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Rooting into Your Power

Aisling FitzGibbon

Divinity Quest available from

Divinity Quest available from

This week I have made some major progress in terms of how I’m making peace with how things are. I am beginning to see the underlying perfection of life after being buried in a haze of trauma since my Mum became suddenly ill in February and passed away in on the 10th May.

In Energy is Your Currency Membership I am teaching exactly what I need to learn and master. The month of September we have been practicing a 30 day Root into Your Power Practice. What I’ve learned from this is that I cannot root into my power when I resist what is happening in my life. It is when I soften into surrendered trust that I can feel I am held by the Universe.

When you contract into a perspective that sees everything as wrong and that the world is against you, you cut yourself off from your power. It is a tricky one to practice, especially in the face of trauma and overwhelm. But, you have a choice in each moment how you perceive your life.

A simple reframe I use in my practice is asking myself “What is the lesson and what is the gift?”. This simple question can lead to profound shifts as it enables you to move from feeling victimised to seeing yourself as co-creator with life. Co-creating with life isn’t always easy or how you expect things to unfold which is why it is necessary to understand that life is a mystery and we can’t always explain why things happen the way they do.

I met a lady yesterday who knew myself and my Mum and she asked me “how are you coping” and I answered I have lots of support to help me. As I said this I realised the biggest support I have is my own self and that this experience is giving me the gift of learning how to hold myself, love myself and own my power. My energy completely expanded as I said this and I rooted deeper into my power.

Having a daily practice is essential to your health and wellness. The reason we practice is Number 1 to feel well and Number 2 to give us the reserves that handle what life brings to us and Number 3 to raise our awareness and levels of consciousness so we can bring our best self to our life.

I’m opening the doors for enrolment in Energy is Your Currency Membership on Thursday 4th October just in time to start our new month’s practice. To sign up click here:

What to do when you feel stuck?

Aisling FitzGibbon

There are times when it feels that no matter how much you want something to happen, it just doesn’t.  This is despite positive thinking, practicing the law of attraction to a tee and putting oodles of mantras in strategic positions on the bedroom wall. I am attracting my ideal partner. My ideal job is coming right now. The universe supports me. And yet nothing happens and you begin to think maybe all of this is just wishful thinking.

Now while I believe in the power of positive thinking I know that for it to really work there needs to be an energetic transformation at the physical level. This is because energy is held at the physical level and this is where the matrix of our memories are stored. So when we are stuck it is because our cells are not vibrating at a frequency high enough to attract what we really want.

To create lasting transformation there needs to be a corresponding cellular shift. If we try to create our ideal future and attempt to co- create a new reality using the same building blocks that create our current reality, then things don’t happen as quickly as we want to or not at all. Our thoughts, memories and beliefs are held in our cells. So for instance if we think we want a better job but if the thought pattern that we don’t deserve it is locked into the magnetic memory of our cells then it is difficult to manifest the new job.

I know some people whose problems today are the same as they had over a decade ago- the same issues are still running their lives and making them feel powerless. They may have spent a lot of time talking through their issues but years later the same record is playing out from the magnetic memories of their cells. They are stuck. So how do we change the record so that the one we want to have playing is playing loudly and clearly? 

The change has to occur on a cellular level. Each of us is made up of trillions of cells which are the building blocks of our physical selves. If we want to manifest a new reality, one that is free of limiting beliefs, then we must release those beliefs from the cells. We need to work on softening and opening the cells membrane to release what’s inside.

I’ve worked on myself at a cellular level and while initially I was concentrating on increasing my energy and getting myself well from depression other changes began to happen. I began to see a change in the way I was thinking and feeling. I had changed my diet and taken supplements to open the cell membrane. This caused my body to detoxify on the physical level. For instance magnesium is a mineral that promotes expansion and literally is the light that sparks the energy in the cells.  When we expand on the physical this has a knock on effect onto the other energy body’s such as the mind and the emotional. The more I cleared on a cellular level the more my life began to expand outwards in a positive way. It was akin to peeling away the layers of an onion and when yet another layer was peeled away there was a new shift in consciousness and perception.

The physical energy body is the most dense and holds our reality in place. The greater the density on this level the greater the delay between what we want to happen and the time in which it happens. When we work on releasing physical density we really are working on opening ourselves to a new reality. By  increasing the oxidation rate in our cells by taking certain supplements the cells begin to open and shed their density.  Whatever has been stuck in the cells is then eliminated. Along with the physical toxicity are old memories, old beliefs, old ways of reacting to situations and inherited ancestral blueprints.

So when people say they feel stuck, they are stuck at a physical cellular level. To change we need to work on changing the electrical potential of the cell so that the rigid fixed reality becomes more fluidic and open to newer possibilities. Change at a physical level creates a domino effect onto the emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies. When our cells are detoxed and we are replete with minerals our body is able to hold more energy and light..

Our positive thinking now becomes more than just a mental construct as it becomes grounded in our new physical reality.  We attract who and what we are on an energy level. This really is how the law of attraction works. If we raise our energy levels by working on nutrition and taking supplements that give the correct cellular charge we naturally rise in frequency.  That rise in frequency on the inside attracts its corresponding frequency on the outside.

The currency of the universe is energy. To come unstuck we need to increase our energy levels to create movement. Creating movement in the cells creates a corresponding movement in our lives. It never ceases to amaze me when this happens not just to me but to the clients that I work with. It is the energy shifts that we create inside that make all the difference in the outside world. One of my clients was very much stuck on an emotional level and no matter what she did she was unable to break free of a stifling friendship that was draining her energy. By working on herself at a cellular level, her friendship with this other woman changed because now instead of being taken advantage of, she finally had the energy to protect herself and put in the boundaries she so needed. 

It takes time to change our physical biochemistry which is why I work in health programmes. If you would like to work with me please fill in my clarity call application. 




Are You Looking to Balance Your Energy?

Aisling FitzGibbon

The Dark Ages

During the dark ages of illusion and separation women were persecuted, vilified and destroyed. In a patriarchal culture a woman’s power was regarded as suspect, a threat to the established order. Women possessed gifts and an energy that was beyond a man’s understanding and for that she was condemned. She was not officially allowed to study medicine and the position of the church at that time was that if she dared to cure without having studied, then she was a witch and would have to die. Women were faced with an evil that surpassed any rational understanding.

But the Burning Times did not put an end to our powers. Women, as keepers of the mysteries went underground and their DNA passed through each generation until it was time to re-emerge. 

The Age of Aquarius

The time is now as we fully enter into the Age of Aquarius and the rise of the goddess has begun. Everywhere women are casting off the wounds of suppression and are beginning to heed their own unique call to action. The collective unease of having to live within a linear patriarchal society is being felt. We are not able to maintain our energy and vitality in this ego separation and competition when as women, we know on a deeper level that for us to thrive we need an interconnected community of support and inspiration that will eventually create a more equable and just world for our children’s future.

Together We Ascend

Now it will be different because it is not just about the female power rising and taking over from the male. Rather it is a time where we will balance the feminine and masculine qualities within all of us. The feminine energy will help counteract the male driven doingness that has been the hallmark of our survival in the outer world. By teaching us how to be, we begin to develop our intuition and creativity and we begin to explore the importance of our emotional and soul body. The feminine energy leads to the development of a strong inner world that gets us in touch with the Aquarian values of compassion, love, peace, harmony, integration and nurturing. As sisters we rise, while embracing our brothers as we acknowledge that the individual becomes the universal while still maintaining individuality which paves the way for unity in diversity. Together we ascend.

The Healing Arts

For thousands of years mystery schools helped to initiate both men and women into embodied female wisdom. People were trained in the healing arts and in developing their own connection to their intuitive faculties and to their own divinity. Queen Scotia, daughter of the pharaoh Akhenaton, brought her mystery teachings to Ireland. Her divine feminine thread links her to us as we reawaken in lives that include family responsibilities, work and relationships.

Our challenge is to develop our emerging gifts and maintain our energy at this time of incredible earth shifts and transformations. During the Energy is Your Currency Masterclass we will explore ways of developing the feminine energy in our lives and in balancing it with the masculine. Together we will create manageable and achievable steps towards empowerment through firstly taking charge of our own energy system, as energy is our most powerful currency.

Change begins with each person at a micro level and ripples out into the world at a macro level. We change the world by first changing ourselves. I look forward to working with you.

To your energy and vitality, 


Nutritionist and Energy Transformation Coach