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Rooting into Your Power

Aisling FitzGibbon

Divinity Quest available from

Divinity Quest available from

This week I have made some major progress in terms of how I’m making peace with how things are. I am beginning to see the underlying perfection of life after being buried in a haze of trauma since my Mum became suddenly ill in February and passed away in on the 10th May.

In Energy is Your Currency Membership I am teaching exactly what I need to learn and master. The month of September we have been practicing a 30 day Root into Your Power Practice. What I’ve learned from this is that I cannot root into my power when I resist what is happening in my life. It is when I soften into surrendered trust that I can feel I am held by the Universe.

When you contract into a perspective that sees everything as wrong and that the world is against you, you cut yourself off from your power. It is a tricky one to practice, especially in the face of trauma and overwhelm. But, you have a choice in each moment how you perceive your life.

A simple reframe I use in my practice is asking myself “What is the lesson and what is the gift?”. This simple question can lead to profound shifts as it enables you to move from feeling victimised to seeing yourself as co-creator with life. Co-creating with life isn’t always easy or how you expect things to unfold which is why it is necessary to understand that life is a mystery and we can’t always explain why things happen the way they do.

I met a lady yesterday who knew myself and my Mum and she asked me “how are you coping” and I answered I have lots of support to help me. As I said this I realised the biggest support I have is my own self and that this experience is giving me the gift of learning how to hold myself, love myself and own my power. My energy completely expanded as I said this and I rooted deeper into my power.

Having a daily practice is essential to your health and wellness. The reason we practice is Number 1 to feel well and Number 2 to give us the reserves that handle what life brings to us and Number 3 to raise our awareness and levels of consciousness so we can bring our best self to our life.

I’m opening the doors for enrolment in Energy is Your Currency Membership on Thursday 4th October just in time to start our new month’s practice. To sign up click here:

Nuggets of Wisdom from The Pendulum Summit 2018

Aisling FitzGibbon

Success is determined by your happiness .png

I attended the Pendulum summit in Dublin last week. It was my first time at this impressive event with Inspirational Speakers from different walks of life- Sport’s people, Business owners, Motivational Speakers and Global Authorities on leadership. It was a lot to take in as everyone’s perspectives and journeys are different, but I managed to take away some valuable nuggets that I want to share with you.

Randi Zuckerberg’s talk centred on the value of turning away from the outside world to connect with what you want to create. She cautioned discernment on the use of technology.

Joe Malone, business entrepreneur spoke of how belief in herself and her product enabled her to push forward with her ideas even when resources were scarce.  

Paul O’ Connell shared how mastering the moment helped him to value the process, rather than the outcome. This shift in perspective reduced his pressure and panic, allowing him to enjoy playing Rugby and improve his performance.

Martyn Newman, the global authority on leadership and emotional intelligence focused on the importance of emotional wellbeing on one’s capacity for success.

Marci Shimoff, the Happiness expert, co- author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series and author of Love for No Reason and Happy For No Reason was a complete tonic. She spoke of the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive people calling it the home for happiness that provides conditions for blossoming.

I was delighted to see that emotional intelligence has entered and is being acknowledged in the business world. Those who are happier are more likely to be engaged in what they do and to be committed enough to their vision to see it through. What I had witnessed with all the speakers was their outcome of their success and a glimpse into their own particular journeys.

I know that it is challenging to navigate your journey on your own. Success is highly dependent on those you surround yourself with. It can be discouraging when people don’t support your dreams because they tend to quench your fire and enthusiasm. 

Having the right people around you to help cheer you on even when you feel like giving up makes all the difference. This has led to my decision to launch my Energy is Your Currency Membership. This is a space for you to gain clarity on your intentions, nurture your dreams into reality and connect with like-minded visionaries. The inner strength to stay on your path emerges when supportive conditions are provided. In the membership you will be provided with the tools and techniques to master your evolutionary journey and to blaze a trail on the path into the unknown.

To sign up for my waitlist for my Energy is Your Currency Membership please sign up at this link.:

Doors are opening on 31st January and close 7th February.




How to Create Lasting Change in 2018

Aisling FitzGibbon

Steps to lasting change for 2018.png

I know that for many people, resolutions made in January are discarded by February as we slide into old habits and familiar comfort zones. When motivation wanes, we blame our lack of willpower, time constrictions or whatever distractions get in the way. There is always next year of course until it comes around again.

Last year I made lots of plans - goals I wanted to achieve in both my personal and professional life but they were too outcome driven and vague. I didn't honour the process, always in a hurry to get to the next task. This made me feel stressed with little time for reflection and consolidation.  

This year I decided to break this cycle by taking the following steps  

1) I decided to create clear intentions and to take actions that align with those intentions. This shift alone has helped me focus more on what I’m doing and has kept me within a framework of my higher vision. Clear intentions help us stay on task rather than racing ahead haphazardly. I'm already valuing the process and feel more present in what I’m doing. Having clearer intentions means, that instead of me biting off more than I can chew and saying for instance that I'm going to learn ten recipes a week, I'm mastering two. This intention is clearer and more doable so I am more likely to continue with this action 

2) Rather than looking ahead and seeing 2018 in its full entirety, during which I want changes to happen, I am looking at the year ahead in weekly and even daily chunks. Straight away this feels a lot less overwhelming. Day to day actions support our intentions. Small changes are easily incorporated into our daily life. For example, I decided to restrict my Facebook scrolling time. Yes, I’m guilty.  It was a habit that was far too distracting and already I find I'm more productive 

3) Instead of using my energy haphazardly, which can make me feel fed up and exhausted, I took an inventory of where I was spending my energy. I divided a page into what energises and enhances me and what depletes and drains me. I found this really helpful as it made me more aware of where I was spending my energy and how I feel afterwards   

4) I know I need to keep myself accountable to my new habits as I can go off on a tangent with new ideas and plans. This of course dissipates energy. I now have a diary planner that helps me stay accountable to my daily intentions and helps me reflect on how I’m doing and what I’m learning in the process. I also decided to have a weekly podcast with my fiancé Richie Ros to help us both chart our progress. We are accountability buddies for the year

I am very much aware that as we shed our old story to create the bigger vision of our life, we need support. I know, from experience, how isolating and confusing this journey can be, which is why I’m creating a monthly membership programme. In the membership site you'll find the tools to help you gain clarity and tips on how to manifest your intentions. This will be a place to be accountable, even when you’re unsure and want to give up. It will become a hub of education and support where you'll learn how to track your progress, reduce distractions and work towards intentions that can be incorporated into your daily life. Click here if you want to find out about the Energy is Your Currency Membership site. Doors are opening on the 31st January and closing on the 7th February.