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Filtering by Category: Upgrading your body

Upgrade your body to transform your reality

Aisling FitzGibbon

In this week's episode of Aisling's Holistic Health Show I interview Matt Blackburn who is a biohacker, speaker, Youtuber and creator of the world's purest DHA called Cymbiotika (formerly known as Mitolife) 

Matt shares with us his journey of consciousness and healing. Matt uses his body as a walking laboratory and shares his findings on his own channel Super Divine Conductor

Matt's top tips for health come from 3 simple principles:

Light (from sunlight and blocking blue light), Water (pure filtered water), and Magnetism (grounding onto the earth). 

Matt created the Vegan DHA Cymbiotika due to the gap in the market for a pure DHA that is non gmo and not fed high fructose corn syrup. DHA is needed as people are 90-99% deficient in DHA as it is drained by artificial light and EMFs. 

Our cells can emit, absorb and hold light. By supplementing with DHA we increase our cell membrane integrity so we can absorb and hold more light. Light is accessed information so as we increase our light, we evolve at a rapid level. Most of our mitochondria is in our brain, eyes and heart. DHA improves our mitochondria function that drives our energy in our cells, organs and body. 

To upgrade your body Matt recommends:

Grounding; barefoot walking and grounding mats for indoors.

Water filters to purify your drinking and cooking water. 

Shower filters to remove chlorine from your showers.

Nascent Iodine to detoxify fluoride, iodine and bromine. 

Blocking blue light from your computer. The free app is f.lux

Vegan Cymbiotika DHA to improve your cell membrane function and integrity. 1 serving is 1,000 mg and 1 bottle lasts 30 days. 

Currently in Europe Chi Whole foods in Bristol UK is stocking Matt's Cymbiotika. I'm contacting an Irish Supplier to see can we get it available to order here. 

I'd love to hear from you, what action are you going to take to upgrade your body today?