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Honour the season and it'll honour you

Aisling FitzGibbon

Honour the season.png

Today’s the Winter Solstice which is the shortest day of the year. As the day shorten there’s a sense of drawing inwards as the light diminishes. I’ve the urge to clear away any energy that’s heavy and restrictive.

Emotional baggage that hasn’t been dealt with comes up now to be resolved. If we miss that opportunity and suppress how we feel, we go into the New Year held down with the debris of the old and prone to the January blues.

The energy of the Solstice provides a wonderful opportunity to cleanse and purify on all levels. The Celtic Druids were very much aware of this and underwent ritualistic cleansing in sweat lodges. The Winter Solstice was a time of renewed hope and change and they used this opportunity to rid themselves of what they no longer needed for the coming year.  

I don’t know about you but I feel a deep urge to clear my personal space of anything that no longer serves me. The car is loaded with stuff for the charity store and the recycling centre and it gives me such a sense of lightness of being. Along with clearing on the outside I also lighten my diet for cleansing on the inside and adding in my much loved detox methods; Epsom Salts baths, Fragrance Alchemy, bentonite clay face mask and an infrared sauna.

The Solstice is the time to take stock of what we have and what we want to get rid of. We are creating space for the new to emerge in our lives.

My 7 Top Tips for Celebrating the Winter Solstice:

1) Create space for the new to emerge in your life. Declutter your personal space. It’s so good to feel lighter.

2) Celebrate your victories and achievements of the year. Celebration is a Goddess principal that imbues your life with magic and meaning.

3) Acknowledge the things that didn’t work so you can refine your approach. Appreciate the insights gained. Write a letter to the future self you wish to embody for the coming year based on wisdom gained this year. 

4) Replenish your energy. Rest, eat nourishing foods and drink plenty of hydrating fluids that make you feel cherished and cosy.

5) Nostalgia pulls us into the energy of the past. Let it go. Remember that feelings of melancholia arise when we anchor our happiness onto expectations of past experience. Focus on the present moment. 

6) Foster what is real and natural. Light natural beeswax candles and connect with the light. 

7) Spend time with people you love and who love you. Open your heart to the love that is always available. 

Stories passed down over the centuries give us a snapshot of Celtic rituals performed. The Druids would bring a live tree indoors at the Solstice for wood spirits to have a warm place during the cold winter months. Afterwards the tree would be replanted.  

I wasn’t aware that this was a Celtic tradition but for the past few years we have brought a growing tree into the house to be replanted in the spring. It smells divine and so real. I feel anchored into my soul when I connect with what’s real. 

Enjoy your festive season and most importantly be your true self.

Love, Aisling xo 

I can't believe I just made my own hummus

Aisling FitzGibbon

IMG_3318 (1).jpg

Homemade hummus is so versatile for lunches and a quick snack when you are running short of time

Hummus recipe


2 cups (1 tin) of chickpeas

2 Tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

2 garlic cloves

2 heaped Tablespoon of tahini

2-3 Tablespoon of filtered water

1 teaspoon of cumin

1/4 cup of lemon juice

Paprika to sprinkle on top


Add all of your ingredients into your high speed blender and blend until smooth and creamy. If the mixture needs to be thinned add a little more water

Serve with your salad, wrapped inside a nori wrap or with carrot sticks and cucumber slices. Delicious and nutritious.

The nutrition fun fact is about sesame seeds which is what tahini is made from.

“Sesame seeds are a high energy food that help to provide optimum health and wellness. They are an excellent source of high quality protein which is most beneficial for growth, especially in children. Sesame seeds are also high in minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and copper. In fact, did you know that just a 1/4 cup of sesame seeds provides MORE calcium than 1 cup of milk?” Medical Medium

Friday Q & A

Aisling FitzGibbon

Hi Aisling,

Last month I started taking some Lugol’s solution as I heard it was a good source of iodine. I started with one drop a day and tried to increase it to two drops. Within a few days of doing this I started to feel really unwell. I felt anxious, on edge and my brain felt as though I couldn’t think. Once I stopped taking it I felt fine after a few days. The reason I wanted to take it is because I wanted to detox from fluoride to improve my thyroid health. Now I am wondering if I was having an allergic reaction to the Lugol’s or what?

A: Thanks for this week’s question. I recall taking Lugol’s solution as part of my healing protocol to improve my thyroid health and to detox from fluoridated tap water. Like you I started with one drop in a glass of water and eventually upped the dose to three drops a day. It was incredibly detoxing as Lugol’s detoxes not just fluoride from the body but also mercury and any heavy metals.

To avoid a strong detox reaction it is best to have the baseline minerals in place such as magnesium, zinc and especially selenium as it is an incredible antioxidant that helps to mop up the free radicals produced during any detox regime. I eventually started taking Atomidine which was a lot easier to take than the Lugol’s Iodine and I had less detox reactions from it.

I know there's a tendency in all of us to think that if one drop of a supplement is good then a few more drops is even better. I can assure you that I too have fallen into this trap as has a good friend of mine. Aidan came to stay with us before his comedy gig in Dingle and requested some iodine drops from me. I was not aware that my mum have given him some drops earlier. One drop good. Six drops even better or so he thought. During the show Aidan experienced a healing crisis on stage. He said that he couldn’t even remember his jokes! I find that taking a drop every second or third day is what works best for me and for some clients as this is a lot easier for the organs of elimination such as the liver and the kidneys to cope with. David Brownstein is an expert of why we need iodine and why we can’t live without it. I love his book as it has lots of real life case histories of people whose health issues cleared up when they were replete with iodine. As we have fluoridated tap water in Ireland many people are deficient in iodine which leads to thyroid problems. This is why along with detoxing fluoride from your body I would make sure that you filter your tap water. I use a 5 stage reverse osmosis filter.  

If you have any questions please contact me and I will do my best to address them in my Friday Q&A.  

Caring For Yourself is a Revolutionary Act

Aisling FitzGibbon

Really caring for yourself and honouring your unique energy system is revolutionary as its very action begins to unravel the old matrix of survival consciousness. In survival consciousness, we get stuck in stories that are limiting and fear inducing, that keep us trapped in an endless loop of suffering. While in this state we have little trust that life will yield its treasures when experiences up until this point have dictated otherwise.

In survival consciousness, we remain shut off from our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body which is one of the reasons we follow the medical system and take drugs to halt the symptoms of illness. Symptoms are messengers and are suppressed when we halt them in their tracks. By thwarting our bodies’ attempts to throw off toxicity we undermine our physical integrity. Not only that but we now have the compounding problem of having to detox the medicine that we took in the first place.

The new health care model focuses on firstly integrating the self and its many aspects. This is very important in healing because neglect of our own inner family leads to disconnection from ourselves. Our consciousness includes the inner babe, the inner child, the inner nurturer, the inner sage and the inner warrior. Neglecting any aspect of ourselves by over emphasising others leads to disharmony and disease.

The new health care model does not work without your conscious engagement and commitment. Healing brings you on your own journey home to your integrated self. It allows the expression of symptoms and the interpretation of their meaning. It sees the symptoms you experience as a catalyst to take you into your new chapter. Transiting into the next chapter requires careful guidance, interpretation and accountability.

We may aspire to changing our lives yet we resist change because our ego wants to stay as we are no matter the cost. The ego wants us to stay in fear, lack and judgement as this is what it is used to. It perceives all change as destabilising, even if that change is for our good and will lead us to a better place.

Excuses the ego comes up to keep you the same:

It’s not the right time

I need to be in a better space

I don’t have the money

My car needs new lights

The dog needs grooming for his birthday

My children need music lessons

Yet we cannot create a new reality for ourselves if we are using the current building blocks of the old template as this is what binds us to the illusion of separation and keeps us trapped. The ego knows this and will do anything to maintain the status quo.

In the old template, we are deeply conditioned into thinking of other people first. Feelings of not being good enough drive our unconscious behaviours. Fear of failure and rejection sets us on a trajectory of addiction and overwork. We are trained to hustle for worthiness and we are exhausted because of it. But our body is the receptacle of our consciousness and it deserves our honour, respect and love. The care and love you give yourself has the power to change you and this transformation sculpts a new outer reality to match your new template. The magic simply shows up.

If you are seeking to change but don’t know how, then please get in touch to discover how I can help you.  

My Christmas book list

Aisling FitzGibbon

I love to sink into a good book and rummage in someone else’s imagination for a change. Have you, like me, ever found yourself being led to the right book at the right time when you're ready to hear its message? And then you have those wonderful ah ha moments when your thoughts and those of the authors' collide?  

This Christmas I plan to reread some of my favourites and also invest in some new ones. There is nothing better than the rain beating down outside, flames dancing and darting in the stove and dipping into words that have the power to change us by simply changing our perception.    

My recommended list for Christmas will include authors I am already familiar with and already love and some newbies. Choices. Choices.

I’ll begin with Gabrielle Bernstein who is a personal favourite of mine and a master at crafting her message. I already have her book Miracles Now that is written in her terrific Spirit Junkie style and is brimming with practical techniques to help combat common problems such as addiction, anxiety and fear. This is a great pick up put down book for quick stress relieving strategies.

I plan on buying her latest book The Universe Has Your Back. In this book Gabby shares how she maintains how she feels regardless of what's going on in her life. This is a book that illustrates how by changing our mindset we can transform negative life situations into life lessons. I love Gabrielle's practical and down to earth manner and I look forward to delving into another Spirit Junkie treasure.

I almost cannot wait to order Rise Sister Rise by the Hay House author Rebecca Campbell who really impressed me at the Hay House conference in London last year. Anyone who wants to learn how to unleash their feminine power to tell their truth and lead then this is the book for you.  

Another favourite author of mine is Christine Northrup. I read her book Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom which provides a cornucopia of knowledge on women's health and sexuality. This is a must read for anyone planning a natural home birth and who wants to sail through the menopause. This year I will treat myself to one of her latest books Making Life Easy: A Simple Guide to a Divinely Inspired Life

Brene Brown is an author who has discovered the inherent power in vulnerability and its necessity for wholehearted living. Brene's book Daring Greatly shows us how feelings of never being enough can graduate into shame and fear. By embracing our vulnerable nature and expressing gratitude we can combat these feelings and live more fulfilling lives. This book offers tools to help deepen our love partnerships

My gold star for this year's book is A Mind of Your Own by Psychiatrist Kelly Brogan. This book has revolutionised the treatment of mental health conditions and is paving the way for a paradigm shift away from drug based treatment. This is a book that will change how you perceive mental health forever. I absolutely love it. 

Seeing as I am making Christmas dinner this year I plan to enlist the help of Danielle Walker and her amazing book Against All Grain: Delectable Paleo Recipes to Eat Well and Feel Great .This is one of the best paleo books on the market and is loaded with delicious, innovative and easy to follow recipes.

A few years ago I started reading a book while in the bath and was so drawn into the story that I became oblivious to the water that had gotten cold. The book was Mutant Message Down Under by author Marlo Morgan. This is a story about the author who goes on a journey with a nomadic group of Aborigines for 4 months in the desert in the Australian outback. This is a book that challenges our western values of competition and greed and opens us to the spiritual nature of indigenous people.

Although the book Many Lives, Many Masters has been on my bookshelf for years I never read it.  So this Christmas I plan to read a book that promises an insight into the concept of reincarnation. The story is centered on psychiatrist Dr. Weiss whose conventional treatment of a 27-year-old woman for anxiety, depression and phobias has failed. Past life memories would be the key to her recovery. Sounds intriguing.

Christmas would not be Christmas without a good book to read. So treat yourself.





My magnesium miracle- the calm after the storm

Aisling FitzGibbon

My personal experience of magnesium depletion was in hindsight a golden nugget as it showed me just how powerful this one mineral is to balancing our biochemistry. Nobody really thinks about energy until it’s gone and then life becomes a scramble for it. A lack of energy makes you want to take anything to get that feeling of energy back, but no matter how many stimulants you take that underlying depletion is there. Everything becomes such an effort. I took to the bed hoping that rest would restore me and when it didn’t I began to feel helpless, anxious and depressed. I knew there was something seriously wrong. I was only 18 and my 66-year-old grandmother had more energy than me!

The medical approach was drugs for epilepsy which I declined (I did not have epilepsy) and antidepressants which I took because I felt desperate. I wanted to get back to my own life, to feel like me again and to be able to return to college. The years I took anti-depressant medication were difficult as although I was coping with the way I was feeling I did not feel well. Any form of stress would make me panic and anxious and I had no real energy.  

Once my studies in university were complete I was in the zone for seeking solutions to my predicament. I was led to Nutritional Therapist Barbara Wren, author of Cellular Awakening.  Under her care and guidance, I was given a specific diet and one of the minerals I took was magnesium. My body responded positively and over three months my energy started to come back. The brain fog that had plagued me for years lifted and in 6 months I was back to a better version of the old me. Move over Granny.

I immersed myself in studying everything I could about magnesium and the first thing I wondered was how I had become so deficient? Magnesium deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in modern times and is caused by two main reasons. Soil depletion and stress. Soils have become depleted because of industrial agricultural practices that use chemical fertilisers. These chemicals prevent crops from taking up minerals such as magnesium from the soil. Widespread usage of pesticides and herbicides further reduce the uptake of magnesium. Is it little wonder that 80% of people are experiencing health problems due to a lack of magnesium in our diet?  

Stress can cause a magnesium deficiency or a magnesium deficiency can trigger the stress reaction. Stress causes urinary losses of magnesium. You know how it is when the ringtone of the person next to you in a supermarket queue acts like a frenzied grater on your nerves. Then your boyfriend forgets to clean the apartment prior to your arrival and you have a total melt- down. Cortisol and adrenaline, the fight/ flight chemicals either unleash your inner psycho or make you want to run away in a grand dramatic gesture. Take your pick.

The good news is we can replete our magnesium stores. Lately I have been using a magnesium oil. Magnesium oil is recommended by Dr. Caroline Dean, author of The Magnesium Miracle. I tend to use it in the morning after a shower when I spray 3-4 sprays of oil onto my skin. What is so great about the oil is that it bypasses the gastrointestinal tract and is absorbed transdermally by the skin where it goes directly to the tissues that need it most. How cool is that? I literally feel my skin drinking it in. The magnesium chloride in the oil stimulates DHEA (a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal gland) production on the skin. This makes you feel happy and balanced in your body.

Energy is Your Currency