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Cows are back in town

Aisling FitzGibbon

Despite being vilified and blacklisted since the 60’s as being implicated in heart disease, butter is finally making a comeback. The low fat propaganda, promoted by the fake food industry, is melting now that market demand for butter is increasing. Clever marketing campaigns in the past had hoodwinked nations into believing margarine was good for their health.  

Cows however are back in town and whatever guilt and shame they’ve been made to feel has been absolved. Cows have been forgiven. The public response has been phenomenal with butter sales taking over the margarine market. Nothing tastes as good as real butter tastes and cows know this.

In the previous reign of terror, fear froze taste buds into believing margarine tasted as good as butter and unlike butter was good for their hearts. The margarine cult was born. The only bovine crime cows were guilty of, was of not speaking out and standing up for their produce, but this was a time when google translate had yet to be invented. Far from turning the udder cheek cows have recently made the following statement to journalists from The Irish Farmer’s Journal; "MOOOOOOOOOOOOO"  (Google Translate:The truth will set us free).

And so it has. Margarine spreads are accused of being the imposters that stole butter’s colour as they made an attempt to emulate its spread. They couldn’t steal the taste of real butter that melts in your mouth and sends all sorts of happy messages to your hormones. They also couldn't steal the benefits of real butter as it is a natural source of vitamin A, D, E and K2, so essential to adrenal and thyroid health. Butter is also a source of arachidonic acid, vital for brain function and development. It helps the immune system by building healthy cell membranes.

If a container states you can’t believe it’s not butter then it’s not butter. Despite claims that low fats spreads prevent heart disease, the reality is that once people switched from eating butter to eating man made hydrogenated spreads, heart disease levels went up and obesity increased. We need saturated fats in moderation for healthy cell walls that compose our organs. What we don’t need are hydrogenated fats that clog up cell membranes, and cause inflammation. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils found in spreads have been linked to damaged arteries, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

When scientists discovered that the trans-fats in spreadable hydrogenated oils were damaging for health, they retreated to their labs to find a way of reformatting their hydrogenated goo as opposed to the goodness of the moo brand they were now up against. The latest claim is that spreads are being made of 'interesterified' vegetable oils (a treatment that re­arranges the fat molecules under high temperature and pressure, using enzymes or acids as catalysts). I’ll stick with the butter thanks.   

Love has lifted butter up where it belongs- on shelves in fridges across the nation, spread seductively on bread, dripping on runny eggs, swimming on vegetables and on our national staple- the potato. Marg on a spud? I don’t think so. We were given taste buds for a reason. Let that reason be love.