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My Christmas book list

Aisling FitzGibbon

I love to sink into a good book and rummage in someone else’s imagination for a change. Have you, like me, ever found yourself being led to the right book at the right time when you're ready to hear its message? And then you have those wonderful ah ha moments when your thoughts and those of the authors' collide?  

This Christmas I plan to reread some of my favourites and also invest in some new ones. There is nothing better than the rain beating down outside, flames dancing and darting in the stove and dipping into words that have the power to change us by simply changing our perception.    

My recommended list for Christmas will include authors I am already familiar with and already love and some newbies. Choices. Choices.

I’ll begin with Gabrielle Bernstein who is a personal favourite of mine and a master at crafting her message. I already have her book Miracles Now that is written in her terrific Spirit Junkie style and is brimming with practical techniques to help combat common problems such as addiction, anxiety and fear. This is a great pick up put down book for quick stress relieving strategies.

I plan on buying her latest book The Universe Has Your Back. In this book Gabby shares how she maintains how she feels regardless of what's going on in her life. This is a book that illustrates how by changing our mindset we can transform negative life situations into life lessons. I love Gabrielle's practical and down to earth manner and I look forward to delving into another Spirit Junkie treasure.

I almost cannot wait to order Rise Sister Rise by the Hay House author Rebecca Campbell who really impressed me at the Hay House conference in London last year. Anyone who wants to learn how to unleash their feminine power to tell their truth and lead then this is the book for you.  

Another favourite author of mine is Christine Northrup. I read her book Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom which provides a cornucopia of knowledge on women's health and sexuality. This is a must read for anyone planning a natural home birth and who wants to sail through the menopause. This year I will treat myself to one of her latest books Making Life Easy: A Simple Guide to a Divinely Inspired Life

Brene Brown is an author who has discovered the inherent power in vulnerability and its necessity for wholehearted living. Brene's book Daring Greatly shows us how feelings of never being enough can graduate into shame and fear. By embracing our vulnerable nature and expressing gratitude we can combat these feelings and live more fulfilling lives. This book offers tools to help deepen our love partnerships

My gold star for this year's book is A Mind of Your Own by Psychiatrist Kelly Brogan. This book has revolutionised the treatment of mental health conditions and is paving the way for a paradigm shift away from drug based treatment. This is a book that will change how you perceive mental health forever. I absolutely love it. 

Seeing as I am making Christmas dinner this year I plan to enlist the help of Danielle Walker and her amazing book Against All Grain: Delectable Paleo Recipes to Eat Well and Feel Great .This is one of the best paleo books on the market and is loaded with delicious, innovative and easy to follow recipes.

A few years ago I started reading a book while in the bath and was so drawn into the story that I became oblivious to the water that had gotten cold. The book was Mutant Message Down Under by author Marlo Morgan. This is a story about the author who goes on a journey with a nomadic group of Aborigines for 4 months in the desert in the Australian outback. This is a book that challenges our western values of competition and greed and opens us to the spiritual nature of indigenous people.

Although the book Many Lives, Many Masters has been on my bookshelf for years I never read it.  So this Christmas I plan to read a book that promises an insight into the concept of reincarnation. The story is centered on psychiatrist Dr. Weiss whose conventional treatment of a 27-year-old woman for anxiety, depression and phobias has failed. Past life memories would be the key to her recovery. Sounds intriguing.

Christmas would not be Christmas without a good book to read. So treat yourself.





Why I Now Believe in Santa

Aisling FitzGibbon

Dear Santa,

I hope you, Missus Claus and your fine family of reindeers and elves are top class this coming festive season. Yes I know you haven’t heard from me in a while but that’s not my fault. For some unfathomable reason once you reach teenagehood in Ireland, belief in Santa and magic is actively discouraged. There is no gradual transition, it’s like you were there one day and gone the next. Being honest I don’t think I’ve ever recovered.

There is a reason why you're the CEO of Christmas. You know what children want and you deliver. Right on time in the early hours of Christmas morning. I remember the magic, the anticipation of wondering if I’d been good enough to get what I wanted.  It was the only night of the year when I went to bed on my own without being told or cajoled. I knew the score- behave well and the goods arrive. Brilliant formula.

Nowadays Christmas is in the hands of adults which makes it very hit and miss and sometimes so chaotic and stressful that I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. The latest is the upcycling of presents you don’t want that are passed onto someone else regardless of their personal taste. So the box of biscuits you received with a smile and an inner groan gets passed onto someone else who shudders at the idea of 100,000 calories and immediately shares it with the people at work.  

This conveyor belt of madness has only one rule- do not under any circumstances return the gift you received to the person who gave it to you. The upcycled gifts in turn are recycled in January to a charity store where people buy them at rock bottom prices ready for the conveyor system for the coming festive season. You know how it is – you find a scarf or a Christmas candle and put it away for Aunt Melissa who on receipt of gift gives it to her friend from the running club who donates it to a local school charity night.

So this year you are reinstated. I affirm my belief in you. My list is ready. I’ve been good -well not consciously bad so there’s no need to send out scouts to monitor my behaviour.

Christmas list

I would really love a salt lamp because I stay inside more in the winter and seeing as they emit negative ions in small amounts, they could help my immune system. Their low light with orange hues is warm and nourishing. I’ll take two.

I hope you’ve a Neom Organic candle in stock seeing as it smells heavenly and so totally in keeping with the nativity theme. Last year’s artificial candle (an uncycled gift to me) hurt my lungs and made my eyes water.  

Have you heard of bamboo socks? That’s right. They're the latest fashion fad for feet and my feet want them (very demanding toes). The bamboo is 100% sustainable and is totally biodegradable and above all they are pesticide free.

As I plan on having guests to stay and I want them to feel at ease in my home and most of all in my bathroom. There is nothing more stressful than having to do a poo in someone else’s house and having to disguise the smell by staying in the bathroom for longer than intended and pouring some expensive body wash down the toilet to disguise unsavoury aromas. With poo pourri my guests can poo in peace. Amen. 

My hair wants Jason’s shampoo and conditioner. I always find this great value as it lasts longer than most other shampoos and they really condition my hair.  Plus it has no nasties like parabens so it’s not going to interfere with my endocrine system.  

My big present this year will have to be a Vitamix blender. I need a blender that has reliability and longevity as I plan to film cooking demos in the coming months. If you don’t have a Vitamix in stock, please don’t send me an alternative.

In 2017 I want to bounce my way into a new fitness regime. So I need an indoor rebounder that's safe and durable.

I’m so glad we’re back in touch after all these years. This Christmas will be the most magical of all. I'll be sure to have the customary Christmas pies (organic) and a glass of raw milk for you and some carrots for the reindeers.