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What To Do When Emotions Block Our Methylation Pathways

Aisling FitzGibbon

Stuck Emotions block our Methylation Pathway.png


Although I use nutrition with my clients I have become aware of its limitations when it comes to healing the emotional body whose memories are lodged in our energy pathways. These memories can keep us in a state of high arousal and stress, thereby depleting the physical body of the necessary vitamins and minerals that aid the process of methylation. Methylation is the process that affects our ability to efficiently detoxify leaving us susceptible to impaired immunity, lower energy, cardiovascular problems, infertility, allergies and mood disorders.

Anyone who has ever felt nervous before an exam knows how the body responds to a perceived threat. Frenzied butterflies catapulting in the stomach, hands sweaty with increased heart rate and racing self -castigating thoughts of “why didn’t I do more beforehand.”

Before three of my driving tests my emotional body took over, even drove the car for me and actually failed the test on each occasion. My sense of logic and reason took a backseat while the emotional out of control me drove the testing route. Not a good idea. For all my body knew I could have been primed for battle with adrenaline and cortisol triggering the fight flight mechanism. I found myself having to sit in a car with the driving instructor (illegal to fight with driving test examiner) hoping he would say something, anything really to lessen my stress response. His impassive features instead prompted me to flee both from him and the car.  The reality is I stayed while stress hormones coursed through my body. That 30 minutes of test time, plus the hours spent worrying beforehand would have robbed my body of its precious B vitamins, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Zinc, all of which are needed for a healthy methylation cycle. The methylation cycle is necessary for our immune system, for healthy detoxification, energy production for to control our inflammatory response.

Any prolonged emotional state that either keeps us in high arousal or in a flat depressed state affects our mineral status and our ability to methylate properly.  All of our emotional experiences, both positive and negative are held in the cells of our body as a memory. Unless these memories are processed and released they stay lodged in our cells, leaving us susceptible to poor immunity, an impaired detoxification system and lowered energy. I have seen time and time again that unless clients work to clear their emotional body, their physical effort of working with diet and supplements is not enough to shift them from surviving to thriving.

Unprocessed emotions causes mental mind chatter- that internal dialogue that uses up our mineral reserves. This keeps the body in a hyper vigilant state with a subsequent loss of magnesium, our calming and life sustaining mineral. This magnesium loss can be devastating to the physical body as its depletion leads to a downward spiral of energy loss and an inability for the cell to cleanse itself of its daily toxicity. Dr Hans Selye divided our stress response into three stages mediated by the adrenal and thyroid glands, all of which can be gone through in minutes. This disturbs the methylation process as stress hormones knock out our mineral reserves.

The word emotion stands for energy in motion when feelings move through or are expressed in a healthy way. Energy flows along specific pathways called meridians that run though our body. If emotions are blocked and not released, they are stored in our cells, our tissues and our organs. Repressed unresolved emotional trauma leads to mind chatter that drains our energy system. Fear, in some instances, can arise from a preverbal state or can come from a person’s past from events that happened years earlier, even at birth.

When we hold tightness in our body we are holding onto resistance towards a specific situation/issue. This is how emotional pain and trauma can then take on a physical manifestation, a subject that has been written extensively about by Louise L. Hay. For example, she says that asthma is triggered by feeling stifled and by suppressed crying. Yet holding back tears leaves a person prone to anxiety, low immunity, impaired memory and poor digestion.

Trauma disconnects us from ourselves, from others and from our environment. In its wake, we may feel out of control, helpless and left unable to fully engage with our life experience. People who have been in abusive relationships, who have had to fend for their survival from an early age have learned to store that trauma in their bodies. Past trauma makes us hypervigilant to our surroundings, to perceived or imaginary threats, to emotions that overflow easily and to feeling on overdrive.

No matter where we come from or how our body manifests it we will hold onto trauma unless we are given the tools to help release it from our system. We need tools that will clear distorted emotions from the energy pathways. The Tools of Fragrance Alchemy help to release trauma and stress from our cellular memories. Working with the Fragrance Alchemy oils helps us to move beyond the fear, anger, shame, guilt and disappointment, enabling us to access the more positive emotions of love, trust, praise and gratitude.

Our emotional and physical health are inextricably linked. We all recognise how daunting it can be having to deliver a public speech- it can even double allergic reactions (blocked methylation) for up to two days afterwards. The emotion of praise on the other hand can in fact lower cholesterol according to a report in The Journal Human Communication. Research has shown that when people spent three 20- minute sessions per week writing about their loved ones, their cholesterol dropped within five weeks.

Fragrance Alchemy helps to release the emotions that are blocking the energy flow along the meridian pathways. Each of the meridians corresponds to a particular organ such as the lung meridian. This meridian pathway could be compromised with grief and sadness. When grief is stuck in the lung meridian it can lead to the feeling that nothing can ever change. Fear is held onto in the kidney meridian holding you in a fight or flight mode. Using the oils of Fragrance Alchemy, discovered by Almine from Spiritual Journeys, helps to clear the meridian pathway of distorted emotions and deep -rooted trauma. I have experienced both subtle and miraculous changes that have happened since using the oils both on myself and with my clients. I combine the use of Fragrance Alchemy in my Holistic Nutrition Practice as the perfect compliment to nutritional therapy.

Unprocessed emotions blocks the meridian pathway and our ability to efficiently methylate. Stuck trauma traps us in an over reactive and protective state where any change is regarded as stressful. This depletes our mineral and vitamin status. Scientists such as Martin Seligman, expert on Positive Psychology and author of Flourish are aware of the effects that positive emotions have on our physical body and how those emotions can affect our health. Sometimes no matter how much physical work we do on ourselves, we may not make the necessary gains we expect until we work on clearing the emotional body.

If you are interested in working with me, using the tools of Fragrance Alchemy combined with nutritional therapy then please get in touch and fill in my clarity application form. As an Occupational Therapist I help provide the necessary framework for scaffolded change that is practically adopted into your daily life helping you express your greatest self.  

Recommended Reading List 

Seligman M, Flourish; 2011, A New Understanding of Happiness and Well- Being and How to Achieve Them, Nicholas Brealey Publishing, New York 

Lipton, B,  2015, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles, Hay House, UK

Hay, Louise, 1984, You Can Heal Your Life, Hay House, USA

Transiting to a New Health Paradigm

Aisling FitzGibbon

Navigating the New Health Template requires support, guidance and accountability (3).png

We are living in a time when we are moving from the current health paradigm into a whole new healing template. The patriarchal system, using the reductionist and separatist model of medicine views organs as separate from one another and sees the mind as separate from what is going on in the rest of the body. This has led to much confusion of our energy systems and how they operate. It has prompted generations of people to seek health in pills and drugs that may address symptoms but has robbed us of our real energy and vitality.  

How did we get here?

Historically, Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes all contributed to the shift in human consciousness that finally separated humanity from the ancient spiritual heritage that had linked it in an intimate and self -sustaining relationship with nature. The universe was viewed as a machine, a resource to be understood and exploited. Spirituality, faith and all the mystery and magic that had been the central controlling force in people’s lives began to disappear. Our alienation from nature has cost us dearly as it stopped us from accessing our interconnectedness not just to nature but to one another and to our own body. Big Pharma has capitalised on the separatist model, creating a cornucopia of drugs to attack disease. This has stopped us from understanding the difference between the relief of symptoms and real healing, leading to a disconnect between our feelings and our physical body. The drug model with its suppression of symptoms has led to the current epidemic in chronic ill health problems, immune deficiency and in mental health problems. The war on disease has inadvertently become an attack on ourselves.

The Emerging Solution

The new healing template acknowledges our connection to nature and indeed our dependence upon it for our health and healing. It approaches healing on multidimensional levels, seeing our body, mind, emotions and our spiritual health as being interconnected and dependent on one another. The new healing template is an educational process that teaches each client to understand the origin of their health condition and gives the steps to successfully navigate their own journey to health and happiness.

Part and parcel of this process is creating attainable and sustainable goals. This requires careful crafting as if we create goals that are vague and wishy washy, this will not sustain the vision we seek to attain. As an Occupational Therapist, I understand the importance of goal setting as a means to get to where we want to be with our energy and health. Sometimes the changes may seem overwhelming in their totality, but when we break goals into bite size steps, the results are amazing. The human ego is resistant to change, even when change is for the better. This is why I support changes in simple achievable steps and why I provide the emotional support to help you overcome resistance and self -sabotage.

I help each client to navigate their own healing journey and to understand what is happening at each stage. Without that understanding the motivation and will power to continue can wane, especially when the healing process doesn’t go quite as anticipated. For example, a person may start out wanting to sort out their methylation issues and may have read Dr Bill Walsh’s work and the work of Dr Natasha Campbell Mc Bride. They could even have already adopted the Weston Price Diet and now feel ready to take the next step. Based on what they’ve read they decide to take methyl folate as one of the vitamins to help normalise methylation status. Initially for the first two days they begin to feel super well and energetic but by day three, feeling very unwell they ditch the methyl folate, feeling that this supplement is not for them. They now feel unsure as to how to proceed as the text books are telling them that this is the answer. This leads to a build- up of stress as they are no closer to attaining their health goals.

The text books can give us all the information we need but what is missing for the most part is the real -life navigation of the knowledge. This is why I work in health programmes as I know the value of structure, guidance and accountability as we attempt to create the biochemical changes and the emotional leaps forward needed for health. Methyl folate needs other co factors to work and may deplete the base line minerals such as magnesium unless they are firstly repleted. Methyl folate may create intense detox reactions in some people that may require organ support and detox techniques to make sure that the toxins that are stirred up are safely released from the body. When toxins are released from the cells and are unable to exit the body, they tend to distribute elsewhere leading to a further lowering of energy.

I know from experience that we cannot just address physical health problems without addressing the emotional undercurrents that may be depleting the vitamins and minerals that we need for optimum health. Being in a state of low energy can feel emotionally difficult for some people which is why we need to support our emotional state of mind as we undergo the healing process. Some people who are very high achievers can find it emotionally difficult if they are not right as they may see it as a failure on their part. During my health programme, we break down exactly where you are at and we work together to reach peace and acceptance of where you are right now. This releases a lot of stress and provides more energy for the healing process. Being in a calm and accepting energy begins the process of transformation.

Support is needed as we begin to change the biochemical status. I have worked with people who in the past have done one off sessions with other Nutritionists but who still feel in the dark about their health problems. They feel unable to put the whole picture together and give up when things start to go wrong.  During my weekly sessions, I get my clients to record what has happened during the week and how they have reacted to a change in diet and in their supplements. Sometimes a client may need to increase their magnesium supplement if their sleeping issue has not resolved. Sometimes they may need to switch over from magnesium citrate to magnesium glycinate and then they are sleeping like a baby. Sometimes they have to reduce the level of supplementation so that their organs of detox such as the liver can cope with what is being released. Every one navigates their own healing journey differently and I am delighted to be able to support them to get to their desired outcomes. 

If you are interested in working with me on a health programme and in designing your own healing template then get in touch my filling in my clarity call application form and we can take it from there. 


Wallace-Murphy T, Hidden Wisdom, Secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition 


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Aisling FitzGibbon

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