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How to protect yourself from fluoride

Aisling FitzGibbon

How to protect yourself from fluoride.png

The first question on your lips when you hear about fluoride being a problem is how can I protect myself and my family?

In the first part of the fluoride series which you can read here: Click link, I shared about the problem with fluoride, my own personal journey discovering this and ways it can impact your health.

It’s clear this outdated practice of adding fluoride chemicals to the water supply is ready to stop.

However change takes time and in order for the outside world to change you have to change within.

Yes of course we need the government to change this policy but for this to happen we need a movement of conscious people just like you. You can take responsibility and let your life be a message for others you touch. This is how the microcosm changes the macrocosm, as within so without.

What you focus on grows, if you energise the problem of fluoride you keep it in place.

Your time and energy is better invested in creating the vision of pure drinking water. Once your vision is in place, you can align your actions to safely detox your body and reduce your exposure to fluoride.

I’m going to share with you what I’ve done in my life over the past 9 years since I first learnt about fluoride. I’ve evolved my practice as I keep updating my knowledge from emerging science and holistic communities.

3 top ways to detox your body from fluoride.

1) When you wake up in the morning drink a large glass of filtered or spring water with 1/2 lemon squeezed in. This helps to detox your liver which is the organ responsible for purifying your entire body.

2) Include seaweed and cauliflower in your diet. The combination of seaweed and cauliflower helps your body to eliminate fluoride.

A delicious recipe is nori wraps and cauliflower rice or you can add dulse known as dillisk in Ireland into your smoothies.

Nori Cauli Wrap

Serves: 4 servings. If making for one person this batch can be used for lunch the next day.


4 Lettuce Leaves

1/2 cucumber

1 cup cherry tomatoes

1 sweet potato

1/2 avocado

1 garlic clove (optional)

2 dates

1/2 orange

1 tablespoon tahini

1 1/2 cup cauliflower chopped

4 nori wraps

handful of parsley or coriander

Dash of coconut aminos

Roast Sweet potato for 30-40 minutes until fully cooked.

Blend cauliflower in high speed blender and set aside in bowl.

Blend red cabbage, 1/2 orange juiced, 1 tablespoon tahini, garlic clove and 2 dates in high speed blender and blend until incorporated into red cabbage coleslaw.

When your sweet potato is ready chop into small chunks.

Chop cucumber into small pieces, 1/2 your cherry tomatoes and chop avocado into small pieces.

Prepare 4 individual lettuce leaves.

Open up your nori wrap and add in the lettuce, red cabbage coleslaw and rest of your fillings and sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons of coconut aminos for a burst of flavour.

Make sure it's not too full so you can wrap it and cut in half. Enjoy right away.

Nori Cali Wrap.png

The combination of raw cauliflower and seaweed (nori) helps to eliminate fluoride, chlorine and radiation from your body. -Medical Medium. This is going to really energise your body and help regulate your hormonal system. Hurrah!

3) Supplement with either kelp or nascent iodine.

Taking iodine in your diet is one of the best ways to detox from fluoride. Remember to go slow as you don’t want to detox too quickly. If you want further support with your diet and supplement protocols reach out to me at

Ways you can reduce your exposure to fluoride

The easiest first step is to switch your toothpaste to a fluoride free version. I love to use the Toothfaerie remineralising toothpaste which I’ve been using for the past few months and its helped me heal a cavity naturally along with celery juice and a raw plant based diet. It’s zero waste and handmade with love in Ireland.

There’s a 10% discount on the Toothfaerie 85ml toothpastes until the 16th August 2019 using the code AFG TOOTHHEALTH. Orders can be made through their email or on Facebook click here. The jar of toothpaste retails online at €6.50 but I’ve found it lasts way longer than your average tube of toothpaste so it’s great value and zero waste. If you order a few jars in bulk you make a saving on the shipping costs.

The second step is to filter your tap water. I personally have used a reverse osmosis for the past 9 years that supplies all my drinking water. I fill up glass jars and stainless bottles to bring my water with me when I travel where possible.

Here’s the link to the filter I use in my home, click here.

I used to drink mineral water from plastic bottles but I don’t want to contribute to the consumption of single use plastic as much as humanly possibly. According to an investigation done by the Environmental Working Group, “PET plastics (the kind used to make plastic water bottles) can contain dozens of chemical additives, manufacturing impurities and breakdown byproducts. That’s more than 80 additional contaminants that could be leaching into your water.”

I’ve used a water distillation unit at one point for doing experiments but I sold on the unit as I’m happy using the reverse osmosis. I’ve friends who use it and they really like it.

The other option I’d look at is a Berkey filter I haven’t bought one yet but from reading customer reviews online it’s a really popular choice. I’ll be investing in one soon for travelling with my fiance Richie in his camper van as it’s gravity fed and doesn’t need electricity. When placing your order make sure to include the fluoride filters Click here.

Keep in mind that all filters need to be changed—don’t forget or you’ll have even more toxins in your glass! And don’t forget to factor filter replacements into your budget. It works out way cheaper than buying plastic bottles each week so it’s definitely worth the investment for both your health and your bank account.

Reducing fluoride exposure is going to help your health and your families. It’s a great investment in your long term health.

Stay tuned for next week’s 3rd part of the fluoride series on how you can be the change and co-create a healthy future.

Let me know you’re biggest takeaway in the comments below.


Aisling xo