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Caring For Yourself is a Revolutionary Act

Aisling FitzGibbon

Really caring for yourself and honouring your unique energy system is revolutionary as its very action begins to unravel the old matrix of survival consciousness. In survival consciousness, we get stuck in stories that are limiting and fear inducing, that keep us trapped in an endless loop of suffering. While in this state we have little trust that life will yield its treasures when experiences up until this point have dictated otherwise.

In survival consciousness, we remain shut off from our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body which is one of the reasons we follow the medical system and take drugs to halt the symptoms of illness. Symptoms are messengers and are suppressed when we halt them in their tracks. By thwarting our bodies’ attempts to throw off toxicity we undermine our physical integrity. Not only that but we now have the compounding problem of having to detox the medicine that we took in the first place.

The new health care model focuses on firstly integrating the self and its many aspects. This is very important in healing because neglect of our own inner family leads to disconnection from ourselves. Our consciousness includes the inner babe, the inner child, the inner nurturer, the inner sage and the inner warrior. Neglecting any aspect of ourselves by over emphasising others leads to disharmony and disease.

The new health care model does not work without your conscious engagement and commitment. Healing brings you on your own journey home to your integrated self. It allows the expression of symptoms and the interpretation of their meaning. It sees the symptoms you experience as a catalyst to take you into your new chapter. Transiting into the next chapter requires careful guidance, interpretation and accountability.

We may aspire to changing our lives yet we resist change because our ego wants to stay as we are no matter the cost. The ego wants us to stay in fear, lack and judgement as this is what it is used to. It perceives all change as destabilising, even if that change is for our good and will lead us to a better place.

Excuses the ego comes up to keep you the same:

It’s not the right time

I need to be in a better space

I don’t have the money

My car needs new lights

The dog needs grooming for his birthday

My children need music lessons

Yet we cannot create a new reality for ourselves if we are using the current building blocks of the old template as this is what binds us to the illusion of separation and keeps us trapped. The ego knows this and will do anything to maintain the status quo.

In the old template, we are deeply conditioned into thinking of other people first. Feelings of not being good enough drive our unconscious behaviours. Fear of failure and rejection sets us on a trajectory of addiction and overwork. We are trained to hustle for worthiness and we are exhausted because of it. But our body is the receptacle of our consciousness and it deserves our honour, respect and love. The care and love you give yourself has the power to change you and this transformation sculpts a new outer reality to match your new template. The magic simply shows up.

If you are seeking to change but don’t know how, then please get in touch to discover how I can help you.