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Nuggets of Wisdom from The Pendulum Summit 2018

Aisling FitzGibbon

Success is determined by your happiness .png

I attended the Pendulum summit in Dublin last week. It was my first time at this impressive event with Inspirational Speakers from different walks of life- Sport’s people, Business owners, Motivational Speakers and Global Authorities on leadership. It was a lot to take in as everyone’s perspectives and journeys are different, but I managed to take away some valuable nuggets that I want to share with you.

Randi Zuckerberg’s talk centred on the value of turning away from the outside world to connect with what you want to create. She cautioned discernment on the use of technology.

Joe Malone, business entrepreneur spoke of how belief in herself and her product enabled her to push forward with her ideas even when resources were scarce.  

Paul O’ Connell shared how mastering the moment helped him to value the process, rather than the outcome. This shift in perspective reduced his pressure and panic, allowing him to enjoy playing Rugby and improve his performance.

Martyn Newman, the global authority on leadership and emotional intelligence focused on the importance of emotional wellbeing on one’s capacity for success.

Marci Shimoff, the Happiness expert, co- author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series and author of Love for No Reason and Happy For No Reason was a complete tonic. She spoke of the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive people calling it the home for happiness that provides conditions for blossoming.

I was delighted to see that emotional intelligence has entered and is being acknowledged in the business world. Those who are happier are more likely to be engaged in what they do and to be committed enough to their vision to see it through. What I had witnessed with all the speakers was their outcome of their success and a glimpse into their own particular journeys.

I know that it is challenging to navigate your journey on your own. Success is highly dependent on those you surround yourself with. It can be discouraging when people don’t support your dreams because they tend to quench your fire and enthusiasm. 

Having the right people around you to help cheer you on even when you feel like giving up makes all the difference. This has led to my decision to launch my Energy is Your Currency Membership. This is a space for you to gain clarity on your intentions, nurture your dreams into reality and connect with like-minded visionaries. The inner strength to stay on your path emerges when supportive conditions are provided. In the membership you will be provided with the tools and techniques to master your evolutionary journey and to blaze a trail on the path into the unknown.

To sign up for my waitlist for my Energy is Your Currency Membership please sign up at this link.:

Doors are opening on 31st January and close 7th February.