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How to Create Lasting Change in 2018

Aisling FitzGibbon

Steps to lasting change for 2018.png

I know that for many people, resolutions made in January are discarded by February as we slide into old habits and familiar comfort zones. When motivation wanes, we blame our lack of willpower, time constrictions or whatever distractions get in the way. There is always next year of course until it comes around again.

Last year I made lots of plans - goals I wanted to achieve in both my personal and professional life but they were too outcome driven and vague. I didn't honour the process, always in a hurry to get to the next task. This made me feel stressed with little time for reflection and consolidation.  

This year I decided to break this cycle by taking the following steps  

1) I decided to create clear intentions and to take actions that align with those intentions. This shift alone has helped me focus more on what I’m doing and has kept me within a framework of my higher vision. Clear intentions help us stay on task rather than racing ahead haphazardly. I'm already valuing the process and feel more present in what I’m doing. Having clearer intentions means, that instead of me biting off more than I can chew and saying for instance that I'm going to learn ten recipes a week, I'm mastering two. This intention is clearer and more doable so I am more likely to continue with this action 

2) Rather than looking ahead and seeing 2018 in its full entirety, during which I want changes to happen, I am looking at the year ahead in weekly and even daily chunks. Straight away this feels a lot less overwhelming. Day to day actions support our intentions. Small changes are easily incorporated into our daily life. For example, I decided to restrict my Facebook scrolling time. Yes, I’m guilty.  It was a habit that was far too distracting and already I find I'm more productive 

3) Instead of using my energy haphazardly, which can make me feel fed up and exhausted, I took an inventory of where I was spending my energy. I divided a page into what energises and enhances me and what depletes and drains me. I found this really helpful as it made me more aware of where I was spending my energy and how I feel afterwards   

4) I know I need to keep myself accountable to my new habits as I can go off on a tangent with new ideas and plans. This of course dissipates energy. I now have a diary planner that helps me stay accountable to my daily intentions and helps me reflect on how I’m doing and what I’m learning in the process. I also decided to have a weekly podcast with my fiancé Richie Ros to help us both chart our progress. We are accountability buddies for the year

I am very much aware that as we shed our old story to create the bigger vision of our life, we need support. I know, from experience, how isolating and confusing this journey can be, which is why I’m creating a monthly membership programme. In the membership site you'll find the tools to help you gain clarity and tips on how to manifest your intentions. This will be a place to be accountable, even when you’re unsure and want to give up. It will become a hub of education and support where you'll learn how to track your progress, reduce distractions and work towards intentions that can be incorporated into your daily life. Click here if you want to find out about the Energy is Your Currency Membership site. Doors are opening on the 31st January and closing on the 7th February.









Spring into Spring, The Real New Year

Aisling FitzGibbon

If you are anything like me, jaded January is no time to make New Year’s Resolutions. Not a chance when my body is in hibernation mode, and so apart from brisk walks to nearby beaches and woods, I want to curl up in front of my stove and eat wholesome nourishing foods to keep me warm and snug. Any resolutions made at this time would be well broken leading to a very frustrated February which does nothing for my happiness barometer. 

Now that Spring is in the air I am ready to embrace the magic of March whose energy is transformational. Outside nature is waking up, grass is growing, more birds join the dawn chorus, and we have more glorious light with extended daytime. This is the time of the year when we have the Spring Equinox which this year occurs on March 20 2016 at 04.30. We are now emerging from the chill of winter, crawling out from duvet land, and stepping out of hibernation. I love this season of new creation and promise. 

The equinox is a time when our bodies naturally detox to get us into super health for the weeks to come. I always notice that people seem to come down with chills and colds which is nature’s way of spring cleaning after a winter of hibernation.  I have a slight cough tonight but I’m treating it with lemon and ginger tea, bone broth which is a great immune booster, and lots and lots of vegetables to help with the detox of the Equinox. I know it can be a bit of an inconvenience to deal with cold symptoms but I know from experience that it’s best to allow those symptoms their full expression, to support the body’s way of cleansing.  An acute illness like a cold gives the body a chance to cleanse.  It’s like spring cleaning a house so why not your body. When people are impatient with symptoms and take medicines to get rid of those symptoms they fail to use this time to eliminate toxicity from their body. This can make a person feel more tired and sluggish and can lead to more chronic health problems in the future. So it’s best to put with a few minor symptoms and get those cells clean and clear for the new season. This will ensure a smooth transition into Spring, leaving you feeling energised. 

So what are my resolutions this Spring?  

I plan to invest in an indoor rebounder to bounce my way to fitness. This is weather proof. I will laugh at the rain, although not manically. 

I will skin brush every morning before my shower as this is a great way to get the lymph flowing as lymph does not have a pump. Pump it up. This is a great way of diminishing those dimples of cellulite that may have invaded thighs during the winter.  

I will have hot and cold showers to further stimulate the lymphatic system. 

To keep my energy buoyant, I plan to go to bed before the bewitching hour to rest my power supplying adrenals. Those are those precious pearls that sit on top of our kidneys that help us cope with stress. 

I will collect nettles from my garden to make nettle soup – great to cleanse the kidneys. They sting so best to wear gloves.  

I went foraging today in the forest to get some wild garlic to make garlic pesto. It is divine and it’s free. Only thing to be mindful of is not to collect garlic near the footpath as someone’s Fido may have done his business on it. Walk in a few feet where it’s fresh and pee free.  

I will help to open up my liver’s routes of elimination with a few detox techniques as the liver is the organ that has to process what is being eliminated by the cells after the winter. I know from my own body that if the liver is not supported during detox then I will be feeling tired with headaches and irritable. 

I will eat a lighter diet to include more salads, juices and soups to encourage my body to clear out any toxicity that has built up over the winter.  

Actually eight resolutions are enough for me as it will be summer before I know it with a different energy emerging. What works best for me is going with the energy of the seasons, eating foods that match that energy and doing activities that are suitable for each season. Happy Equinox everyone.  May your transition to this most energising time of the year be smooth, easy and exciting.  

My delicious homemade wild garlic pesto 

My delicious homemade wild garlic pesto 

Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

2 large Handfuls of wild garlic

4 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin olive oil

1/2 teaspoon of sea salt

juice of half a lemon

Half a cup of either walnuts or pine nuts

1/2 cup of Nutritional Yeast


Whizz it all up in your nutribullet or other good quality food processor until lovely, smooth and creamy. Add to a glass jar and keep in the fridge for up to a week if it lasts that long. 

Tip: Not to be eaten on a first date as you will have a super strong garlic breath.