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Autumn Equinox. Your Opportunity to Cleanse and Let Go

Aisling FitzGibbon

Autumn Equinox.jpg

You may have noticed people complaining of various illnesses this time of year. There are colds, flus, stomach bugs and the general feeling of under the weather. Fear not. These are just signs that your body is undergoing a detox. You are not sick. Your body is simply clearing out any toxins that may have built up during the past season to optimise your energy for autumn.

It’s like house cleaning. You get the urge to clear out cupboards, wardrobes, drawers and under the sink leaving you with piles of things/ rubbish that no longer serve you. You can either take unwanted items to the charity shop and recycle what you no longer need. Your house loves you for its nouveau minimalism and appears airier with less clutter. It makes you feel good because you are getting rid of the old to make way for the new.

But what would happen if you just kept things in the house and never did a clear out? The energy would feel heavy with unused items, worn out clothes hanging limply on hangers and rubbish. After a while the clutter would pile up and it would feel unhealthy and unconducive to wellbeing. If at this stage you refused to house clean the dirt would build up creating a polluted home.

It is the same with the human body. We have two annual equinoxes, one in the autumn and one in spring when the energy naturally rises to detoxify our cells. Both of these times are opportune times for the body to shift what it no longer needs as the seasons change over.  

 I find it interesting that Chinese people go to their Health Care Practitioner twice a year to help make the shift from the expansive energy of summer to the more contracted energy of autumn and winter and likewise from winter into the more expansive energy of spring. Wise people.

To be truly healthy and to embrace the natural energy of the seasons we can go with this cleanse and assist it. We can go vegan for a week or two, for however long it takes to clear the cold/flu symptoms. We can dust off the juicer and have wonderful cleansing juices that clear out our congested lymphatics and cells. We can have cleansing soups and autumn fruits such as apples, pears and berries. We can drink lemon water in the morning to kick start the detox and drink plenty of water to encourage the body to release what it no longer needs.  

This time of the year I see advertisements on chemist’s windows for Calpol and Uniflu- medicines to target cold/flu symptoms. Although used to treat the symptoms of colds and flus they stop house cleaning in its tracks. This is because the body naturally raises its temperature to help burn up what’s not needed in the body. When that process is halted, what was attempting to be eliminated from the body stays.

Our health depends on the efficiency of our cells to take in nourishment and equally to eliminate waste products. The body in its wisdom employs the cold virus to help it clean itself. It is a process that needs to be honoured and facilitated by a cleansing diet and lots of rest with TLC. It is healthy to get one or two colds a year. Unfortunately, the perception around colds and flus is that they are inconvenient, driving people to take medication to lessen the process. Rather than respecting that their body needs to rest, they override the body’s symptoms to stay in work. 

So what happens if we suppress the cold virus? When the acute illness is not allowed to be expressed (sneezing, coughing , sore throat, achy bones ect) what was meant to be gotten rid of goes deeper into the tissues and organs of the body. What we are now seeing is a rise in chronic illnesses such as asthma, kidney disease and mental health conditions as a result of the body not being allowed to cleanse itself. 

There is a saying that if you feed a cold you will have to starve a fever. This is because the body does not need build up foods with acute illnesses such as colds and flus. It needs cleansing foods so that the body can eliminate its toxic load. This comes naturally to me as whenever I got sick as a child I was put on the couch and given soups, juices and fruits until I got better. No matter how much I didn’t like the symptoms I learned that they were there for a reason. Yes I would have been uncomfortable for a few days but it was fine. I knew I would recover as I always did.

I have friends who would have gone to the doctor who would have offered them painkillers (they reduce glutathione stores), antibiotics (they wipe out healthy gut bacteria and lead to cellular damage). In some instances, steroids are now also being subscribed to further reduce inflammation.

Today the sun crossed the Celestial equator (the imaginary line in the sky) that corresponds to our earth equator. From today onwards the nights will draw in with the days becoming shorter. I wish you all a happy healthy Equinox. May whatever needs to be released physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually be fully expressed. It’s okay to sneeze. It’s not okay to take anything that impedes your energy and stops you from having a lovely autumn. 

House cleaning? Yes please. Your house/body will thank you for it.