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Celery Juice Morning Routine

Aisling FitzGibbon


Since learning about the Medical Medium protocols when my Mum got sick, I’ve been studying his books and blog intensely over the past few months.

One of the Medical Medium (MM) key protocols is to include celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach. At first that sounded overwhelming and I put it to one side but the more I learned about the benefits, the more inspired I was to try.

I want to share with you the top 3 benefits to inspire you to include celery juice in your life.

  1. Celery juice is most powerful when you drink it solo. While it’s great to consume other green juices or vegetables juices and add in items like spinach, kale, parsley, cilantro, or apples, drink those mixed juices at a different time than your straight celery juice. These blends function differently than what Medical Medium recommends as your greatest tool for recovering your health: pure celery juice taken on an empty stomach. If you drink your celery juice first thing in the morning, it will also strengthen your digestion of foods you eat for the rest of the day.

  2. The electrolytes in celery hydrate on a deep cellular level, lessening your chances of suffering from migraines, anxiety, panic attacks, and more. Celery also stabilizes and supports the adrenal glands, offers stress assistance, and repairs damaged cells inside the liver. 

  3. Celery’s ability to break down and flush out viruses is life-changing news for anybody who has been told they have an autoimmune disease. Pathogens such as viruses, including EBV and shingles, are the true cause of the inflammation that’s mistakenly considered an autoimmune condition. Medical communities just aren’t aware of the real cause yet.  - Medical Medium

I recommended starting with half a bunch of organic celery and work up to using one whole bunch of celery for maximum health benefits. Simply put your celery sticks into your juicer, pour into your favourite glass and enjoy deeply nourishing your glorious body.

You can read all about celery juice in the Medical Medium Life Changing Foods Book.

Let me know if you are inspired to add celery juice to your life or are you already celery juicing in the comments below.

Happy juicing,


Clearly Filtered Water

Aisling FitzGibbon

In this week's episode of Aisling's Holistic Health Show I had the pleasure of speaking with Asaiah Passwater of Clearly

Asaiah reached out to me at The Girl Against Fluoride to connect and let me know he was attending the Fluoride Action Network Conference in Washington D.C this September. Soon after I recorded this interview with Asaiah and he shares his impression of the campaign for fluoride free water in Ireland. Asaiah established his company Clearly 7 years ago to provide clean safe water solutions for households young and old. Asaiah pointed out that there are many contaminants in our drinking water aside from fluoride that need to be filtered out. 

Asaiah has kindly donated 4 Clearly Filtered Jug filters for my Holiday giveaway. I will be filming a live weekly draw on Facebook Live in my Group Energy is Your Currency Community starting this Thursday 30th November at 8 pm, ending on Thursday 21st December at 8 pm. 

To be in a chance to win please Sign Up to enter the draw. 

Caring For Yourself is a Revolutionary Act

Aisling FitzGibbon

Really caring for yourself and honouring your unique energy system is revolutionary as its very action begins to unravel the old matrix of survival consciousness. In survival consciousness, we get stuck in stories that are limiting and fear inducing, that keep us trapped in an endless loop of suffering. While in this state we have little trust that life will yield its treasures when experiences up until this point have dictated otherwise.

In survival consciousness, we remain shut off from our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body which is one of the reasons we follow the medical system and take drugs to halt the symptoms of illness. Symptoms are messengers and are suppressed when we halt them in their tracks. By thwarting our bodies’ attempts to throw off toxicity we undermine our physical integrity. Not only that but we now have the compounding problem of having to detox the medicine that we took in the first place.

The new health care model focuses on firstly integrating the self and its many aspects. This is very important in healing because neglect of our own inner family leads to disconnection from ourselves. Our consciousness includes the inner babe, the inner child, the inner nurturer, the inner sage and the inner warrior. Neglecting any aspect of ourselves by over emphasising others leads to disharmony and disease.

The new health care model does not work without your conscious engagement and commitment. Healing brings you on your own journey home to your integrated self. It allows the expression of symptoms and the interpretation of their meaning. It sees the symptoms you experience as a catalyst to take you into your new chapter. Transiting into the next chapter requires careful guidance, interpretation and accountability.

We may aspire to changing our lives yet we resist change because our ego wants to stay as we are no matter the cost. The ego wants us to stay in fear, lack and judgement as this is what it is used to. It perceives all change as destabilising, even if that change is for our good and will lead us to a better place.

Excuses the ego comes up to keep you the same:

It’s not the right time

I need to be in a better space

I don’t have the money

My car needs new lights

The dog needs grooming for his birthday

My children need music lessons

Yet we cannot create a new reality for ourselves if we are using the current building blocks of the old template as this is what binds us to the illusion of separation and keeps us trapped. The ego knows this and will do anything to maintain the status quo.

In the old template, we are deeply conditioned into thinking of other people first. Feelings of not being good enough drive our unconscious behaviours. Fear of failure and rejection sets us on a trajectory of addiction and overwork. We are trained to hustle for worthiness and we are exhausted because of it. But our body is the receptacle of our consciousness and it deserves our honour, respect and love. The care and love you give yourself has the power to change you and this transformation sculpts a new outer reality to match your new template. The magic simply shows up.

If you are seeking to change but don’t know how, then please get in touch to discover how I can help you.  

The Magic of Mentoring

Aisling FitzGibbon

When I first started working as a Nutritional Therapist I’d give clients copious amounts of information about their given condition coupled with advice on the correct foods and supplements to begin their healing journey. I rather naively thought that the information and knowledge would set them free. What I noticed however is that some of them did nothing.

So, what on earth was happening? In hindsight, I realised that the gap between where a client wanted to go and where they were currently at was enormous. Just giving a one -off session, hoping that healthier habits would be adhered to was not taking this into account. This is because making changes without support and accountability can be difficult. Knowledge is one thing but the practical application of this knowledge is another.   

It was time for me to change the way I worked if I wanted to help people regain their health.  Knowledge clearly was not enough. If I was to make real change in my client’s lives I would have to look at ways in which I could work at my full capacity.  Over time I developed my 3-6-month health mentoring programme which has revolutionised my practice and has given my clients the results they need.  

My health mentoring programmes doesn’t just focus on food. I work in developing the correct mind set, I dissolve limiting beliefs, I design strategies that are soul filled, and enable my clients to adopt healthier habits that fit into their lives.

Guiding clients very often to their own conclusions in a session is what gets them to shift their own belief patterns that may be blocking their progress. It is amazing what happens when subtle shifts are made that lead to positive actions.

During my mentoring programme dietary changes are introduced and monitored on a weekly basis. Sessions are one to one and take place at the same time every week. Clients are given a clear understanding of what happens to their body when biochemical changes take place. This is important as the healing journey is not linear. There are periods of expansion and contraction occurring as the body releases its toxicity and gains greater integrity.

The weekly sessions build on the previous session so that knowledge and understanding is consolidated. Scaffolded changes help to avoid the sense of overwhelm people feel when confronted with having too many things to do. It’s not possible to provide the necessary education in a few session as the diet, the supplements and techniques are adjusted weekly and when needed.

Weekly mentoring empowers my clients as they learn to understand how their body reacts to changes in diet and what techniques to implement to ensure the safe removal of toxicity from their cells. Emotional support is crucial as when we detox on a physical level we also begin to clear old stuck feelings that were lodged in our tissues.

My mentoring programme has been a massive learning curve for me as I could not have achieved what I wanted to achieve with clients without creating it.

With each person I work with, we go on a journey together to get to where they want to go to. I love mentoring as it provides a structure to my healing programme. It gives me the opportunity to combine my occupational therapy skills with my nutritional work as I tailor my programme to suit each person’s needs. I find that mentoring gives me the space to work with clients on all levels of healing which is so important as our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are deeply interconnected. I have witnessed so many times that when people begin to make changes in one area of their lives and it unravels the blocks they are having in another.

Mentoring is magical and the investment pays dividends for your current and future health. Yes, you can get a plan from a nutritionist but if your old patterns and behaviours aren’t transformed then you won’t get the results. 

If you are interested in working with me please get in touch. 

Appetite control is possible

Aisling FitzGibbon

How many of you have sat down at night, tired after a working day, a cup of tea in one hand and a packet of biscuits in the other. You know how it goes as you promise yourself one or two delicious organic real butter biscuits. One biscuit is dunked into the tea and seeing as it’s half melted it doesn’t count. The second one is eaten straight away to follow in the wake of its half drowned brother. The crunch triggers the brain to recall the pleasure, the joy of other past crunchy chews and the hand guided by the brain reaches out for the third and maybe the fourth biscuit. Before you know it the packet is almost eaten and you are left feeling bereft, not because there are only a few left but because you felt so out of control in biscuit presence.

In swoops guilt and triggers stress hormones (cortisol) that steer energy away from digestion and lay down fat in the abdominal area. Feeling stressed with the release of cortisol you reach out for the remaining biscuits and devour them. The thought of biscuits in the house for a minute more is enough to give you heart palpitations and sure once they’re gone so is the temptation. Or so you reason. You promise yourself you will never again look at, let alone buy those organic utterly butterly addictive cookies. Never ever…

Dopamine and appetite

Every love story in history begins with dopamine. Dopamine, one of our neurotransmitters, prompts us to love our food thereby ensuring our survival. Nature has designed an inbuilt reward system so when we eat our brain recognises we’re doing something right and releases dopamine in response. We interpret this response as pleasure which prompts us to eat again and again.

The amount of dopamine produced in response to food all depends on what we eat. If we eat a meal with steak and broccoli for instance we produce moderate amounts of this chemical but if we eat a bowl of ice cream with high levels of fat and sugar we produce high levels of dopamine- hence the wonderful feel good feeling we get with ice cream and the temptation to eat more. Insulin regulates the release of dopamine so if we eat a diet that is high in carbohydrates and sugar we experience peak dopamine levels.

The problem with this is once we experience rapid dopamine release our brain is flooded with it. When this happens, the brain tries to balance itself by reducing dopamine receptor cells. This means that with less receptor cells we become less sensitive to the neurotransmitter and dopamine levels drop. So in order to regain the high we get from food there is a tendency to eat more which then becomes a vicious cycle. This is why one biscuit becomes two and three and four as the brain tries to increase its happy chemicals.

What can I do to boost dopamine levels and reduce cravings?

  • Eat foods that are naturally high in the amino acid L- Tyrosine such as eggs, fish, chicken, red meat, dairy products, nuts and seeds, green vegetables, avocados, apples, oatmeal, turmeric, green tea and bananas.  L-Tyrosine is a major building block of dopamine.
  • Reduce your intake of caffeine, alcohol and sugar as these trigger rapid dopamine release and reduce dopamine receptors.
  • Include foods high in natural probiotics such as kefir, Sauerkraut, and natural yoghurts that favour dopamine production. Unhealthy gut bacteria lower dopamine.
  • Correct a magnesium deficiency as magnesium is a co factor for the biosynthesis of dopamine. Common symptoms of a magnesium deficiency are craving for carbohydrates and salt and conditions such as constipation, high blood pressure, fatigue, irritability and mood swings
  • Ensure you have adequate omega 3 oils, zinc, iron, vitamin B6 and vitamin D to raise dopamine levels
  • Exercise raises the baseline levels of dopamine by promoting the growth of new brain cell receptors so go walking, jogging, or swimming to boost this motivational chemical.
  • Take action to reduce stress levels as stress interferes with the production of dopamine. Meditate, take a walk, practice reframing negative situations. Boost dopamine by engaging in hobbies that give you pleasure.
  • When we accomplish anything in our life we get a dopamine hit as a reward so take steps towards reaching your goals. Begin with short term goals and when each one is ticked off you feel so much better. Some people enjoy making lists and ticking off their tasks as they are completed.
  • Dopamine helps us to get into the flow so lose yourself in a creative endeavour of your choice. It could be writing, composing, painting your home. Or it could be sorting out that cupboard under the stairs and upcycling its contents. I enjoy writing and researching and hours have flown by while I work.
  • Listening to your favourite music rises dopamine. I like to listen to Richie Ros's music to relax.  
  • Keeping a healthy weight is important for normal dopamine receptor sites. Obesity leads to blunted dopamine pathways due to exposure to highly palatable foods. This leads to overeating to stimulate the pleasure circuits in the brain.
  • Sleep is vital to keeping dopamine receptors high. Dopamine is crucial for our REM sleep cycle and is also linked to melatonin production which helps us switch off and go to sleep. So try to establish a regular bedtime ritual making sure you get between 7-9 hours sleep. Any more or less than that can interfere with dopamine production.



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Spring into Spring, The Real New Year

Aisling FitzGibbon

If you are anything like me, jaded January is no time to make New Year’s Resolutions. Not a chance when my body is in hibernation mode, and so apart from brisk walks to nearby beaches and woods, I want to curl up in front of my stove and eat wholesome nourishing foods to keep me warm and snug. Any resolutions made at this time would be well broken leading to a very frustrated February which does nothing for my happiness barometer. 

Now that Spring is in the air I am ready to embrace the magic of March whose energy is transformational. Outside nature is waking up, grass is growing, more birds join the dawn chorus, and we have more glorious light with extended daytime. This is the time of the year when we have the Spring Equinox which this year occurs on March 20 2016 at 04.30. We are now emerging from the chill of winter, crawling out from duvet land, and stepping out of hibernation. I love this season of new creation and promise. 

The equinox is a time when our bodies naturally detox to get us into super health for the weeks to come. I always notice that people seem to come down with chills and colds which is nature’s way of spring cleaning after a winter of hibernation.  I have a slight cough tonight but I’m treating it with lemon and ginger tea, bone broth which is a great immune booster, and lots and lots of vegetables to help with the detox of the Equinox. I know it can be a bit of an inconvenience to deal with cold symptoms but I know from experience that it’s best to allow those symptoms their full expression, to support the body’s way of cleansing.  An acute illness like a cold gives the body a chance to cleanse.  It’s like spring cleaning a house so why not your body. When people are impatient with symptoms and take medicines to get rid of those symptoms they fail to use this time to eliminate toxicity from their body. This can make a person feel more tired and sluggish and can lead to more chronic health problems in the future. So it’s best to put with a few minor symptoms and get those cells clean and clear for the new season. This will ensure a smooth transition into Spring, leaving you feeling energised. 

So what are my resolutions this Spring?  

I plan to invest in an indoor rebounder to bounce my way to fitness. This is weather proof. I will laugh at the rain, although not manically. 

I will skin brush every morning before my shower as this is a great way to get the lymph flowing as lymph does not have a pump. Pump it up. This is a great way of diminishing those dimples of cellulite that may have invaded thighs during the winter.  

I will have hot and cold showers to further stimulate the lymphatic system. 

To keep my energy buoyant, I plan to go to bed before the bewitching hour to rest my power supplying adrenals. Those are those precious pearls that sit on top of our kidneys that help us cope with stress. 

I will collect nettles from my garden to make nettle soup – great to cleanse the kidneys. They sting so best to wear gloves.  

I went foraging today in the forest to get some wild garlic to make garlic pesto. It is divine and it’s free. Only thing to be mindful of is not to collect garlic near the footpath as someone’s Fido may have done his business on it. Walk in a few feet where it’s fresh and pee free.  

I will help to open up my liver’s routes of elimination with a few detox techniques as the liver is the organ that has to process what is being eliminated by the cells after the winter. I know from my own body that if the liver is not supported during detox then I will be feeling tired with headaches and irritable. 

I will eat a lighter diet to include more salads, juices and soups to encourage my body to clear out any toxicity that has built up over the winter.  

Actually eight resolutions are enough for me as it will be summer before I know it with a different energy emerging. What works best for me is going with the energy of the seasons, eating foods that match that energy and doing activities that are suitable for each season. Happy Equinox everyone.  May your transition to this most energising time of the year be smooth, easy and exciting.  

My delicious homemade wild garlic pesto 

My delicious homemade wild garlic pesto 

Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

2 large Handfuls of wild garlic

4 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin olive oil

1/2 teaspoon of sea salt

juice of half a lemon

Half a cup of either walnuts or pine nuts

1/2 cup of Nutritional Yeast


Whizz it all up in your nutribullet or other good quality food processor until lovely, smooth and creamy. Add to a glass jar and keep in the fridge for up to a week if it lasts that long. 

Tip: Not to be eaten on a first date as you will have a super strong garlic breath.