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Simplicity is the key to Success

Aisling FitzGibbon

Permission to be my authentic self (2).png

Yesterday I felt deflated and emotionally exhausted. I had agreed to record a weekly podcast with Richie and everything felt too much. After a conversation with Richie I realised it is me who is setting my rhythm and I can change the pace to suit me. I was reminded of the famous quote my Mum always said "Simplicity is the key to success". No truer words were said. So I decided instead of putting myself under unnecessary pressure I will change things up and instead record X 2 podcasts per month and on the other week post what I am learning and discovering. 

If you have been following me on Facebook and Instagram you'll see that I'm cooking up lots of tasty creations in the kitchen. Tonight I'm making falafels for the very first time and I'll be sharing the process on my facebook page. 

I'm honouring how I feel at the moment and going through my process of healing. This involves being very gentle and providing lots of nurturing. I hope that this message inspires you to simplify an area/areas of your life so you can enjoy this moment fully and deeply. 


Aisling xo