication would need to be adjusted. People respond differently to magnesium. In some cases the oral dosages may need to be increased or decreased according to how the person is responding.  In other instances the person is very sensitive to taking oral supplements and can only tolerate using  magnesium oil on the skin. 

Are You Looking to Balance Your Energy?

Aisling FitzGibbon

The Dark Ages

During the dark ages of illusion and separation women were persecuted, vilified and destroyed. In a patriarchal culture a woman’s power was regarded as suspect, a threat to the established order. Women possessed gifts and an energy that was beyond a man’s understanding and for that she was condemned. She was not officially allowed to study medicine and the position of the church at that time was that if she dared to cure without having studied, then she was a witch and would have to die. Women were faced with an evil that surpassed any rational understanding.

But the Burning Times did not put an end to our powers. Women, as keepers of the mysteries went underground and their DNA passed through each generation until it was time to re-emerge. 

The Age of Aquarius

The time is now as we fully enter into the Age of Aquarius and the rise of the goddess has begun. Everywhere women are casting off the wounds of suppression and are beginning to heed their own unique call to action. The collective unease of having to live within a linear patriarchal society is being felt. We are not able to maintain our energy and vitality in this ego separation and competition when as women, we know on a deeper level that for us to thrive we need an interconnected community of support and inspiration that will eventually create a more equable and just world for our children’s future.

Together We Ascend

Now it will be different because it is not just about the female power rising and taking over from the male. Rather it is a time where we will balance the feminine and masculine qualities within all of us. The feminine energy will help counteract the male driven doingness that has been the hallmark of our survival in the outer world. By teaching us how to be, we begin to develop our intuition and creativity and we begin to explore the importance of our emotional and soul body. The feminine energy leads to the development of a strong inner world that gets us in touch with the Aquarian values of compassion, love, peace, harmony, integration and nurturing. As sisters we rise, while embracing our brothers as we acknowledge that the individual becomes the universal while still maintaining individuality which paves the way for unity in diversity. Together we ascend.

The Healing Arts

For thousands of years mystery schools helped to initiate both men and women into embodied female wisdom. People were trained in the healing arts and in developing their own connection to their intuitive faculties and to their own divinity. Queen Scotia, daughter of the pharaoh Akhenaton, brought her mystery teachings to Ireland. Her divine feminine thread links her to us as we reawaken in lives that include family responsibilities, work and relationships.

Our challenge is to develop our emerging gifts and maintain our energy at this time of incredible earth shifts and transformations. During the Energy is Your Currency Masterclass we will explore ways of developing the feminine energy in our lives and in balancing it with the masculine. Together we will create manageable and achievable steps towards empowerment through firstly taking charge of our own energy system, as energy is our most powerful currency.

Change begins with each person at a micro level and ripples out into the world at a macro level. We change the world by first changing ourselves. I look forward to working with you.

To your energy and vitality, 


Nutritionist and Energy Transformation Coach